Let the good times roll


Thought I would share a collage with you. I was chilling out with my love the other day when suddenly I had this massive urge to collage. I grabbed an old copy of Company magazine and away I went!

I first found the piece of text saying “let the good times roll” then went from there. I had so much fun doing it I’m all ready wanting to create more.

My journal is slowly becoming a radical self love bible, I really must sign up to Gala Darlings course soon.

I hope you like my collage, there will be more in the future. Why not put some old magazines to use and get crafty too?


Things I love Thursday

I have been doing “Things I love Thursday” posts on my Tumblr blog for quite some time but have decided to move them here. Every week I aim to write a list of things I have been grateful for or have made me smile over the past 7 days. Be they big or small they all matter and remind me how amazing the world can be. These lists are inspired by Gala Darling’s weekly posts and various other bloggers lists. So here goes:

*Dying my hair (the blue dye is still on my fringe as I type this!)
*Going to the gym
*Sleepy time tea
*Seeing tattoo designs for the first time
*Sleepy cuddles
*Old books in charity shops
*Getting back into reading
*Blasting out Lady Gaga
*Braiding my hair when it’s wet so it dries wavy

What things have made you smile this week? Writing lists like these can really help you focus on the positive.

Until next time darlings!

Static Motion 1


Image one from our Static Motion uni project. We had to work in a team to create 3 cinemagraphs using stretch wear designed and made by the first year fashion design students, modeled by second year dance students.

Photographers- Ell George, Dmitrij Vasilenko and Adrianna Babel

Designer (leggings)- Celia Hall, Top- Urban Outfitters

Stylist- Emma Robinson

Model- Jodie Freestone

Sun, Scrumptious food and Spells

Just thought I would write a post about my pretty kick ass weekend! To start with my weekend began on Friday which is always a bonus. Me and my future housemates decided to go for a celebratory, getting a house for July, lunch at The Secret Garden veggie cafe in Truro. The food was in a word, orgasmic! I don’t know what I was expecting but whatever it was this was way better!

It was so nice for a change to look at a menu and be able to eat the majority of the food on it. The tables really were turned as the menu featured a “carnivorous corner! For the one you dragged along”. I went for the quesadilla and a side of sweet potato wedges with local cider to drink. It was all so insanely delicious! I really feel as though no amount of words will really explain just how good this food was. I even ate all the salad which for me is a biggie! My mum always tells me I am a funny vegetarian because I rarely eat salad, this one however I loved. Not sure if it was the variety of leaves or the subtle, tangy dressing, but it just worked. The quesadilla was filled with big chunks of pepper and courgette and gooey Cornish cheddar. The portion of sweet potato wedges was massive! I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish them but I persevered because they were just too divine┬áto leave.

Dessert was equally amazing. I went for the blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake which looked so pretty I just had to Instagram it before digging in. The slightly sharp taste of the blueberry compote was really complimented by the creamy cheesecake and crumbly biscuity base. Definitely the best meal I have eaten for a long time! The rest of the day was spent in the sun at the beautiful Victoria gardens, sipping Starbucks coffee and relaxing like the good old days.

Yesterday was the day of my friend Adams long awaited, Harry Potter themed, early birthday party. The day was filled with rushing around trying to get things done before my friends came round to get ready for the party. The actual getting ready process involved more rushing around and trying to work around each other in my cluttered room. Eventually Tonks (me for the night) and two fairies were ready to party the night away.

We didn’t get back til gone 2am which in my opinion is clarification that it was a bloody good party! The night consisted of meeting new people, a sorting ceremony, frustratedly shouting quiz answers, drinking games and far too much information about everyones sex lives! Adam put so much effort into decorating the flat to make it feel like a magical wonderland. We came in through the brick wall in the Leaky Cauldron then proceeded to the Great Hall complete with Gryffindor banners and floating candles.

Today (well after 1:30pm, when I actually woke up… oops!) was spent doing a spot of shopping at Asda, mostly just because I wanted to go out and enjoy the sun while it sticks around, followed by a bit of Library research. This weekend has been awesome, I really hope I have more like it soon!