Things I love Thursday


❤ Playing around with photo effects on my laptop. Don’t I totally rock the zombie skin, green and purple hair with orange lipstick look?

❤ Getting all my Uni work done! I just need to hand it in tomorrow then bye bye!

❤ Going to Asda at 1am for fro yo

❤ Borrowing Watchmen, the graphic novel from the library

❤ Hanging out with Jenny, My little sister

❤ Watching wayyy too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

❤ Wearing insanely bright pink lipstick

❤ Making kick ass moodboards

❤ Cuddles in bed

❤ Oli looking after me this week. I’ve been feeling pretty ill and have been getting stressed over deadlines, he has been an absolute angel

❤ Realising it’s only a month til we move into our new place

❤ Wandering around campus at night

❤ Getting back into knitting- currently I am working on a Ravenclaw themed cover for my laptop


Internetty bits and bobs

I’m going to start doing a monthly (possibly weekly, we shall see) round up of things I see on the internet that I love and feel my readers mights also love. I really enjoy looking through Gala Darling and Pixie and Pixier’s lists so was feeling inspired. You know when you see something so great you just have to share it? Well here that goes!

❤ These beautiful magical tree tunnels. I want to walk through these all so badly! Lets go on a tree tunnel road trip!

❤ The full length Skins theme tune. Bringing back all the memories

❤ These groom’s facial expressions when they see their beautiful brides.

❤ Gala Darlings updated Radical Self Love Manifesto. I have her original one printed out and pinned to my pin board. She really knows how to motivate people with added glitter!

“Little girls R better at designing Superheroes than you” is an awesome Tumblr blog filled with illustrations by artist Alex Law of children’s  make-shift superhero costumes. Alex feels that children often have better and way more practical superhero costume ideas than the grown ups in the comic industry. None of those silly costumes created to look sexy- just pure fun and awesomeness!

15 words in other languages with no direct English equivalent. This list is so great. I find language so fascinating. You know when you feel something but can’t quite put it into words? The words probably exist, just in a different language.

Such a ingenious invention! Josipa Majic and Ana Burica have created a teddy bead that reads children’s vital signs while they are playing with it! Think how much time and stress this could save the children and doctors?

❤ This video, just yeah…

❤ Morgan Freeman on Helium. I have been waiting for this my whole life!

❤ How awesome is this cover of Gold digger? 

Things I love Thursday (on a Friday… oops!)


❤ Helping out with the Falmouth University graduate fashion show on Wednesday. It was a really long day, I was on my feet, running up and down stairs for the best part of 12 hours but it was worth it! I was particularly excited to get an official yellow attendants T-shirt- made me feel like I had some power, tee hee. The show was held in a multi storey car park… so strange but it gave the show a real edge. It was great seeing everyone pull together to create something wonderful! Congratulations to all the graduates, you are amazing! (Surf Girl Magazine has some great shots and a wee video from the show as does this blog, check them out!)

❤ Due to a pricing error getting £4 body butter for 40p!

❤ Wearing my pretty new dresses

❤ Relaxing with a few ciders with Oli at Adrian’s

❤ The cookie crumble mocha frapachino at Starbucks! Sooooo yummy!

❤ Starting and finishing my Mary Quant and Barbara Hulanicki essay

❤ Wearing my hair in plaits

❤ Planning trips with my boo

❤ Talking to every cat I pass (crazy cat lady life here I come)

❤ Square jars

❤ My pentagram ring, I’ve had it for ages but recently fell back in love with it

❤ Bad Neighbours, such a funny film. Me and Oli went to see it last Saturday- would totally recommend!

❤ Feeling like a kid when buying big cups of pick ‘n’ mix


Life Update

You may remember way back in my very first post I wrote about being in an odd place and feeling a bit lost? Well finally I feel like I am moving out of that place and back into the glittery light! I only have a few weeks left of uni, with 2 hand ins and helping out with the graduate fashion show tomorrow. Finishing this year is a big deal for me as I am going to be changing course September! It was a really big decision for me to make and has been in the works for some time now. I just haven’t been feeling inspired by my course, my heart hasn’t been in it 100% from the word go if I’m honest with myself. I am transferring to English with Creative Writing- check it out, it looks amazing! English was always one of my best subjects at school and as this blog proves, I still love writing!

So that’s a pretty massive change for me but on top of that I am moving in with my boyfriend in July. Woah, big step I know. It’s not just going to be us though. Its a massive house with a self contained flat on the ground floor. Me and Oli will be living in the flat and 3 of my fabulous friends, Sonera, Lowri and Sherrie, will be living in the main part of the house. Very exciting. We will be near the beaches, town and the train station so hopefully lots of exploring will happen! I am really looking forward to living with Oli. I will have a permanent cuddle buddy, someone to catch spiders for me, someone to always order pizza with… I will stop now because this list could go on forever. We spend most of our time together now so this feels right.

I have also applied for two jobs recently so I might finally have a job again. I really miss working and having money for tattoos! I used to work in the most amazing shop but sadly it had to close about this time last year. Fingers crossed on the job front.

Anyhoodles. sorry if that was a bit of a ramble. I had a lot I wanted to share with you!


Things I love Thursday

tumblr_n5hll24v1F1qliczno1_500❤ Putting lots of veggies in big batches of veggie chilli

❤ All this sun we are getting this week

❤ Buying pretty new summer dresses (yay to sales and charity shops- 3 dresses for under £20!)

❤ Finding the boots I have worn to death in the sale and my Nan buying them for me for when mine finally go

❤ Hanging out with my family

❤ My new “Cat Lady” necklace

❤ Good hair days

❤ Dinner at Zizzis with Sarah

❤ Iced coffee in the sun with Saskia

❤ Seeing Oli’s uni band play live

❤ Borrowing big stacks of books from the library

❤ Wearing sunglasses every time I step out the front door

❤ Laughter

❤ Butterflies flitting around

❤ Being sleepy after a long day doing good things!

❤ My all time favourite summer song:



Life through a lens

I was on my old photography Tumblr page the other day, looking for one of my old self portraits (featured in my previous post) and I realised how much I miss taking photos on an actual camera. I take a tonne of photos on my phone and share them with friends through Instragram almost daily. However there’s something so special about picking up my DSLR and heading out with purpose or sometimes without, just having my camera on me encourages me to capture the beauty around me. Over the summer I plan on dusting of my baby and going for lots of lovely long photography walks.

I thought I would share some of my old photos from the blog with you, lemme know what you think!


Taken whilst on holiday with my Dad in Kent. This flower was flowing peacefully at the edge of a pond.


Georgia Train from Bitter Ruin. They were supporting Amanda Palmer at a gig in London at Heaven. I spoke to Georgia after the show, she said she liked my hair. This gig was a crazy experience, I went spur of the minute with my friend. It was at a gay bar in the middle of London and we were only 16! So glad we went though!


Space Snail! That is all.


My friend Sam by Swanpool lake. I love it here, so beautiful and peaceful. Swans and ducks often congregate here, I love going down and feeding them. Soon I will be living near this lake and plan to jog around it as much as possible so expect more pictures like this!


My best friend Taylor posing for a photography project. The shoot was meant to be inspired by Kate Bush’s video for Wuthering Heights, so we naturally spent most of the time dancing around singing and scaring off dog walkers.

tumblr_m7elws5d3e1ruwvago1_1280Taken in Paris on an art and photography trip. We were just outside the Louvre and I was so impressed with the architecture. I didn’t actually mean to get the biker in the picture, he kinda swooped in out of nowhere. It clearly was meant to be though as he makes the picture.

tumblr_m7em59zUmR1ruwvago1_r1_500  Another image from Paris (obviously!). We were hanging out on the lawn by the Eiffel Tower and it had just stopped raining. We weren’t originally going to stop there at all but we saw it from a distance and convinced the teachers to let us go. We had a hilarious time trying to get there though through all these back streets.


This one is from a shoot I did using the clothes from the shop I used to work at. This is outside the National Maritime Museum just by the shop which is right next to the marina and is almost always windy as hell! I would always look great before work until I turned into the square and boom, hair is a mess and my skirt is doing a Monroe! Anyway the wind worked to my advantage for this shot giving it a real dynamic edge. My friend Shanice kindly braved the winds to make this possible.

I hope you like what you saw!

Here’s a link to my old photography Tumblr blog-

Hopefully this post will inspire me, and maybe even you to pick up you camera and go for an artistic walk.

I would love to know what you think of my photos, feel free to drop a comment.

Toodles! x



Lemme take a Selfie

Selfies. Love them or hate them they are here to stay. There has now even been a god awful song written about them. Although the song massively offends my ears I can relate to it. My friend and I were out the other night and it came on in the club. We look at each other and laughed at how much the dialogue sounded like us. We take so many selfies in mirrors together when we go out. No toilet stop in wetherspoons is complete without a new photo gracing our Instagram accounts.

tumblr_n4qq7trAse1qliczno1_500Selfies are no new phenomenon however. Although the term was coined in 2002 artists have been painting self portraits throughout history. Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali- they were all at it! Frida Kahlo once said “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best”. I find it beautiful that by painting or photographing yourself you are drawing inspiration from inside.


The first first photographic “selfie” was taken by amateur photographer Robert Cornelius in 1839. Even back then people wanted to preserve their image through their own means. There’s something so strange about looking at a photo of your self. You never look quite how you imagine which can be quite magical but also unsettling.

Some people hate selfies saying they are self indulgent, which is true, they really are. However what’s wrong with a little bit or a whole barrel full of self indulgence? If someone has the confidence to put an image of themselves out there on the internet for everyone to see then they should be applauded not ridiculed. A selfie is true self expression. Not only are you the model, you are also the photographer, creative director, stylist, make-up artist- you are the whole package! Selfies can be an art form if you choose. They can be a visual diary, documenting your daily life. They can tell a story. They are memories. It gives people confidence to be themselves and to love themselves.


Since getting Instagram in September I have taken more selfies than ever before. Back in college for photography I did a self portraiture project. I found it a real struggle as I was nervous in front of the camera, even if I was the one behind the lens. It’s crazy to feel nervous in front of yourself. In the end I loved those images and they still remain some of my favourite images from my A level work. When I got Instagram I stared seeing selfies more and more. My friends were posting them, my idols were posting them, I couldn’t escape them. It took me a while to embrace them, I posted some but they were few and far between. Then one day I caught myself looking in the mirror and thinking- “I look good, I’m gonna instagram this!”. Now I do this all the time. At first I felt guilty for being so self indulgent and vain. But then it hit me- fuck it! In the words of Ru Paul- “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”


I say all hail the selfie! Anything that makes someone feel good about themselves and doesn’t put anyone down is a fabulous thing! I will leave you with this video by Laci Green. She sums up why she loves selfies and thinks they are great for body positivity.


Things I Love Thursday



❤ Pink everything

❤ My crystal I have hanging above my bed giving me sweet dreams

❤ Falafels

❤ British Strawberries

❤ Orange is the New Black

❤ Dancing while cleaning

❤ My amazing bright pink lipstick

❤ Almond milk

❤ My new chrome book. I’m sorry Mr.Clunky but you were just too slow for my netflix needs!

❤ Original source lime shower gel

❤ My pentacle ring I have taken to wearing pretty much all the time

❤ This video- This fashion film