The Glitterati Parties- London

IMG_20150528_191945197 Last Saturday (the 23rd of May) Sophie from Crown and Glory organised an amazing party for the Glitterati subscribers and it was amazing! I travelled all the way up to London for it and it was so worth the journey.


Photo courtesy of Liz Hearn

About half of the group were planning on meeting in Kensington Gardens for a wee picnic before hand but me and Saskia were running late and were kinda lost. However all was okay when I spotted a group of colourful, glittery, flower-adorned women waving at me from across the street. I had found my people! When I was safely with them Saskia went home and we went for a little Cafe Nero break before heading off to the party… half an hour early, oops! Sophie wasn’t expecting us early and it cause a bit of a queue on the stairs to the basement, where the Crown and Glory Candy Bar was, but we were all happy to finally be there!

Photo from Anges de Sucre's facebook page.

Photo from Anges de Sucre’s facebook page.

The first thing we were treated to was our amazing goodie bags full of treats from the likes of Oh Squirrel, Sugar and Vice and I love Crafty. It was so funny watching everyone try to figure out what the mini macarons were- are they edible. rubbers, lipbalms? (turns out they are little pots) All of the gifts were so thoughtful but the icing on the cake for me has to be the cards everyone got. Each one was different and filled with a personal heartfelt message, my Veronica Dearly card made me smile so much. Our ticket price included creating a custom flower crown, headband, clip or facinator from the Crown and Glory Candy Shop. I chose pink, turquoise and purple flowers and some sparkly crystals to create a glorious headband. We will be getting them in next months box so I will be sure to share it with you!

Photo Courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride

Photo Courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride

The party continued upstairs in the beautiful Anges de Sucre with many a glass of prosecco and some of their adorable and delicious mini macarons, cupcakes, bownies and marshmallows. I was on such a sugar high all night! I spoke to so many amazing women and got totally wrapped up in the whole magical experience and forgot to take many photos however a few other people did take some and are okay with me sharing them so here’s a little photographic snippet of the night.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.

So cute and so freaking yummy! You can order these treats online and trust me when I say- soon they will be mine once again *slightly evil, sugar induced laugh*.

Photos courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.

The décor inside and our is so pretty and perfect for a flowery party. I need their wallpaper in my future home.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.

I have no idea what I was taking about but everyone seems to be interested! I was so nervous about meeting so many new people all at once but they were all so nice and welcoming that it felt like chatting away to old friends almost instantly. There wasn’t one awkward silence all night and I felt completely at home.

Photo courtesy of Monique Cooper.

Photo courtesy of Monique Cooper.

I’ve been calling this my “cool blogger photo” because it just looks so professional and networky. I realise now that makes no sense but I know what I mean. I felt very in my element, all my anxiety vanished for the evening and I am so proud of myself. Luckily I remembered to take a selfie with the wonderful owner of Crown and Glory- Sophie. She was so nice and we had a great chat about Cornwall and small businesses and going charity shopping in Falmouth because that’s where all the good things are! I tried to hold in my inner fangirl but then remembered the project I did at uni last year that centred around Crown and Glory- I hope I didn’t come across as too much of a weirdo! I once again attempted to control my inner fangirl when I got the chance to snap a selfie with Kat from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride. She was amazing and so easy to talk to. I told her how happy her recent post about body positivity and not feeling pressured to loose weight for your wedding made me. On another note don’t our hair colours go so well together?! Kat was such a babe and I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to talk to her.

Photo courtesy of Kat from Rock 'n' Roll Bride and Sophie from Crown and Glory.

Photo courtesy of Kat from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride and Sophie from Crown and Glory.

I had such a fabulous night with some freaking amazing people! The Glitterati party in London will always hold a place in my heart as will everyone I met there. I don’t have to wait too long to see some of these babes again though because I am going to the Glitterati party in Birmingham on June 20th! So excited and this time I will try to take more photos! Thank you to the staff at Anges de Sucre for providing sweet treats, Sophie and Gareth for putting on an amazing event and constantly creating beautiful head candy and the Glitterati girls for just being their wonderful selves! Keep your eyes peeled for more about my trip to London! Toodles!


Things I Love Thursday

(This post has changed because for some reason all the text disappeared and I had to rewrite it)

This week has been amazing and I am super excited to share it with you!

❤ I finally sorted out my make-up and I actually have less than I though! I have way more than this time last year though. I used to be so scared of experimenting with it but now I find it so much fun!

❤ Having my first bubble tea! Refreshing, fun and yummy!

❤ Wearing face gems below my eyes. I felt like a super cute cartoon character all day.

❤ The Glitterati party in London! I had so much fun meeting fabulous people, eating yummy cakes and drinking a wee bit too much free prosecco! There will be a post all about this, my time in London and a wee haul soon!

❤ Meeting Sophie from Crown and Glory and Kat from Rock’n’Roll bride. They were both so lovely and it was so awesome to be around people who have inspired me and taught me I can do anything I want if I try hard enough.

❤ Having a cheeky Nando’s with Saskia after getting lost in Whitechapel. I laughed so hard when I noticed that person in the background quietly judging us!

❤ Daddy O shampoo from Lush. My hair feels so good and the lingering smell of Parma Violets is beautiful.

❤ Going out for a family meal last night. It was nice to all go out together and have a catch up over good food. They really do all rock!

❤ Finally buying a tangle teazer! Between that and the new Lush shampoo and conditioner I have super happy hair! A girls gotta treat herself!

I have a lot of fun things coming up over the next few weeks so expect lots of exciting posts!


OOTD | Spring is Here

edit 1

Yay, spring has sprung which means hello to short skirts, funky t-shirts and more flower crowns that you could possibly imagine. Me and Sarah went out for a spot of lunch on Saturday and I was digging my outfit so we decided to take some photos for you wonderful lot.

Edit 2

As you can tell from the photos it was a wee bit windy by the sea but that didn’t stop me sticking some killer poses. (I was glad I put some little shots on under my skirt though!)

Edit 3T-shirt- Primark, Skirt- H&M, Cardigan- Vintage, Shoes- Blue Banana, Bag- Newlook, Necklace- Pixie and Pixier on Etsy, Sunglasses- Just Like This (In Falmouth) Hairband/ Flowercrown- Crown and Glory.

edit 4

Hopefully I will be doing more of these posts over the summer as I always prefer what I wear in the warmer months. Let me know if you like these posts by either liking or commenting. Talk soon.


April Favourites

This is a little bit later than intended, oops! But it’s deadline season for us uni students so I’m sure you all understand. This is a bit of a mixed bunch and not very big as I have been trying really hard to be careful with money so I have more for the summer. I hope you enjoy!

April Faves 1


First up we have Barry M Sunset daylight curing nail varnishes. I wrote a whole blog post about these rad little guys so I won’t go into too much detail here but check that post out. All I will say here is they freaking rock! Next we have the Body Shop Vitamin E Eyes Cube which I got in limited edition packaging hence why it looks different in the link. This little tube has been a life saver lately after long nights getting shit done. It’s kind of like a chunky twist up lip balm but for around and under your eyes. It’s so cooling, moisturising and refreshing and leaves you looking much more away and glowy. I would defiantly recommend it’s cooling properties as we come into the summer. Last in the beauty category we have The Comforter Perfume by Lush. This smells amazing but sadly you cannot currently buy it as it was a Lush Kitchen exclusive around Christmas time. It is perfect for this time of year; super sweet and summery. Keep your eyes on the Lush Kitchen though because you never know when it might come back.

April Faves 2

Crown and Glory 

Yet again we have a whole section dedicated to the awesome hair accessories of Crown and Glory. I have been loving the April Glitterati Box, so gosh darn pretty. My most worn piece from this box has to be the Not a Lotta Rosie Headband in Icecream.  I already have the medium version of this but having the small version as well have been awesome! It works really well with braided bunches I find. The light blue glitter bunny ears are also cute as hell and I will be wearing them all year round, not just at Easter. If you want to join the Glitterati then you should totally put me, Emma Robinson, as your referrer and we both get a £10 voucher! How cool is that? Here’s a link if you want to check it out.

April faves 3

Food and Drink

Bringing in a new category, oh yeah. I bought this Baobab Fruit Powder when I was last at The Eden Project and it is great! I opted for a big jar because it works out better value but you can buy in in smaller quantities. You can add it to smoothies, juice, water, pasta sauce, anything you want really. It has a citrus taste which is nice to spruce up most things. It is considered to be the ultimate super fruit offering loads of essential nutrients. I find it gives me a similar energy boost to coffee but without the come down. So woo to Baobab! Next we have the Nature Valley Canadian Maple Syrup oat bar. I love these, they are my go to snack when I am out an peckish. They are lovely and sweet so are a great healthy alternative to a chocolate bar. You can get them pretty much anywhere in the UK in single bars or multipacks. Finally Alpro Unsweetened Almond “milk”. I’ve loved this for ages as I don’t really like cows milk so I thought I would pop it in here again this month. Again you can buy it in most supermarkets. I have tried other brands but this is by far my favourite. It is light, almondy but not overpoweringly so and tastes great on Cheerios.


Last but by no means least I just had to include these adorable stickers I bough from The Tiny Hobo on Etsy. Look how cute and body positive they are?! I love them so much I ordered two more packs. I mainly use them in my journal at the start of each entry and they just make it look much more awesome.

And that is that, I hope you like the things I’ve been enjoying this month.


Things I Love Thursday

❤ Mine and Oli’s anniversary, woop still going strong.

❤ The fact that we can now get chippy-chips delivered!

❤ Voting today in the UK General Election. It feels good to be taking a bit of a stand and using my vote wisely.

❤ Rainbows.

❤ Spending most of Saturday with my sister Jenny. We had some lunch, did some shopping and just had sisterly fun. I miss her!

❤ The new(ish) filters on Instagram.

❤ My new colouring book that my Nana bought me. Its called Animal Kingdom a Colouring Adventure and it’s by Millie Marotta. Its full of beautiful, intricate animal illustrations for you to colour in. Its super calming and fun to do. I thin colouring may be my new obsession.

❤  The May Glitterati box! All I will say is flowers galore!

❤ Home made chocolate cake at the Church bazaar the other day.

❤ The ridiculous video below that me and Jenny filmed for her Youtube account… watch and laugh! (My voice is so deep in the video, i have no idea why!)


InspirApril Photo Challenge Round Up

Hello you wonderful people. It is now May, omg! In April I took part in the Instragram #InspirApril photo challenge. This is the first time Iv’e actually kept up a photo challenge all the way through so I am pretty proud of myself.


The challenge was devised by five wonderful wome- Cassy Fry, Nikki Loy, Helen, Amy and Jennifer Hamley. They all contributed 6 prompts to the list and they were all fun and super inspiring. I thought it would be a cool thing to share here to give you more of an insight into me and my life. So lets look back over April.


Day 1- My style. I’m all about colours, patterns, clashing and pink! Oh and of course lots of Crown and Glory hair accessories!

I own a ukulele, which I have fun with but play super badly. I got it after being inspired by Amanda Palmer and have continued to play it badly thanks to the wonderful lyrics to her song “Ukulele Anthem”. This is a screeshot from a video on Youtube from 2009. I went to see Amanda play in Edinburgh. She went to grab her uke and realised it wasn’t on stage. She jokingly asked if anyone had one and I did! I brought mine along to get it signed. My uke got passed to the front and was briefly played on stage by the woman herself. After the show she gave it back to me. It felt so surreal. She sums up what music means to me. It’s fun, emotional, imperfect, experimental, disturbing, individual and for everyone.


Day 10 was Gratitude and it also happened to be my Mum’s Birthday. I am so grateful for my family. They are so inspiring and we have this magical bond. I’m also so grateful that they accepted my boyfriend Oli into the family, he even came round on Christmas day. I love this photo because we are all together and happy, it makes me feel grateful that we all live so close to each other.


Day 19- Inspiration. I am constantly inspired by my friends and family. Oli’s amazing guitar skills, Sarah doing her dream job in a preschool, Beth balancing work and uni, Saskia’s amazing art and rocking it up in London, Taylor’s super clever psychology degree she’s doing in wales, my Mum’s awesome super fast knitting and raising me and my sister, talking of her- Jenny doing amazingly in her recent school report, my Nana’s youthful attitude. They are all super amazing and I am constantly inspired by them to keep pushing and keep living. I love you guys! (Not all of those people are in these photos but they are all in photos somewhere in my room!)


Day 26- My Superhero. Without a doubt my superhero is my mum. This is a regram of a photo from last summer. She has always been there for me no matter what and has overcome so many struggles including depression which she fights everyday but she always triea to see the positive. She is such a caring person, always looking out for people. I love her with all my heart and she inspires me to be strong and carry on.


And finally day 30- Love is. To me love is my friends and family who stick by me and support me even when I am a silly mess. I made a collage of all those lovely people who I feel closest too and who embody love.

I had so much fun doing this photo challenge and putting together this post. Make sure you check out the women who came up with this challenge and give me a follow on Instagram- @pinkminddreams.