My Top Ten Albums- part 1

First thins first, this list is in no particular order. That would be virtually impossible because all of these albums are so different and I love different things about each of them. Some of them make me happy, some of them make me think, some of them are great for when I want to kill a bitch, some of them give me a great big musical hug! I took a long time pondering over which albums to include in this list and trust me it could have been much longer. So here we go!

1: Save Rock and Roll: Fall Out Boy

Every single song on this album has at least one wonderfully quotable lyric. From “time crawls on when you’re waiting for the song to start so dance alone to the beat of your heart” in The Phoenix to “you are what you love not who loves you” In Save Rock and Roll, there’s just so many gems. My Mum actually got this album before I did and she used to joke that I was going to have to buy her a new copy because of how many times I played it on repeat! I did eventually get my own copy and it’s been played just as many times. There was also a period of a month where this was the only music I had on my phone to listen to and I still didn’t get bored of it. I was so happy whe FOB came off hiatus I was so freaking happy! Sure their music has changed but that’s by no means a bad thing. This album did the unthinkable- made me somewhat like Elton John! I mean who saw that collaboration happening?! I know all of the lyrics to this album and will be singing it until I die. Fall Out Boy you sure as hell did save rock and roll.

2: Costello Music: The Fratellis

Despite this album coming out way back in 2006 I didn’t actually own it until 2013, just before I started uni. I saw it at a local car boot sale and remembered my love for them and picked it up for a quid or so. For sure one of the best pounds I’ve ever spent. It was the only thing in my CD player during those first few awkward weeks at uni and has been the soundtrack to many nights since. Chelsea Dagger is an obvious classic, I mean, it’s played at my local club literally every student night, but the rest of the album is way too good to be overlooked. The song titles alone rock, Cuntry Boys & City Girls and VInce the Loveable Stoner are two of my favourite examples. I love their sound, It’s just so unique but I can’t quite sum it up in words. Just give them a listen and make your own mind up.

3: Love Lust Faith + Dreams: Thirty Seconds to Mars

This is another album that I kept pinching off my Mum. And yes, I do have the coolest Mum ever! This album is a real experience. It’s a work of art. Thirty Seconds to Mars’ music has this way of stirring me. I put Love Lust Faith + Dreams on when I want to be inspired. In November 2013 I went to see them on this albums tour and it was absolutely life changing, it was a “time to be alive”. About a week after the concert I decided to get a tattoo to remember that night because it kind of restored my faith in life and humanity. I know that seems a little far fetched but it’s how I felt. I would recommend listening to this album with massive headphones on while lying on your bed in the dark, it’s pretty damn magical.

4: Remember that I Love You: Kimya Dawson

Time for something completely different. Like so many other, I discovered Kimya Dawson through the movie Juno. I fell in love with her sweet voice and folky acoustic guitar. The whole album is so personal and odd, it makes me smile and cry and think. Singing along to Loose Lips with friends is one of my favourite things to do. Trying to keep up with the fast, tongue-tying pace guarantees fun. My Rollercoaster always makes me think of my wonderful boyfriend and my Mum has been know to paraphrase it saying “…I hope one day you get paid for being Emma Robinson”. Kimya is a genius songwriter. Her songs are relatable, inspiring and comforting. My firm favourite from the album has to be I Like Giants, listen to the link below and I’m sure you will see why.

5: The Black Parade: My Chemical Romance

Time to reminisce. The Black Parade is possibly the first album I fell in love with. I remember begging for it for Christmas, it worked. I actually have two copies now but one is lost somewhere at my Mums house. I will never not relate to this album. It was there for me in some of my toughest hours growing up and I know it will help me again. As soon as the piano starts in Welcome to the Black Parade my heart skips a beat. Those notes chill me to the bones for some reason and I love it. Even talking about it is making me all emo again! I even have a pretty big thigh tattoo planned based around Mother War from the Welcome to the Black Parade music video. When life gets me down and I need a pick me up I listen to Famous Last Words and scream out “I am not afraid to keep on living” and it really does help.

Part 2 will be up this time next week or sooner so watch this space! I hope you liked part one and it maybe even inspired you to get yourself some new music.



Time For Change

Time for the truth. Since starting uni back in 2013 I have put on rather a lot of weight. This wouldn’t really be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that now most of my beautiful summer dresses don’t fit. I love my dresses. I built up an enviable collection while working in a lovely shop which sold Emily and Finn dresses. They make me feel so pretty and happy and well, like myself so the not fitting is a bit of a big deal. So it’s time to make a change!

I have a pretty big goal- I want to loose 3 stone. That may seem like a lot but if I loose that then I will be back to the weight I was before I started uni. Time for more honesty- I’m shit at diets. If I tell myself “no, you can’t have that” then you can guarantee that’s all I’m going to want to eat. So I’m not going on a diet in the traditional sense, I’m just going to eat what I like just in smaller portions and a lot less of my one true food evil- cheese! I’m also going to make an effort to eat more fruit and veg because they are super yummy, a great snack to fill a gap and healthy.

On top of the better eating I’m actually going to move my arse and get exercising. I stumbled upon the Couch to 5k plan on the NHS website and knew it was for me. In an ideal world I would hire a personal trainer to kick me into shape. I need someone motivating every step of the way so the way the plan works is perfect. Each week you download a podcast to listen to while you run. The podcast guides you through a running work out with sections of walking and sections of running. The aim is to run 3 times a week.  Each week you run for longer amounts of time until eventually you can run 5k non-stop. So far I’ve run twice and I can already feel it getting easier. I’m so excited to progress through the weeks and I will keep you up to date as to how it’s going. I also went for a swim today for the first time in ages. I’d forgotten just how fun it is!

So that’s my aim! I thought if I shared it with you guys on here then I would have some added motivation. Hopefully I will manage to get to my goal weight by the week of Download Festival in mid June. Wish me luck!


Things I Love Thursday

This week has been a week of getting shit done and feeling motivated!

❤ Going shopping in Plymouth with the wonderful Jenny. We shopped til we dropped… into Starbucks for yummy cool drinks! I got some really rad things which I will be sharing when Jenny uploads our haul video to youtube.

❤ Finally having Taylor Swifts new album 1989

❤ Finding the perfect skirt. I love it so much I ended up buying 2 in different colours.

❤ Finishing and handing in my essay and my creative piece, phew!

❤ Beanies coffee. I love both the gingerbread and the cinder toffee ones.

❤ Having a wee bit of sunshine.

❤ Starting the Couch to 5k challenge. I’m determined to get fit and healthy by the summer to fit back into my pretty Emily and Finn dresses. So far I’ve been on 2 jogs this week and yesterday I brought myself some healthy yummy food. So far so good.

❤ Being able to jog by the sea.

❤ Feeling calm and somewhat organised

❤ How beautiful Swanpool is.

❤ Keeping up my new skin care routine.

❤ How soft my hair is right now. I used a combination of my DGJ Organics argan oil shampoo followed by my Alterna hair masque and now it feels heavenly.

❤ This super cute jumper I brought from depop the other day. Its so quirky and perfect.

❤ Being cosy inside when it’s tipping it down with rain and freezing outside.

❤ Hand cream, hand cream all the time!


Sisterly Shopping Spree- Vlog

Me and my sister Jenny hopped on a train to our nearest big city, Plymouth, for a day of shopping and shenanigans. The aim was to have a look around the sales but honestly most of the stuff we got was full price. Jenny vlogged the day and I wanted to share it with you guys;

Yes, I didn’t realise that a station was called a station because you are stationary there. Why am I studying English at university?! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek into our lives. Make sure you check out and subscribe to Jenny’s Youtube channel. She’s working on posting more regularly this year so expect awesome things. We filmed a haul video when we got home and that should be up later this week so I will make sure I share it on here.


Things I love Friday- Getting Back On Track

Oooops, it’s Friday again and I still haven’t done my gratitude list! I have my reasons though, mainly a mixture of seeing friends and flipping deadlines. Anyway, here I am so here we go.

❤ Hanging out with my friends from home. It’s so sad that they are all slowly trickling back to uni not but I know they will be back soon enough.

❤ On a similar thread; seeing my friends from uni again. It’s weird how you become so close to people at uni so quickly then they suddenly disappear for a month.

❤ Sharing my New Year Promises with the world. Now they are out there and not just in my head they feel real and doable.

❤ The masses of rainbow things I lug around with me on a daily basis.

❤ The woman who was rapping in the toilets at spoons the other day! She was pretty good!

❤ Getting into a good skincare routine again, my skin is already reaping the benefits.

❤ Getting some sun the other day. It was still pretty darn cold but the sunshine really cheered me up.

❤ Finishing my creative writing assignment, woo! I still need to edit it but I super happy with how it has developed. I might share it with you once it has been marked.

❤ Mine and Oli’s new tradition of fist bumping each other at just gone midnight to congratulate each other for getting through another day. We’ve done it every day this year so far and intend to keep it up. It’s a really nice little positive ritual.

❤ Getting my hands on the first issue of Rock N Roll Bride!!! Kat has done an amazing job, it is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to read it properly. I mean I’m not even engaged I just love looking at all the amazing weddings and taking inspiration. (Also how “instagram” is this photo I took?!)

❤ Buying awesome random crap in the Janurary sales. Yesterday I picked up a big ampersand model in tribute to the Amanda Palmer song “Ampersand”. How odd and cool is that?

❤ Feeling super positive about the year ahead.

❤ This roasted veg and humus sandwich from Shed yesterday. It was so freaking delicious. I even ate the side salad which is unheard of for me.

❤ Smoothies, I need to make more because I have been craving them so much lately. So far I’ve had two this week.

❤ Wearing new clothes, it always feels really nice and fresh.

So that’s been my week. Hopefully I will pull myself together and actually post this on Thursday next week, with a few before then of course. Until then I bid you farewell.


Promises To Myself

Hello 2015! I can’t believe it is already the new year. I hope you all had an great start to the year, I know I did. I thought I would kick this blogging year off with my kind of new years resolutions. I say “kind of” because people rarely keep new years resolutions. These are more promises to myself. I really want to do these things because I know they will improve my life and my happiness.

1- I promise not to speak or think badly of my body.

I am guilty of preaching radical self love but not always doing a great job of practising it. I say and think so many negative things about my body on a regular basis and it needs to stop. It just makes me feel terrible and there’s no need for it. It is my vessel and it has done me pretty well so far. I carries me from A to B, deals with all the clumsy bumps and bruises I always get and is damn strong! It’s squishy and soft making it perfect for cuddles and keeping warm and I need to appreciate it more. This leads me on to my next promise.

2- I promise to look after myself better. 

Part of loving myself and my body involves looking after it properly. I want to keep up a good skincare routine this year. No more falling asleep with all my make up on, naughty Emma! Taking long showers then covering myself in lovely body butters makes me feel so good and helps me keep in touch with my body. I also want to get back into exercising. I used to love jogging by the river and now I live near Swanpool I can jog by the beach which would be lovely. I really need to get my sleeping back into a good pattern. I go to sleep super late then waste half the day in bed. I will never be a morning person but I could be much better if I really tried.

3- I promise to blog at least 3 times a week.

So far this year I know that hasn’t exactly gone to plan and I may have to put this one on hold for a week until uni deadlines are out of the way. But I am going to set myself the target of blogging 3 times a week. One of those posts will be “Things I Love Thursday” which I do almost every week now so I think this promise is totally doable.

4- I promise to read at least 12 books.

By books I mean non-uni books. I know 12 isn’t that many but when you are an English student it can be hard to find time to read books for pleasure. I used to be such a bookworm and I really want to actively make the time to read because it makes me happy! It shows that long it’s been since I read anything- I brought that copy of Alice in Wonderland this time last year, still haven’t read it! This will be the year I get back into reading.

5- I promise to keep myself organised.

I always start the year with good intentions. I buy a shiny new calendar and organiser and for the first few weeks actually use them and it’s all great… but then it slides. This year I have treated myself to a few bits from The Terrific Project store and they are just so pretty! I am hoping there colourful adorableness will inspire me to use them and keep myself organised! I still need to put the calendar up (I will do it straight after I post this) but I have already been putting my desk pad to good use.

So here’s to a positive, organised year full of books! I would love to hear some of your new years promises/resolutions so feel free to share them in the comments.