Flash Back

You know how music can take you back to a place or time? This has been happening a lot to me lately and it amazes me how powerful the feelings can be. I was on the bus earlier listening to my ipod and I realised I was smiling; almost laughing with happiness. I was listening to Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy. I wasn’t smiling because of the song itself, more what it signified to me, what the whole album signified to me.

This time last year was a massive time of change for me. I was figuring out uni shit, relationship stuff, the shop I worked at closed, my exams were near an end. Everything was up in the air, a real time of self discovery. I had also lost my ipod which may not seem a biggie to you but to me it was massive. I always like to listen to music when on my own in public, it’s kinda my comfort blanket. So I made do with my old, dying phone. It only had enough room for one album. That one album was Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy.  God knows how many times I listened to that album over those few months. It became the sound track to my life. It was what I listened to as I walked home from work on that last day, when I saw Oli after 6 months apart, when I walked to 6th form to sit my final exams.

Over and over again. That album is implanted in my memories forever. Each song brings up a different emotion, a specific moment in the past. My life has changed so much in the past year but every time I listen to those songs I am transported back. Not in a bad way though, it gives me faith seeing how much has changed and how far I have come.

That album will forever hold a place inside my heart.

Are there any songs or albums that take you back in time? I would love to hear about your experiences.

I will leave you with the song that made me smile today on a First bus surrounded my students.


No longer a teenage dirtbag… just a regular dirtbag…

In September I am turning twenty. I said it. Turning twenty is scaring the shit out of me to be blunt about it. It is a grown up number. If I do something stupid I can’t just say “oh well, I’m a teenager!”, well I could but it would be a lie.

I hadn’t really been thinking about my birthday until one of my flatmates turned twenty. He wrote a bucket list of things he wanted to do before he turned. I can’t remember many of the things on there but I know drinking cider for breakfast was one there somewhere (in my mind a festival-only activity). It got me thinking maybe I should write my own list? Not so much a bucket list just twenty things to do before twenty. People do these sorts of lists all the time so why no join them? I’m a real list person and find them to be very motivating. Somehow seeing something written down solidifies it, doubly so if you are writing it on a public blog for all to see (hello there ;-)).

The summer before I turn twenty is also particularly significant as it will be my first summer living away from home. Me, my boyfriend and a few friends from uni are moving into our own place in July. It’s super close to the beach so lots of fun can be had there! Anyway on to the list:

Twenty Before Twenty

1: Go skinny dipping

2: Go for a jog around Swanpool (hopefully regularly)

3: Host some sort of house warming party

4: Have a sleepover with Jenny (my little sister)

5: Dance in the pouring rain

6: Read Alice in Wonderland 

7: Learn another song on ukulele

8: Get a hair wrap/braid (I have wanted one of those since I was tiny!)

9: Have a water fight

10: Watch the sun rise

11: Watch the sun set (both on the beach)

12: Have a Harry Potter marathon

13: Stop biting my freaking nails! I wanna put glitter polish on them gosh darn it!

14: Cook at least 5 recipes from my recipe book

15: Take a ferry ride, like when I was younger

16: Write positive things on sticky notes and leave them in places to make people smile

17: Take a photo everyday

18: Complete Rainbow Road on Mario Cart for the game cube without falling off (dun dun duuuuunn!

19: Wear cat ears more often than not

20: Smile, a lot.

Some of the things on my list seem a little silly. Hopefully I will do all of them although in all seriousness I think the Rainbow Road one will be the hardest! People, have you played that track? It’s killer I tell you!

Wish me luck on my journey, roll on July so it can begin!

Toodles x

Things I love Thursday



I’ve been so incredibly happy lately. Not sure if that’s due to the beautiful weather we have been having down in Cornwall lately or the fact that it really feels like I am finally getting on with my life. Regardless I have just been dancing on rainbows lately and it feels amazing. Heres a few things from the past week that I am grateful for:

❤ Eating lunch on the beach

❤ Long walks in the sun

❤ Perfect outfits

❤ Cooking

❤ Making smoothies

❤ Getting a new tattoo- my lovely Bei Badgirl piece which featured in my post the other day

❤ Pretty pink flowers

❤ Feeling happy everyday

❤ My new Pixie and Pixier necklace with a photo of Jim my cat in (!) Will be reviewing at a later date

❤ Relaxing after a long day

❤ Receiving compliments from strangers

❤ Falafels

❤ Living by the sea

❤ Feeling inspired

❤ Blogging!


I hope everyone has a wonderful week 🙂

Thanks for reading my lovelies!


Walk, walk, fashion baby!

So for our uni easter project we had to look at the A/W 14-15 shows and pick one we liked, one we didn’t and one from a designer that was completely new to us. We had to immerse ourselves in the shows and emerge with an opinion which we then had to blog about… hence why I am here right now.

Let’s start with the show I didn’t like… Chanel ready to wear. This, I know, is a bit controversial. First things first, I did love the concept of the supermarket set. When I saw people posting photos from the show on Tumblr I was really intrigued and excited to watch the show. I thought it was an innovative idea- showing women wearing fabulous items of clothing in mundane everyday life. I myself am a big advocate of overdressing for any and every occasion because of how it can lift your mood. I felt that the interaction the models had with each other and the products near the end gave the show an authentic feeling, it’s all about the detail. The blinged up baskets were also an interesting touch but I feel normal ones would have made more of an impact and contrasted more effectively with the designer clothes.

maxresdefault Having said all of that I just found the whole thing too busy. What with all the colourful props and the zig-zagging in and out (props to the models for remembering their routes!) it just seemed a bit too much for me. In my eyes it really distracted from the clothes, although I really wasn’t keen on them when they did catch my attention. I am a fan of the long black boots seen later in the show though, they are just beautiful with a dark goth edge. I liked the subtle, neutral make up and think it worked well with all of the different looks. The hair on the other hand I didn’t think worked with the clothes at all. Too hippy and boho where as the clothes had a much more urban feel to them.


The collection didn’t seem to be cohesive or have a natural flow to it. This however could be due to the way the show was filmed which in turn has to do with the twisting path the models took. Overall my main problem with the show was that it was too busy. I really enjoyed the concept and think it would have worked well for a fashion film or photoshoot. Even just having the middle part of the supermarket set would have simplified things and made the show less of a headache.

Moving on to the show I liked- it has to be Alexander Mcqueen womenswear. Firstly lets just talk about the set- a beautiful mossy, grass covered stage with all the lumps and bumps you would expect in nature. The show starts with very dim lights then throughout the lights brighten before fading again at the end mimicking the suns cycle. Although this is pretty subtle it really brings something to the show and gives it a active feel.

ImageGenSarah Burton was inspired by “Beauty and the Beast” and “the world through an innocent childs eyes”. This is reflected in the loose child like shapes of the clothes and the long hair braids. Some of the later outfits have a very “gothic lolita” feel to them, dark but childlike, playing around with norms. The whole show gives of a very Icelandic vibe due to the nature inspired set, the fur trimmed ensembles and enhanced by the Bjork music. The Mcqueen edge was very much still present through the leather details and contrasting heavy boots. The make up felt both ethereal and alien at the same time due to the shimmery eyes against pale ghostly contoured.


I think the main reason I enjoyed this show is how it isn’t a straightforward catwalk show but it retains the simplicity of one. By playing around with the ground and the lighting a real atmosphere has been created which complements rather than detracts from the clothes.

Finally on to the designer who was new to me. I have gone with the Donna Karan show. I stumbled upon this show in the sidebar when watching a Dior show and it caught my eye and I realised I had never really seen Donna Karen’s clothes before. This show is the exact opposite of the Chanel show and that is why I love it so much. It was simple, elegant and flawless.

Donna Karan

What was particularly spectacular about this show was the film that was played at the start to set the scene. Commissioned by Steven Sebring, the short film features blurred bodies moving in a way similar to the famous “Matrix” moments. The music is industrial and dramatic, almost metal in parts. The opening of the actual show is equally dramatic as the lights fade to black. When they come back up a perfectly straight line of models stand in silhouette at the top of the catwalk, perfectly still. The audience look around the confusion before the first model starts waking. The rest of the show is fairly standard with the models walking down a U shaped catwalk, imagery similar to the opening film playing in the background.


The clothes were elegant and flowing. The collection was full of classic black, smooth caramel and rich berry tones all teamed with matching coloured killer heels. The smokey eyes and understated buns keep the attention firmly on the fabulous creations below. I would say out of the shows I looked at the Donna Karan one is my favourite.

I like my fashion shows to be simple, in that I like straight up and down walks, no crazy directions. I feel if the show itself is too elaborate it takes away from the clothes, which after all is what people are there to see. Both the Mcqueen and Donna Karan shows manage to make the setting, music, hair and makeup complement the clothes beautifully. They push boundaries but know where to stop.

Now to say something I never say- sometimes less is more.


Tattoos and a Switchblade Attitude

If you know me then you will know I am a wee bit obsessed with tattoos (read as has a massive addiction to tattoos). I got my first one 6 days after my 18th birthday and have been on a roll ever since. On Friday I got tattoo number 11. That’s right, in the year and 7 months since becoming an adult I have started quite the collection.


Most of my tattoos have some sort of meaning- for example my first tattoos is the quote “Don’t dream it, be it”, which is the motto I try to live my life by. I have 3 matching tattoos with people, including my Mum, which all symbolise our bond. I have monarch butterflies up my left arm which symbolise recovery from self harm. These meanings are clear to me but I often have to explain them to others all too often in the toilets of Club I when I’ve had one too many peach schnapps and lemonade. tumblr_n37105UKRW1qliczno1_500Some of my more recent tattoos however have no deep meaning. I simply like how they look and want to carry them with me wherever I go. Some people (it has to been said mostly people without tattoos) appear to believe that every tattoo you get needs to have some deep meaning or story behind it. This is total bullshit. People get tattoos for many different reasons and sometimes that reason can simply be because they wanted to! That’s perfectly good enough! It’s your body, you choose what happens to it. I find it wonderful that we can decorate our bodies however we wish so we can present our inner selves to the world. Be that through clothes, hair dye, jewelry, piercings or tattoos, they are all forms of physical self expression. tumblr_n3y590d6rq1qliczno1_500

Tattoos are not to everyones taste and thats fine. What really matters is feeling comfortable in your own skin and happy with yourself inside and out. I know in the future some employers may not wish to hire me because of how I look. This is the sad reality of life. Maybe one day this will change but for now why would I want to work for a company that cares about something so trivial anyway?

I see my body as a canvas on which I can display art that represents the true colours of my soul.

My Vegan Venture


For ages now I have been saying I want to give eating only vegan food a go, just for a little while. I decided having a vegan day would be a good way to give it a go.

I have been a vegetarian for about 6 years now. I hate the idea of eating animals and to be honest, never really liked meat. Being a veggie is pretty easy for me, although lack of options in some places can be frustrating. Veganism has always appealed but it’s always seemed like a massive challenge. From eating out to meals with friends, not to mention my love of cheese! My eating habits would have to change dramatically.

Since moving out and buying my own food I have been paying more attention to the ingredients of what the foods I eat, I’m often surprised by what I see! Reading posts on http://pixieandpixier.com about Gabriella’s veganism and seeing all her tasty foodie snaps on Instagram has been inspiring me big time! Also becoming friends with (and soon moving in with) a most of the time vegan has got me really thinking.

Not only does eating vegan remove animals completely from your diet (woo!) it’s also healthier, something I could really do with being.

Yesterday I decided would be the day! I popped down to Sainsburys in the morning to buy some lunch. I went for pitta, guacamole (they had 2 options but one had cream in, why?) and peppers followed by a banana. So yummy and not an unusual things for me to eat, so far much easier than I thought. When I was briefly at home I faced my first temptation- a fresh still warm doughnut. My sister brought them home, smelled so good! I resisted though. Tea was again simple and yummy- Mexican bean soup and warm pitta. Off to my friends for a night of partying on the town… and apparently Pringles! You do not know how happy I was when I read the side of the tube and realised they were vegan!

All in all the day was much easier than I thought it would be! I didn’t go hungry and ate food I enjoyed. So far today and still no dairy etc! This however will change tonight when I go to my boyfriend’s. I feel like one day I will make the change to veganism. For now though I am going to make an effort to cut down the amount of animal products in my diet. A very positive experience.