Things I love Thursday

10437366_10204095818581348_4574415034831787606_n❤ My amazing flat O2 family. You guys have given me the best hall experience I could have possibly wished for! Above is our last group photo and hug before we parted ways

❤ Moving all of our stuff into the new house ready to move in on the 1st!

❤ Nana’s home made chips

❤ Amazing nights sleep

❤ Looking after Oli and Sonera’s cacti

❤ Sipping cold cider on a hot day

❤ Someone stopping me in the street so compliment my colourfulness

❤ Gala Darlings #RadicalSelfLoveJuly Instagram challenge! I will be taking part- will you?

❤ My Happy playlist on Spotify

❤ Chamomile and mint tea

❤ My Nan’s next door neighbour’s goats, so cute

❤ Cats, always cats



Internetty Bits and Bobs

This months round up of awesome things I have seen on the wonderful world wide web! This list is gonna be quite a long one as I have been on the internet a lot lately due to finishing uni and waiting to move. So here goes…

❤ Who doesn’t love a list of Adorable Baby Animals to brighten up the day?

❤ How often do you mishear a song lyric and think it says something bizarre?

❤ If you love cats as much as I do then you will love these classic paintings made way more awesome by adding cats!

❤ I see a theme… have a list of 50 cute cat pictures

Poetry and feminism– a match made in heaven.

❤ These nature tattoos are so beautiful. Feeling inspired to go get some more ink now

❤ More cat themed things- my cat would love to live in this kitty wonderland

❤ Knitting is a wonderful hobby and can bring joy to so many people. What this 102 year old woman has been doing is so heart warming. 

❤ Ever wondered what a Victorian steam punk house on wheels would look like?

❤ I love yarn bombing with a passion. Every time I see some around town or campus it makes me smile. This guy takes yarn bombing to the extreme

❤ This time-lapse of a stellar explosion makes me think about how amazingly beautiful our universe is

50 ways to feel like a goddess is a list everyone should read. Full of ways to be nicer to yourself and those around you.

“I wear a bikini because fuck you” is a great piece on body positivity. I think it is particularly relevant as summer approaches. Today I brought a bikini and I had this quote from the piece in my mind the whole time- “I have a bikini body. I know this because I put an actual bikini… on my body”. I’m so ready to rock it on the beach!

❤ The Breakfast Club is one of my favourite movies of all time so when I came across these alternative movie posters I just had to share them

❤ I want to bounce around in Welsh caves! 

❤ I am in love with this band! This cover is one of the best things I’ve heard, like ever!

Things I love Thursday

You may have noticed once again I am writing this on a Friday. I didn’t realised I hadn’t done my list until I was on my way out to town and a wee bit drunk so I’m writing it now!


❤ Cleansing my crystals under the full moon

❤ Getting my new Friday the 13th tattoo 

❤ Finally getting around to dying my hair

❤ The magical sky I saw at 4am from Oli’s garden

❤ 3am Subways

❤ Drinking games with my amazing uni family

❤ Being back in Club I with my friends now they have returned from uni

❤ The fact that we will be living in the new house in 10 days!!!!!!

❤ Spending time with my family

❤ Getting a first for my final essay

❤ Making perfect mashed potato

❤ Feeling like things are finally coming together

❤ Getting back into knitting

Hair Glorious Hair

My hair is pretty damn important to me. It has become part of my identity. Almost exactly 3 years ago, as soon as I escaped secondary school, I dyed my hair pink. Well actually I tried to dye my hair red but apparently my hair had other ideas! I went to my friends house and she bleached my hair for me and boy did I look ginger! I then put the dye on just in time for prom. I used Directions Poppy Red. It came out as a beautiful pinky colour and I’ve never looked back! The below picture is me at prom, rocking the new locks (oh yeah, I had super short hair back then!).


My hair had had a few changes since then, mainly me deciding to grow it! I like to play around with the colour of my fringe a lot. The rest will always be pink though, I mean my blog is called Pink Mind Dreams for a reason!

My brief lilac fringe phase was created using Directions Lilac. Although I loved this colour it faded so quickly, I had to re do it pretty much every week. On another note how rad is this photo?! My talented Mum took it and to this day it’s still one of my favourite photos of me.



For someone who loves having crazy coloured hair I sure do hate dying it. I leave both my colour and my roots for as long as humanly possible before I do something about it! I tend to dye my hair every 6-8 weeks and then I bleach my roots about every 5-6 months. I know, I know! In a dream world where I was very rich indeed I would go to the hairdressers and get my roots done every 6 weeks like they recommend. However I cannot afford that so I make do! Luckily my roots don’t bother me too much so I can get away with it for a while.

I bleached my own roots for the first time the other day. I was a little bit worried about ruining my hair or leaving it mega patchy. However it turned out pretty well! My roots were a good few inches so it was pretty easy to just get the dye on the dark parts and leave the rest unharmed. I have some photos to share of my hair before the roots, when I had done the roots then the finished colour.


I used Live Colour XXL 00B Max Blonde for my roots. It did come out pretty yellow (although the picture makes it look worse) but bear in mind the fact that my natural hair colour is super dark brown. Then I used Directions Cerise for the main part of my hair. I love this colour because it starts out as a really nice hot pink but fades nicely into a lovely soft candy-floss colour over time. Then I used Directions Turquoise for the turquoise (duh) bit. This colour lasts insanely well! I mean it does fade but much much slower then other colours I have tried. Then on the other side I mixed myself a purple shade. I will add another picture to show you that colour better. The great thing about Directions hair dye is you can mix them with each other to create your own colours! You can also mix them with conditioner to create toned down or pastel versions of the colours. The purple I created is about 2/3 turquoise and 1/3 cerise. Basically I just mixed it and kept testing it on some tissue until I had a shade I liked!

This photo shows the purple a little bit better. Also guest appearance from my lovely beardy one Oli.

1403031610904.2I hope this has been some what interesting to you. Basically I dyed my hair for the first time in ages and just wanted to show it off! If you wanna dye your hair a crazy colour then I say go for it! If you have any questions about dying your hair then feel free to drop me a comment.

Toodle pip!


Magic Moon


Friday the 13th of June 2014. A full moon. Both of these event’s bring magical images to mind. Bad luck, good luck, who knows? The two falling on the same day is incredibly rare. It hasn’t happened since 1998 and won’t happen again til 2049! Although I am not a superstitious person I observe Friday the 13th. It tickles me that so many people fear one specific day.

Last year I got a small black cat tattoo on my shoulder for Friday the 13th of December. The universe had been telling me to get a cat tattoo for some time by this point. I had been seeing cats everywhere! It started one day when out with my mum, everywhere I turned I found cat ornaments. My mum brought one of these cat ornaments as a house warming present and it now guards my oracle cards.  Cat’s approached me more than normal and seemed happy in my presence. I have always felt that the cat was my spirit animal and this seemed like the worlds way of reaffirming that for me. So when I saw a lovely little cat design amongst the flash art for Electic Om tattoos Friday the 13th event I knew I had to go get one! My kitty tattoo is called Zoey and she always has my back.

This year I wasn’t sure if I was going to get one at all. I looked through the flash Kamikaze Ink put on Facebook and was drawn to a cute design with a little diamond shaped crystal with the number 13 above it. I thought about it but pushed it to the back of my mind. In the afternoon I was placing my crystals by the window to be cleansed by the moons light when it hit me- I needed that tattoo! A constant reminder of the power of crystals and the magic that exists in the universe.

1402697263572I am so happy I got it! I really love it, so simple. It sits between my Deathly Hallows and 30STM faith tattoo. Both in different ways to me represent the magic all around us. When at the tattoo parlour I was told that my tattoo would be the 13th Friday the 13th tattoo they had done that day! How perfect is that? I was meant to get that tattoo and I was meant to get it when I did.

I hope Friday the 13th treated you all well and you felt the cleansing energy of the full moon.

Things I love Thursday


❤ Adam’s St.Trinians leaving party. It was such a blast getting dressed up and heading into town. Stomping across the moor singing the St.Trinians theme song will stick with me forever. The picture above was drawn by my good friend Saskia, check out some of her other work! I’m the one on the right!

❤ My wee trip to Lush. I treated myself to the Hello Sweetie gift set which I have been wanting for ages. It contains Sweetie Pie shower jelly and a Rockstar soap and is wrapped in a really cute scarf covered in little sweeties saying “Hello Sweetie” which appeals to my whovian side! I also got a Tender is the Night massage bar, 2 little pot’s of Charity Pot lotion and a Cosmetic Warrior face mask.

❤ Getting the face mask for free because I had saved up 5 empty lush pots.

❤ X-Men- days of future past. Sooooo good!

❤ Early evening light

❤ Finishing Uni

❤ Ladybirds

❤ Vegetarian jelly beans being everywhere!

❤ “Pink” by Aerosmith

❤ Finding the perfect picture frames in poundland

❤ This advert from years ago will always make me smile:


1401548467577.1I took this selfie on Saturday- my first day of freedom after finishing my Fashion Marketing course. As I mentioned in this post I am transferring to English with Creative Writing in September. I realised that Fashion Marketing just wasn’t for me and I needed to follow my heart and do what made me happy.

I thought I would write a post looking back over my first year of uni. Although it was very tough at times and I had my moments where I felt like giving up I made it. I also had some amazing experiences and met some awesome people and I feel I need to appreciate those things more.

Tremough Quidditch Society has been a big part of my first year experience. This society is filled with the most fun, awesome and weirdest people you will ever meet. Every event I have been to has been an absolute blast! The committee is so dedicated to giving the society members the best expedience possible. I mean at our first proper event each and every one of the 100 or so members of the society were sorted into one of the Hogwarts houses! That’s a lot of sorting! We had other great events including potions class (aka cockails!), the yule ball and a massive end of year feast. I met some of wonderful people through this society including two of the people I am living with next year- Lowri and Sonera.


The best part of this year for me has definitely been meeting wonderful people. When I first moved to campus I had to live in a shared room, not ideal. Basically at the start of the year they had too many applicants for rooms so we had to make do. My room mate was lovely, as were my flat mates, but I craved space! I had been sharing a room with my sister for years and really wanted my own space where I could just be me and live to my own crazy schedule with no interruptions!

Luckily for me after living there for 2 weeks I got an email from the accommodation team saying there were lots of single rooms available now so I could move! Yay! Although then I went into panic mode- moving again, into a flat with new people who had been getting to know each other for two weeks. Then came the light bulb moment- I remembered that my friend Sarah from Fashion Design had a spare room in her flat. So that’s how I came to be living with the fabulous O2 crew! Sarah, the Emilys, Simon, Victoria and Edmund welcomed me with open arms and I have never looked back. They are all so lovely, weird and hilarious! I am really going to miss living with them next year. From Emily B’s procrasta-baking to Edmund cooking up Chinese treats there was always someone in the kitchen to have a chat with. I really got lucky when I moved.


My course itself didn’t work out for me, I just wasn’t enjoying what we were doing. However through it I met some fab friends, although mainly on the Fashion Design course, not my own. The surfing trip at the start of the year really brought people together. I joined some of the non-surfers snuggled up on the deck, hiding from the freezing Cornish weather. Sheena, Levi, Rebecca and I talked fashion and funny stories over an issue of Vogue. We were later joined by Sarah (the wonderful person with the spare room) who had unfortunately stepped on a weaver fish. Remembering running around on that beach in the icey winds with Sheena and Levi will always make me laugh.

My course mates have been a wonderful bunch of girls, yep all girls. Apart from our Tutor Olie, the course is made up on 14 girls all in one pretty small room! There was always laughter coming from the Fashion Marketing suite. Although I wasn’t very close to any of them I really will miss seeing them every day. I hope they all do well and it will be interesting to see how the next 3 years pans out for them.

There has been loads of fun moments throughout the year- most of them have been outside of the classroom. The Pirate Party when I realised I love rum, The Freshers Ball with the rad VW camper van bar, the Halloween Party with creative costumes galore and The Snow Ball with crazy toxic snow, crackers flying everywhere and Santa hats for everybody!


The main thing I have gained from my first year of Uni has been a new found independence and self confidence. I found the confidence to admit that I wasn’t happy and I had the power to change that. I am making a big life change and I couldn’t be happier. Although my first year wasn’t all sunshine and daisies I have no regrets. I have had some experiences that will stay with me forever and have met some kick ass people who I hope will become life long friends.

Here’s to next year!