Things I Love… Friday!


❤ Quirky signs, it seems Falmouth has gone all hipster!

❤ Home made pizza. I made it 100% from scratch, even they dough and it was divine. I’m pretty damn proud of myself.

❤ Warming tea and Graze lemon and poppy seed cake.

❤ Feeling inspired to write.

❤ Lunch with Mum and Nana.

❤ Knitting ALL the things!

❤ Helston Christmas lights stitch on tonight. It was spectacular, they even had fireworks.

❤ Spending some time with Dad and Kerrie.

❤ My new pink coat thanks to my lovely Mum.

❤ Wearing hats and scarves to stay warm- cosy and stylish!

❤ The Snow Ball and Yule Ball being so soon. I can’t wait to get all dressed up and dance the night away.

❤ Feeling super cute.

❤ Doing my hair in an Elsa from Frozen style plait.

❤ The distant smell of mulled wine.

❤ Buying Christmas decorations and getting the glitter from them everywhere (Oli’s side of the bed is now covered in glitter… ooops!)

❤ The cute little penguin tree decorations I just brought.

❤ Pretty much all of the Christmas decorations from Wilkinson’s, sooo pretty! (I think I am going to do a Christmas decoration haul post some time soon).

❤ Twining’s camomile and spiced apple tea. It is so calming, so lovely and just the right wintery taste for this time of year.




Graze Box Review

A few months ago my sister decided to get a subscription to Graze. I had been contemplating giving it a go myself for a while and her joining up gave me just the kick I needed to join. Graze is a healthy snack subscription box that you can have delivered weekly or fortnightly. Each box costs £3.99 and comes with 4 snacks.

3editOne great thing about Graze is that the box is the perfect size for your letterbox so it doesn’t matter if you are in or not. To start with I was a bit worried that £3.99 was a bit much for 4 snacks. However when you think about it you could easily spend that much on 4 chocolate bars or 4 packets of crisps. As I am trying to loose a bit of weight and get back on the path to fitness I realised having these snacks at hand would be a good way to stop me nipping to the shop for unhealthy nibbles.


On the Graze website you can look at all of the different snacks. If there’s something you know you won’t enjoy you can cross it off so you never get sent it. You can also rate things so you will get the things you really like more often. I have had 3 boxes so far and I think I have more or less crossed off everything I don’t like. There’s also a really cool little system where you can input your dietary preferences so if you are allergic to nuts for example it will never send you anything with nuts in.


This time I got a lemon and poppy seed slice which comes with a tea bag (great for a total tea lover like me), lightly salted popcorn, bonnie wee oatbakes with onion marmalade and scrumptious blueberry swirl. The snacks are a pretty good size especially the dried fruit selections. As you can see in the photos each little packet has symbols in the corner to let you know if they have high fibre content, are 1 of your 5 a day, are low in calories etc. You also get a little booklet with each box that tells you the use by date and all of the nutritional information.

Fotor1123232126As you can see I was too eager and ate the bonnie wee oatbakes before I took these photos. They were so yummy! The onion marmalade really complimented the slightly sweet oatbakes. I have also eaten the scrumptious blueberry swirl and it certainly lives up to it’s name. The blueberry yoghurt coated raisins were so creamy. A few of my other favourites snacks I have had so far include the herby bread basket- little bread bites which taste amazing with tomato soup and the banoffee dippers- banana shortbread with a toffee dipping sauce they taste so naughty but they are only 146 calories!

I would totally recommend Graze to anyone who enjoys the odd snack but wants to take a healthier route. Maybe it could be a new years resolution.

Every customer gets a friend code they can share with their friends so they can get their first, fifth and tenth box for FREE! Just enter EMMAR3P9P when it asks for any codes. You can cancel at any time so if you get the first box and hate it you can just go online and cancel. Oh and there’s a “holiday” feature so if you are going away for a while you can just pause your deliveries until you get back, simples!

* This post was not sponsored in any way by Graze I just really love them and wanted to      share how awesome they are with you.


Things I Love Thursday

❤ Nights out with friends.

❤ Bathroom selfies

❤ Wearing Crown and Glory pretty much every day

❤ Copious amounts of tea being drunk.

❤ Having story ideas.

❤ Cuddling people who are wearing lovely soft jumpers.

❤ Jim’s 1st birthday! Still the cutest kitty ever.

❤ Kitten cuddles.

❤ Pizza parties with uni friends at the cafe.

❤ Christmas decorations starting to go up.

❤ Mum being super excited about the presents she has got me. It’s making me even more excited for Christmas.

❤ Finally having my finished blanket to snuggle up under. I knitted all 100 of the squares then mum put them all together for me. I love it so much and it is keeping me and Oli so toasty at night.

❤ Amaretto lattes.

Impromptu OOTD photo shoots on the pier.   

❤ realising that earlier I was wearing 3 generations of crafting. I knitted my hat, Mum knitted my cardigan and Nana crocheted my scarf. Our love for all things yarn keeps me warm!

I hope you have all had a great week so far.


Outfit Of The Day- Prancing around on the pier


Yesterday me and my friend Sarah went for a little wander around town. I did a spot of Christmas shopping and we warmed up with yummy drinks in Cafe Nero. After eating lunch on the pier we decided to take some outfit photos because it just looked so lovely.


Dress- Newlook (like 5 years ago), Top- TU at Sainsbury’s, Cardigan- Hand knitted by my Mum from Purple Rose Emporium on Folksy, Shoes- George at ASDA, Bag- Claire’s Accessories, Intergalatic Starlight Crown- Crown and Glory



Thank you so much to Sarah for taking these photos, it was so much fun! Let me know if you like OOTD posts because I really enjoy doing them and would love to post more.



Sarah wears- Dorothy XXL Glitter bow also from Crown and Glory 


Things I love Thursday

Welcome to another list of all the things I am grateful for this week 🙂

❤ Wearing wonderful, over the top Crown and Glory hair accessories everywhere! I wore my gold birthday crown to my lecture today and felt fabulous.

❤ Lemon and ginger tea.

❤ Tweeting, way too much! Follow me I’m emempinkypie

❤ Breaking out all of my cosy cardigans. Today I rocked my sparkly pink and black 80’s number.

❤ Warm, snugly beds on cold mornings.

❤ Taylor Swift! I have so much love for her right now, I listen to Shake it off at least 5 times everyday at the moment.

1415465081772.1❤ Selfies with my Mum. This one was taken in the student bar on Saturday. We went to an open day because she wants to study the same course as me next year. It’s so awesome to see Mum positive and enthusiastic.

❤ Honey cinnamon almonds, omg so tasty!

❤ Huge mugs of soup.

❤ Tidying, finally.

❤ Making the perfect mashed potato.

❤ The walk to uni, I mean how beautiful is this?! This walk always cheers me up and makes me feel ready to take on the day. I’m thinking about filming a “walk to uni” vlog type thing because it really is a lovely walk.

❤ Finally having a new phone with a camera and internet access so I can capture beautiful moments like the one above. Expect even more selfies in the future.

❤ Knitting Christmas presents.

❤ Starting a new notebook for all my uni notes, it’s such a satisfying feeling.

❤ The world giving me little positive pick-me-ups. This sticker was stuck to the shelter at the train station and it made me smile.

❤ Smelling super nice. I have such a great collection of shower gels, perfumes and body butters that just make my heart sing.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.


Introducing Falmouth- Phoenix Cinema


For a long time Falmouth didn’t have a cinema. I have many fond memories of hopping on the train to catch a film in Truro. One day we just stayed in there all day because the weather was foul. It was a bit of a pain though and all those train fares added up. Luckily in April 2009 the old drill hall, which had been empty for years, became our new cinema we were ecstatic. It’s given the beautiful old building a new lease of life which is lovely to see.

The Phoenix Cinema houses 5 screens ranging in size. 3 of these are luxury screens with armchair and sofa seating, more leg room, a waited snack option and is fully licensed if you fancy a pint of the good stuff. Adult tickets cost £7.95 and children and senior citizens tickets cost £5.95 however there are many other deals to choose from. These include Movie Magic cards, which give you cheaper tickets and food for a small annual fee, bargain shows and movie meal deals.


When I go with Oli we tend to make the experience into a date and go for the movie meal deal. The cafe makes a really nice addition to the cinema, and as a bonus you can use it without even watching a movie. We have been to the cinema twice lately- once to see Guardians of the Galaxy (yeah, we took a while to get around to watching that…) and more recently to see The Book of Life. Both were great movies and were followed by equally great food. For £12.95 you get your cinema ticket and any main meal of your choosing, including the delicious daily specials. To make things extra special, if you book in advance they reserve your seat for you with one of those cute little table signs.

SONY DSCWhen we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy I opted for the Veggie Chilli with nachos. It was so yummy and spicy. The chilli was packed with big chucks of vegetables. It came with a nice coating of cheese and decent dollops of sour cream, guacamole and salsa. When we went to see The Book of Life I opted for something different, I went for the Pasta Al Forno with a creamy, cheesy sauce. Boy was it cheesy! I felt like I had died and gone to cheese heaven. It was so rich and perfect. I would totally recommend either of those dishes. For you meat eaters out there, Oli always opts for the Classic Beef Burger with either chips of wedges and he always enjoys it. The burgers are proper, home made, chunky style; they mean business!


I love our little local cinema and really need to get myself a Movie Magic card so I can go even more. I really feel it has brought a lot to the town and it’s so nice to not have to travel to catch the latest blockbuster.

Here’s a link to the Phoenix Cinema website if you want any more information.

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of Falmouth. Watch this space for next weeks post, although even I’m not sure where I’m going to be reviewing yet!


Things I love Thursday


❤ Chocolate skull lollipops!

❤ Watching horror movies with Sarah and Oli on Halloween, followed by The Nightmare Before Christmas, of course.

❤ Feeling productive.

❤ Seeing my breath turn to dragon smoke in the cold air.

❤ Friend dates at Zizzis with Sarah, so much fun and so much yummy food.

❤ Bumping into people you know in the street and having catch ups.

❤ Snuggling up under the duvet on a cold morning.

❤ The Graze banana shortbread with toffee dipping sauce, soooooo good with a cuppa.

❤ Long, warm showers.

❤ Layering up before heading out into the cold.

❤ Expecting parcels.

❤ Dancing.

❤ Perfect make-up days.

❤ Being told I make people happy by just being me.

❤ Oli buying me a McDonalds toy to cheer me up.

I hope you have all had a great start to November and the cold isn’t getting to you too much!


Internetty Bits and Bobs

Hello internet, can you believe it’s November already? Where has the time flown? Sorry I haven’t blogged much lately, I need to get back into my routine. I promise there will be another “Introducing Falmouth”  post later this week too. To make up for my neglect I have a bumper round up of links for you this month. Grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy with some blankets and enjoy!

❤ If you are married or in a long term relationship, like me, sometimes you need an injection of romance and fun. Kat from Rock n Roll Bride has complied a list of 50 great, affordable date ideas to spice things up again. 

❤ As always we have some cute animal photos, this time in family portrait form. 

❤ This is a skiing video with a difference. LED lights bring the slopes alive and make for some seriously amazing viewing.

❤ Do you love cats? Do you love DIY projects? How about combining those two loves?

❤ This Brighton wedding looks like so much fun! Can I go back in time and get an invite please?

The Queen has posted her first ever tweet, I repeat THE QUEEN HAD POSTED HER FIRST EVER TWEET, this is not a drill.

Who knew bunnies could have this much attitude?

❤ This photo of a rainbow from above is truly magical.

❤ And back to cats- 15 tourist attractions that will appeal to your inner cat lady tenancies.

Some songs just make you love being a woman, the nineties were particularly good at dishing them out.

❤ Some of the very best fictional witches. 

❤ A bit late for Halloween but I couldn’t resist sharing this creepy, styled wedding shoot. I just love it!

❤ I spend a lot of time in galleries looking at the paintings wondering what on earth the people depicted are thinking, this hilarious post takes a stab at figuring that out.

I would usually only share a few videos with you but as I have so many great ones this month I am going to share them all!

❤ The first time I heard this on TV it made me smile, it still does.

❤ I just though this was spectacular and mesmerizing.

❤ Just in case you haven’t seen it yet I thought I would include this amazingly geeky safety video-

❤ Apparently me and Daniel Radcliffe share the same love for leaning really hard raps!

❤ The Lounge Kittens have done it again, this time covering a Slipknot classic

❤ Her dancing always captivates me.

Phew, long list! I hope you enjoyed this months collection of awesomeness.