Things I love Thursday

I have been doing “Things I love Thursday” posts on my Tumblr blog for quite some time but have decided to move them here. Every week I aim to write a list of things I have been grateful for or have made me smile over the past 7 days. Be they big or small they all matter and remind me how amazing the world can be. These lists are inspired by Gala Darling’s weekly posts and various other bloggers lists. So here goes:

*Dying my hair (the blue dye is still on my fringe as I type this!)
*Going to the gym
*Sleepy time tea
*Seeing tattoo designs for the first time
*Sleepy cuddles
*Old books in charity shops
*Getting back into reading
*Blasting out Lady Gaga
*Braiding my hair when it’s wet so it dries wavy

What things have made you smile this week? Writing lists like these can really help you focus on the positive.

Until next time darlings!


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