A Nostalgic Visit To See The Mousehole Lights


As this is my last post of 2014 it seems somewhat appropriate to be taking a trip down memory lane. Every year, just after Christmas, my Dad used to take me and my two friends Taylor and Beth to Mousehole to see the Christmas lights. For the past few years due to family commitments, growing up and moving away from home we haven’t been able to go. However this year we all managed to agree on a date when we were all free! So we hopped into my Dad’s car and off we went to Mousehole. Mousehole is a lovely little harbour village just past Penzance. Every Christmas the town has the most beautiful display of lights all around the harbour. This year the village celebrated it’s 51st year of wonderful lights! The lights include some fun Cornish images such as a huge image of the Mousehole cat and a traditional Cornish Stargazy Pie. I took a few pictures while we wandered through the magical streets and I thought they would be a lovely way to finish the year on Pink Mind Dreams.

We wanted to recreate a photo we took about 8 years ago in front of a huge snowman light. Sadly we couldn’t find the snowman so took a bunch of photos in front of other lights instead. It was so funny especially when I decided it would be a great idea to climb up some rocks to get by the rocking horse light in the picture below. Let’s just say I wasn’t very graceful.


I hope you all have a lovely new year’s eve whatever you are doing. I have am feeling so positive about 2015 and really think it is going to be an amazing year. Thank you to everyone of you for giving me the inspiration to keep posting, I am sending all of you a massive cyber hug!




Things I Love Christmas!

So, you may have noticed there was no Things I Love Thursday post this week. Well that’s because it was Christmas! I was having so much fun with my family didn’t have a chance to even think about blogging. I am now back at my place and getting back into the swing of things so I thought I would do a bumper Christmas themed gratitude list with lots of photos! 

❤ Christmas parties.

❤ Face painting, check out the adorable little rainbow Sarah painted on my cheek.

❤ Buffets

❤ My Christmas Crown from this months Glitterati box.

❤ So much glitter everywhere

❤ Having a bath! We only have showers at my place so being home for Christmas meant I could have a lovely long soak.

❤ Lush Christmas products. I used a Golden Wonder bath bomb with a wee bit of Candy Mountain bubble bar to add some bubbles. It was heavenly.

❤ Watching “It’s a wonderful life” on Christmas eve.

❤ This American Apparel Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 top my wonderful boyfriend brought me! It’s a limited edition top and I knew I couldn’t afford it so I am so happy he got it for me. And it fits!

❤ Our tradition of having scotch pancakes with bucks-fizz for breakfast on Christmas morning.

❤ Opening stockings on Mum’s bed.

❤ The awesome Unicorn in my stocking, I have called him freddie.

❤ Taking selfies by Christmas trees.

❤ Watching people open presents from you and seeing them smile.

❤ Our after dinner Trivial Pursuit tradition. This year we got the family edition so thing would be fairer for everyone involved and for the first time ever Nana won! Go her!

❤ Christmas dinner followed by home made apple crumble, om, nom, nom. Thank you Mum!

❤ All of the awesome presents I was given, I have filmed a Christmas haul video which will be up soon so you can see all the fab things I got.

❤ Our family selfie! I love this picture, it makes me smile so much.

❤ Nibbling on leftovers and festive food constantly.

❤ CHEESE! So much cheese was consumed by me over the last three days.

❤ Jim enjoying his Christmas present from me- a box and some carrier bags! I did get him some treats too but he seems to prefer this.

❤ Jim being adorable all the time.

❤ Our boxing day game of Cards Against Humanity. It was so hilarious! Jenny won which nobody was expecting. I laughed til my sides hurt.

❤ Spending time with my wonderful family.

❤ Wearing PJs most of the time.

Thank you so much to everyone that made my Christmas magical and awesome. I am so grateful that I have so many people who care about me. I had a great few days surrounded my amazing people. I hope you all had a lovely time and have had a wonderful year. Now bring on 2015!!!


“How Old Are You?!”- What’s In My Bag

This post has been inspired by two things. The first being this months Crown and Glory Glitterati photo challenge. We needed to take a “what’s in my bag” photo including our awesome Veronica Dearly keyring that we received in the box. I took the above photo for my instagram and then decided it would make a great blogging topic. The second inspiration behind this post comes from an experience I had while ice skating at The Eden Project. As I handed my bag over to the man behind the ice skate counter he laughed upon seeing the My Little Pony motif and asked me how old I was. I personally think that you are never too old for fun, cute, colourful things. So here is the contents of my oh so grown up bag;

img_20141222_223308298This is my rather large purse I brought in September in Primark. I tried using a small purse for a while in the hopes that it would force me to get rid of receipts more often. No such luck! So I gave in a brought a massive one. I love this purse and think it is adorable. It’s full of my millions of cards and currently only 7p. I always have an “emergency” teabag in my bag. It was my Mum’s idea and I think it’s great especially if, like me, you don’t like normal tea. Lady Grey by Twinings is my favourite tea so I always have some at hand.

img_20141222_223334673All of my cosy winter essentials. The scarf was crocheted for me by my awesome Nana. The hat was knitted by me with some awesome wool a friend gave me to reuse. The gloves are from Accessorize and sadly have a wee hole in the thumb. I think they all go pretty nicely together and they keep me lovely and snug.


I almost always have a random Crown and Glory small glitter bow hanging around somewhere in the bottom of my bag. This one is in the colour Candyfloss and is my current fave. I only have 2 keys attached to my keyrings- the plain one is my house key and the funky patterned one is for my Mum’s house. The Veronica Dearly keyring that was in my box is perfect for me. It says “Congrats on your lovely hair” and if I do say so myself I do have pretty fab hair. It’s really nice and chunky too which is nice, I don’t feel like it’s just going to fall apart in my bag. I also have a glow-in-the-dark sperm keyring attached to my keys. Me and my Mum both have one and it’s become a bit of a standing joke. I got them at Truro Pride one year and they have been protecting our keys ever since.


What can I say, I like to keep soft! I always have my very battered tin of Honey Trap Lush lip balm in my bag. I’ve had it for over a year and it’s still going strong. It’s the only product I’ve tried that really helps yucky, chapped winter lips. A new bag staple is my Soap and Glory Hand Dream Super Cream which I talk about in this post. It makes my hands feel amazing and I freaking love the scent.


img_20141222_223620568On to some beauty products. My favourite mascara comes everywhere with me. I use the Define and Lengthen Mascara by The Body Shop. It lasts, doesn’t smudge and does what it says on the tube. I was surprised by how few lipsticks I had in my bag. Usually there’s loads in there! We have two of my favourite lipsticks from the Rimmel Moisture Renew range. Amethyst Shimmer is my go to when I want a pop of colour whereas Vintage Pink is more or a natural, “your lips but better” colour. Another newer addition to my everyday essentials is the Barry M Cor Balmy in the shade Currant Bun. It’s a really moisturising tinted lip balm which happens to smell good enough to eat!


On to the little random bits that everyone has in their bags. We have my pink ipod shuffle which comes literally everywhere with me. I always listen to music when I walk, it comforts me. A hair band because I have hair… yeah. And of course a pen, you never know when you might need one. This is a Zebra pen because they are my preferred pen brand. I don’t know if it’s weird to have a pen preference but I do, let me know in the comments if you do.


Finally the bag itself. I got this in Primark ages ago when they had loads of My Little Pony stuff in. It’s a pretty large tote bag which I need for all the crap I lug around on a daily basis. I love it and will be gutted if it ever breaks. I also tend to carry my phone with me but I was using it to take the photos! I have a Moto G 4G which I only got about a month ago and I am loving it. I’m still in the new phone phase where I sometimes get really confused but that’s just me being terrible with technology.

So that’s what’s in my bag. This turned into a much longer post than it was meant to be but oh well! I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my everyday life.






The Many Faces Of 2014

There’s this thing going around Tumblr right now where people share their six favourite or most significant selfies of the year. I have blogged about how much I love selfies in the past so I’ve loved seeing these posts and wanted to share my favourite selfies of 2014 with you guys. I take quite a lot so it was tricky to narrow it down!

tumblr_n2p60utyKd1qliczno1_500March. I felt super cute in this photo. It was my profile picture on Facebook for months and always made me smile when I looked at it. I am wearing one of my favourite necklaces and rocking some “Drive” Lush lipstick. Mwah!

tumblr_n4184uiFFw1qliczno1_500April. Summer started early in Cornwall this year. On day after a morning at uni I decided to go on a long walk along the sea front and around the point. I felt so relaxed and happy. I love going for long walks along, rocking out to my ipod.


July. The first selfie taken in our new house. This was the day we moved in so I was knackered! I love my house, my housemates and my life!


Also July. I love this photo of me and my Mum. We were out at spoons having dinner and I always take photos in the bathroom mirrors there and I roped Mum into joining me. We look so happy!


October. Just me being a freaking fairy princess! It was just one of those day’s where my hair was behaving, my make up was on point and I just felt beautiful.

December. This photo was actually taken yesterday. Me, Sarah and Beth went to The Eden Project to enjoy it in all of it’s Christmassy wonder. This photo is just so fun and silly. It was taken in the car before we went in. Friends rock.

So that’s me throughout the year! I hope you have all had a great year and have plenty of fabulous selfies from it.


Things I Love Thursday


❤ Having some time to just kick back and relax.

❤ Having all of my Christmas wrapping done.

❤ TEA!

❤ Spending time with this lovely dork.

❤ Christmas shopping in Truro.

❤ Christmas foods.

❤ The dude at Starbucks writing “Funky hair” and “Cool beard” on our drinks. On the same note- omg that peppermint mocha was freaking amazing!

❤ Being interviewed about my tattoos for The Laughing Medusa- check it out. This is the first time I have been featured on someone else blog so I am super proud of it.

❤ My awesome presents from my Glitterati secret Santa. I freaking love everything! I mean how cute is that brooch? The nail decals include some freaky, cool things like aliens and eyeballs. I have worn the Tatty Devine necklace everyday since I got it and I may have eaten all three of the lollipops! I cannot wait to find out who my secret Santa is so I can thank them.

❤ Catching up with friends. I love this time of year when everyone is all festive and coming back home from uni. Not long until everyone’s back.

❤ The Eden Project and Christmas is so cool! We saw reindeer, went ice skating, wandered through a magical Christmasy rainforest and got fake snowed one! There will be a whole post about our day out on the blog later in the week.

❤ Frozen sing-alongs in Beth’s car.

❤ Passing 2000 views on the blog, wooo! It was my aim to get there before the end of the year and I have made it by a landslide. Thank you to every one of you.

Outfit Of The Day- Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

img_20141216_133409933Sweatshirt- Brat and Suzie, Dress- Charity Shop, Leggings- Primark, Socks- Newlook, Boots- Newlook.

One of my favourite outfit combos lately has been summer dresses paired with quirky sweatshirts. I love bringing my summer pieces into winter by simply layering up, it gives you so many new outfit possibilities!

Glittery Hair Bow- Crown and Glory, Necklace- Tatty Devine 

img_20141216_184645001How freaking awesome is this necklace?! I got it today in my Glitterati secret Santa that one of the fabulous girlies organised. I love Tatty Devine so was thrilled when I saw the little box sitting in my hands. I was even more excited when I opened it to find the adorable little crown necklace inside. It’s so shiny and dinky, it makes me feel like a very stylish princess. Thank you so much to my secret Santa, everything in my parcel was perfect (I will be sharing in contents in my Things I Love Thursday post).

Soap And Glory- The Next Big Thing Box, Treat yourself!


Every year Soap and Glory bring out a limited edition gift box full of awesome pampering treats. This year’s box is usually priced at £60 for 10 full sized products which would retail for over a whopping £75 normally, so we have a pretty good saving right from the get go. Now for the awesome bit- for one week only Boots stores in the UK have the box on sale for only £29!!!! How freaking great is that! I was convinced they would be sold out by the time I got myself to a store but Boots in Truro had loads left so I managed to nab myself one. They are selling fast but will be on this great deal until Thursday so if you want one at this great price then be quick!


There were two limited edition, collectable boxes designed by Hattie Stewart (professional doodler according to her website!), one only available online (which sold out within hours) and one only available in stores. As I said I got mine in store but this image shows both box designs. The box is massive and has a pretty durable handle making it easy to lug through town as you finish your Christmas shopping. It’s so lovely and quirky and I think I will be using mine to store my Crown and Glory accessories in once it’s empty. All of the products come snuggled it a pretty pink drawstring bag, which again will be great for storing things in the future.


As I said there are 10 full sized products inside ranging from facial care to make up to lovely creams for the body. There’s a really wide range of different scents and products in here so you can get a real taste of what Soap and Glory is all about. I think this would be a

great gift for someone who is new to the brand. There’s also a £3 off voucher for the next time you spend £12 which is great if you fall in love with something and use it all up and need to dash out for more.



I thought it would be nice to go through all the products for you so if you miss out on the deal or are only interested in a few of them you have some sort of idea what they are like. First up we have the Hand Dream Super Cream (£7). As the name suggests this is a hand cream and it really is dreamy! It soaks in to the skin super quickly and leaves them feeling silky soft in seconds. Like lots of Soap and Glory products it has a sweet fruity sent which lasts for ages. Next is Whipped Clean Shower Butter (£8) which is an in-shower moisturiser. You use it like normal shower gel but it is extra moisturising because it has loads of natural butters and oils. It smells good enough to eat with an almondy fragrance. Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream (£5.50) is a super fresh smelling foot cream that you massage into your feet before bed. As someone who likes walking around with bare feet a lot in the summer this will do my feet the world of good.


Now on to two of the biggest products in the box. Butter Yourself Body Lotion (£10) is a super moisturising lotion best applied to damp skin after a shower. Again it has that sweet but fruity fragrance that really lingers on the skin. I love that it comes in a pump bottle, super easy for application. Orangeasm Body Wash (£6.50) is the fruitiest smell ever! It has the most amazing orange smell to it and when I say that I mean it smells like actual oranges not that sickly synthetic smell you often get. It is so uplifting and just wow! This is perfect for a morning shower as it will really wake you up.


Sugar Crush Body Scrub (£8) has my absolute favourite Soap and Glory scent! Like most of the other products, there are many other products that share scents meaning you can really build up your fragrance. The Sugar Crush Body Wash (£6.50) is one of my favourite things ever so when I realised that the scrub was in here I was a very happy panda. This scrub works wonders on “scaly” your skin is feeling and it’s sweet lime scent will hopefully make you feel as happy as it makes me feel. The Righteous Butter (£10.50) is a luxurious body butter with that signature Soap and Glory scent. It’s super rich and thick and, much like the hand cream, leaves your skin feeling velvety soft.


Finally we have some bits for your lovely face! First we have the Thick And Fast Mascara (£10) which I used for the first time today on an outing to town. I am pretty fussy with mascaras, many have come through my house and only get used once before being tossed in the bin. This one however is great! It really have my lashes a boost and lasted all day. The brush is pretty big and a bit daunting, but I found it worked like a dream. Off Your Face (£4.50) are face cleansing clothes with a pretty hilarious name. I love it when brands are a bit jokey with their product names. I have yet to try these but they claim to “wipe your skin clean of dirt and make-up, help to clear your complexion, and leave your face feeling fah-resh” so I hope they deliver. They have a textured surface to exfoliate your skin as well as cleansing and toning. Finally we have Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shine Lacquer (£7) which is possibly my favourite name for a product of all time. The one included in the box is a kind of pinky, subtle colour that I think would suit most people. It’s the kind of shade you would describe as “your lips but better”. I wore it today and it was pretty long lasting and the shine was just sublime. I don’t usually go for lip glosses or lacquers but I think I may be getting this in some other colours because I really liked it as it’s not as sticky as some others I’ve tried.

So that’s that! Good luck if you want to get your hands on one of the boxes. As I said at the beginning- Boots in Truro had loads left the other day so if you live in Cornwall then get your butt down there! I hope my reviews have helped if you are thinking about getting any of the individual products. Soap and Glory is an awesome company, everything smells freaking gorgeous, works wonderfully and has pink packaging, what more could you want?!


“14 Year Old Me Would Love This!”- Pink Dip-Dyed Hair

You may know by now that I have pretty colourful hair. It has been pink now for almost 4 years with bits of other colours coming in to the fringe here and there. I even blogged about my hair transformations a while ago. I have quite a lot of experience making hair awesome colours so it came as no surprise when my friend Sarah asked me to dip-dye her hair pink. We took some photos along the way and I thought I would share the process with you. I haven’t done many tutorial posts before so hopefully this will make sense!

10841625_670696993048617_1513844423_nOur starting point was dyed black hair so we needed to lift it quite a bit to get the desired base blonde. We used Jerome Russell B Blonde Lightening Kit Med-Dark (5.99) on the tips of the hair. To achieve an even look we sectioned the hair into two bunches at the front and placed hair bands where we wanted the colour to start. When we we happy with the coverage we took the bunches out and let the hair hang loose at the back so we could even out the middle of the hair. We bleached about 3-4 inches of hair using the brush supplied in the pack. To get a kind of ombre, graduated look you need to brush lighter near the top of the section.


We left the bleach on for about an hour but this will vary from person to person. The key is to keep checking the hair until you reach the desired shade. We then rinsed of the bleach and conditioned the hair with DGJ Organics Argan Oil Conditioner. Then we kind of got distracted and had some chips from the chippy but this step is optional!

Next it’s time for colour! Directions is my personal favourite colourful hair dye brand. Their dyes are kind to your hair, come in a wide range of colours and are cruelty free. We went for Flamingo Pink which is a super vibrant candy pink colour. I’ve used it before and I loved it. (If you are in Falmouth then Just Like This sells directions, tell Jane I sent you!) Now you just need to slap on that colour. You can use a brush if you want but fingers work perfectly well too, although whatever you do, remember to wear gloves to avoid pink hands for days. The tub recommends leaving the dye in for about 20 minutes I would recommend leaving it in for at least an hour, longer if you have the time. I’ve even heard of people putting a plastic bag over their hair and leaving the dye over night. As the dye isn’t damaging to the hair it can be left on for as long as you want. We decided to wash it off after about an hour because we were getting pretty sleepy by this point.


This is the finished result. It’s much pinker and brighter in person. Sarah loves it and I am so proud of the results. This was my first time dip-dying hair but I think it looks awesome! Dip-dying is a great way to add a splash of colour without going the whole way.


I hope this walk through made sense, let me know in the comments. I would also love to see any pictures of your colourful hair.






Things I love Thursday


❤ Not taking my wonderful Christmas hat off until bed.

❤ Dip dying Sarah’s hair pink and then having a sleepover.

❤ Dying Beth’s hair turquoise (clearly I missed my calling in life…) and spending the day chilling and generally being festive with her.

❤ Taking ALL the selfies, because gosh darn it I am cute!

❤ Giant, glittery hair bows.

❤ Sophie from Crown and Glory being such a babe.

❤ Christmas treats. I got this adorable gingerbread muffin and a cup of spiced apple from Costa the other day and they were both delicious.

❤ Being on top of my present buying and wrapping

❤ Christmas craft markets

❤ My awesome new organiser from Veronica Dearly. I am going to be so organised in the new year. I am going to actually sort my desk out and keep this on there and write everything down including a blogging schedule.

❤ Snuggling up in my knitted patchwork blanket me and my Mum made

❤ Having my first mince pies of the year.

❤ Watching Netflix with a nice cuppa while knitting Christmas presents.

❤ Having solo Taylor Swift dance parties.

❤ Feeling super positive about the year to come.

It’s been a great week full of awesomeness and fun. Life is feeling great right now!


Falmouth Gets Festive

Want to know what I was up to last Thursday? Well conventionally my sister vlogged our trip to town to see the Christmas lights switch on!

The lights really do look lovely, I might make it out into town some time next week and take some photos to share with you. If you enjoyed Jenny’s video then please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to her channel, she makes some great videos and sometimes I feature making them even better!