So long and goodnight

The second part of my project for uni was to “watch a live show”. As a lover of gigs this seems right up my street. I have seen all sorts of bands live ranging from Metallica to Avril Lavigne with the likes of Biffy Clyro and All Time Low in between.

A few weeks ago I went to the closing night of a small, local live music bar in Truro, simply called “live bar”. This bar holds many memories for the local rock and metal community. I myself have witnessed many college bands giving it all they’ve got in front of enthusiastic friends and strangers, their first taste of the lime light.

As this night was the last night the bar would be open it was packed! There were 4 local bands playing, all of which are widely known in Cornwall; The Sentient, Outlaw, Transhuman and The Bad Channels. I spent most of the evening downstairs in the bar area (that’s not as bad as it sounds… although i will admit I did drink quite a few cheap drinks) as the whole place was packed and I could hear the music through the floor anyway. The vibe of the venue in general was like a big family as everyone pretty much knew everyone.

I really wanted to watch the last bad of the night, The Bad Channels, as not only were they the last band to play in the venue but it was their last gig as a band. I squeezed my way up the tight staircase and found my place with a friend near the front of the crowd. The band had a great vibe about them, really interacting with the audience. That to me is an important part of the live experience, I like the performers to act human and appreciate the fans. I can’t remember exactly how many songs they played but they were all originals. You could tell by glancing around who the hardcore fans were, they were the ones who seemed to know exactly what was going to happen next. For the last song a bit of a mosh pit broke out which is pretty impressive when you consider how small the room was (No bigger than a reasonable sized living room, fact). I really got sucked into the whole vibe of the night. It didn’t matter how small the venue was or how hot it got or how bad the acoustics were. What mattered was what was on the stage and how that was being absorbed by the people in the crowd.

I came away from that gig feeling full of emotion (and peach schnapps). On one hand I was sad because I would never again wander through those doors into a mini musical wonderland. On the other, I was full of joy because it just goes to show how a fancy venue, lots of money and fame are not important when it comes to putting on an amazing show. A few people shed a tear or two that night and rightly so. Those bands and dedicated fans gave that bar an amazing send off.

Good bye Live Bar, you shall truly be missed.


I am in love with a candy covered dress

“Have a new shopping experience”, this was all I had to do for this part of my uni project. Seems simple right? Not so much when you live in Falmouth and have done all your life so know every shop as though it were your own home! I racked my brain, trying to think of shops I had not yet explored. My searching lead me to Truro, my nearest city (although most would laugh at it being one due to its tiny size). It suddenly hit me that I had never really explored Debenhams. I had briefly been in there once with a friend on her quest for foundation and to be honest just the make-up area intimidated me!

So one Tuesday me and my Nana set off to Truro on the bus. Having her with me added to the idea of new experiences because since growing up I have never really been shopping with her. I dragged her round my usual stores; Topshop and Newlook, although she drew the line at Lush because the small of all the lovely bath bombs was too much for her!

Being with her lead me to my first new shopping experience of the day- Sports Direct. Nana needed a new backpack and she always went there to buy them. I myself had never ventured up the swift escalator, because as anyone who even remotely knows me will tell you; me and sport really don’t get on! The shop was so overwhelming! So much stuff crammed into a relatively small space. There were trainers and boots on shelves all the way up to the ceilings. Some of the items were so high up you needed to get an assistant to come and use a pole to get them down. We eventually found the backpacks (after going to the complete wrong end of the store) they again were hung all the way up the wall so as pretty short women me and Nana had no chance of getting them down. After looking Nana was on the verge of giving up as none of them were quite right. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted more a few feet away then even more a bit further than that. They were really spread across the store. The racks of backpacks were packed and every time Nana tried to put one back another fell off! Finally Nana found a bag she liked and we went to pay. The staff were very friendly but dressed in sportswear which yes, fitted the store but seemed a bit odd to me.

Overall I found the store very overwhelming and would defiantly find it hard to find something specific in there. I was surprised to find a few non-sporting items I quite liked including an awesome pair of purple animal print converse-style shoes at a really good price. Everything was really well priced actually which I suppose is due to the massive quantities they stock.

We then decided to pop into the White Company store nearby as neither of us had ever been in. My first thought was “wow, it’s white in here!” which was really to be expected. The shop smelt kind of vanillary and sweet but in a subtle way. This worked well with the clean theme of the store. The displays were lovely; some with little scenarios such as a picnic set up on a table but most were simple and nicely spaced. The staff didn’t seem to mind us just browsing around which was nice. Don’t you just hate it when you feel as though staff are watching you wondering why on earth you are there? Everything was pretty pricey but nicely presented and made. We both came out feeling very calm and relaxed. I may go there in the future but not to buy their clothes as they were too simple and “grown up” for me. I would go there to buy a gift such as a candle or one of their stunning mother of pearl photo frames.

Now it was time to go to Debenhams. Spread over 3 floors with make-up, shoes and some clothes on the bottom, womenswear on the middle and childrenswear on the top. The main thing that struck me about Debenhams is the use of brand/designer names. It was always very clear who created what you were looking at which was helpful. The make-up area is very daunting to me as it’s pretty much the only place in Cornwall you will see the names “Prada” and “Chanel”. The way the make-up area is organised is slightly confusing as you could be looking at Benefit one minute then realise you have strayed into Bobby Brown territory. I wasn’t expecting to like anything in Debenhams besides the make-up however when I saw the H! by Henry Holland line I fell in love. I wanted to take it all home although my favourite piece which I may go back for was a dress covered in a red and white candy print, so cute!

Upstairs was a bit of a mismatch. Although all of the different designers and brands had their own clearly marked section some of the different design ascetics looks a bit bizarre side by side. For example a collection involving a shocking amount of neon next to a collection that was predominantly subtle navy, cream and beige. I did actually buy something in here; a Mantaray key ring shaped like a little cat with a zipper made from it’s tail revealing a small compartment I am storing a small tin on hand cream in. I like that this brand donates some of their profits to the Marine Conservation Society.

We didn’t make it upstairs as time was ticking and we needed to catch the bus home. Debenhams was not what I expected, when I got past the make-up, the store what far less intimidating. I wasn’t keen on the layout though so doubt this will become one of my regular haunts however I think I will pop back from time to time to check out the H! by Henry Holland collection.

My day was full of new shopping experiences and I think it has made me more open-minded regarding entering stores I may be unsure about. My favourite new store was defiantly the White Company. I loved the simple, clear layout and the interesting displays. It smelt so gorgeous and I left feeling very blissful. I think layout is very important to me as a shopper. I hate shops that feel cluttered or full to bursting. I prefer a shop with carefully selected items, displayed in a thoughtful manner, ever if this means paying a little more. What can I say? I like the finer things in life.

Hello, I shall be your host for the evening…

I thought the best way to start this blog would be to introduce myself, so hello! My name is Emma, I am a Fashion Marketing student living and studying in my beautiful home town of Falmouth, Cornwall. Falmouth is such an insanely beautiful place to live. Theres nothing quite like relaxing on the beach, watching the sea gently lap the shore and the sunbeans bounce of the rippling waves. I love wasting away days walking by the coast and just soaking up nature.

My camera used to be my constant companion, lately it has spent rather a lot of time looking neglected on my desk. I really want to start taking more photos again as it’s something I really used to relish.

I love vintage fashion and pretty girly dresses. I was heartbroken when our local monthly vintage flea market stopped. I’ve spent many hours rumaging through the luxurious fabrics and eyecatching prints. Fashion to me is about expressing your true self for all to see. It is the most obvious and instant way to let people know who you are and what you stand for. You only have one chance to make a first impression. I’m also a massive tattoo junkie, currently I have 8 although ask me again next week and that number will have increased to 9! I am slowly building up a nature inspired sleeve on my left arm- one day my arm will blend in with my floral dresses and it will be hard to see where I end and the fabric begins!

I am constantly creating be that writing poetry, journaling, taking photos or knitting. Seeing things form before my eyes makes me feel so fulfilled. If I am still or unproductive for too long I feel my self getting tence and figgety. So hopefully this blog will be updated regually!

Right now I am in a slightly odd place in my life and I am feeling rather lost. Although this is scary it’s also quite exciting as something amazing is hopefully waiting around the corner for me. This blog will be a place for me to share my thoughts on things I see around me, my creations, anythings awesome I see on the internet and any other random things that come up along the way.

I hope anyone reading this feels they know my better now and I hope I have inticed you in and you will be back for more