An Update

You may have noticed that I have been a little bit quiet lately and I’m here to tell you why. After all of my shenanigans in all corners of the UK over the past few weeks I came home not to relax but to start my new job. It’s only a part time summer cleaning job but boy is it tiring! After being out of the employment game for a while my body and mind needs a little adjustment period. Currently after a day at work all I want to do is sleep, or maybe see my friends if I have plans but then sleep for sure. I’m working on getting my sleeping habits better so I am not so tired and will have the time and energy to get back to writing regular posts. I am half way through writing my Download review so hopefully I can finish that this week and I need to get back on the Things I Love Thursday bandwagon so that should be coming. I will get this organised and I will back to my blogging self soon enough.



Things I Love Thursday

❤ Going to Download festival with my boo. It was my (super early) birthday present from him and boy was it amazing! We had an awesome weekend and saw some total legends including Slash, Motley Crue and Kiss! There will be a whole post about the festival soon so keep an eye on the blog. I can’t thank Oli enough for such an awesome weekend.

❤ My dad for driving us up to Download in the end, it made a massive difference to the whole weekend.

❤ Krispy Kreme doughnuts, enough said.

❤ The super cute girl at the milkshake and smoothie place at the Download village. she always had such a cheerful disposition.

❤ The man in the corner shop who told me I looked “brighter than the flowers in my garden”.

❤ The women in Newlook who was so kind when I asked for advice on a dress.

❤ My freaking amazing custom Crown and Glory candy shop crown/hairband. It’s so pretty and perfect and just yummy! I never want to take it off.

❤ Having a nice, long, warm shower after coming back from Download then slipping into a lovely clean bed.

❤ Sitting on the patio, enjoying the evening air in our newly acquired camping chairs.

❤ Catching up with Sarah over a few toffee-apple Brothers ciders.

❤ Getting disposable cameras developed, I need to do this more often or actually start using my Diana mini.


#GirlsOnTour- Cardiff Haul

I was going to write a whole post about my weekend in Cardiff but my brain appears to be taking a day off and all attempts to write about it have been futile. I had a great time in Cardiff and really want to go back soon but apparently I cannot write about its awesomeness! Instead I will share my Cardiff haul video with you. I filmed this just before going to Download Festival this past weekend. It features lots of fun, affordable summer pieces and a fair few makeup items as well as some odd bits and bobs. I hope you enjoy.

There will be a post about Download hitting the blog sometime late this week/early next week. I have been such a busy bee lately and am going away again this weekend, so I’m  sorry that my blogging schedule is all over the place. When things settle down a but next month I will be creating a schedule and attempting to stick to it.


Things I Love Thursday

In all honesty I am feeling a bit crap today. I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed by things and am pretty glad I’m going away for a few days tomorrow. However I know writing my gratitude lists really lifts me up so I’m here and I’m ready to be grateful.

❤ Spending an afternoon shopping and chilling at Costa with my lovely sister Jenny. We may not have always seen eye to eye but I think we have a really good relationship now and I love hanging out with her. I love you small fry! She’s also super talented and you should all check out her awesome Youtube channel and tell her I sent you.

❤ The new strawberry and watermelon fruit coolers from Costa. So freaking good. I can’t wait for a really hot day so I can go in there and cool down with one and feel mega refreshed.

❤ Visiting Trebah with Oli, Dad and Kerrie. It felt just like old times. We were there for a parade Dad was taking part in so we got free pasties on the lawn overlooking this amazing view right down to the beaches. It was perfect day and hopefully I will be able to go again next year.

❤ Adventuring with my Oli poop. We got a map and decided it would be fun to go around finding all the champion trees then taking a selfie with them (oli has all those selfies but I will try and share them soon cause they are funny). It was a proper adventure with lots of clambering away from the trail involved. It ended with us down at the beach enjoying some icecream. I’m glad Oli enjoys all the same silly, childish things I do. We kept shouting things like “what time is it? Adventure time!” and “adventure is out there!” all day and it was just super fun.

❤ Pigeons. I find them so cute. I love the way they walk and bob their wee heads and I love their pretty, colourful neck markings.

❤ Mum reminding me that every season of Spaced is on 4od! Me and Oli have been wanting to watch it again for ages and now we can.

❤ Plotting party plans with Sarah.

I already feel a little bit better, yay! Now I’m off to play the Sims 3 to cheer myself up even more.


My Trip to London!

So as you will know if you read my last blog post I went to London about a week ago. My main reason for going was the Glitterati party however I decided to make a weekend of it with my friend Saskia who lives in London.

I was super nervous about travelling up on my own. The furtherest I’d ever been alone before was Exeter and that was all by train. This was a 6 hour coach journey from Plymouth all on my lonesome. I made sure to get some Rescue Remedy pastels after one of the Glitterati girls recommended them and packed my ipod and a good book to tide me over. The journey was actually much better and easier than I expected it to be. Everything ran to schedule until we hit central London, which is kinda to be expected, and I got a lot of reading done. Saskia met me at the station and all was good. We took a tube back to hers and had a good catch up over Dominos pizza.

We had a few places we wanted to visit on the Saturday before I went to the party and the first one was Cuppa Cha in China Town. Saskia had been going on about bubble tea for ages and I was super keen to try some but when we got there it was sadly shut. Undeterred we decided to pop along to the new 3 storey Lush on Oxford Street and come back later.

Oxford Street Lush is freaking amazing! It’s so massive and colourful and just heavenly for a girl like me. We spent a good hour wandering around the floors just looking and smelling before I even put anything in my basket. What I found super cool and odd is how each floor smelt totally different. On the top floor, where all the bath bombs are, I was tasked with finding my sister one of the 200 exclusive products that she would like. After some fun demonstrations I went with the Frozen bath bomb and an “I am a radiant being” bath oil. On the middle floor I had my arm ex-foliated with this awesome soap-powder stuff. It’s kinda like washing powder but for your skin. It made my arm super soft. We then went down to the relaxing bottom floor and both had an arm massage. So calming after the rush upstairs. I was pretty reserved and only bought myself 3 things. (At the end of this post I will include a haul video so you can see everything I bought whilst away.)

After all that Lush intensity we decided it was time to go back to Cuppa Cha then get some lunch. The bubble tea was amazing! I went for a mango tea with strawberry popping pearls and it was both refreshing and fun to drink. It’s a pretty weird sensation having the tiny bubbles pop in your mouth, releasing extra favours, but it was so fun and I bought 2 more bubble teas from another place while I was away. We then went to Yo Sushi for lunch which was pretty nostalgic for us because we ate in the same place we went to almost 4 years ago! I successfully managed to eat my whole meal, including noodles, with chopsticks which is a serious achievement for me. We then went to Topshop for a browse but only bough one thing before heading off to Kensington for the party. We promptly got lost but were eventually saved by an army of glittery angels but you can read more about that here.

I caught the tube back to Waterloo from Kensington with a little help from the wonderful Glitterati member Amber. She made sure I got on the right train and told me where to change for which I am forever grateful. I usually get panicky trying to plan things and figure out where I’m going but once I am on my way I’m fine. Saskia met me from the station again and we went back to hers and spent the rest of the night watching Eurovision and getting way too into it! I love watching Eurovision with friends, you never really know what to expect.

On the Sunday the plan was to go the the East End Thrift Store however due to a bus replacement we got kinda lost and confused in Whitechapel and ended up going for a cheeky Nando’s instead. It was surprisingly yummy and I can confirm much banter occurred and we did see some “lads”. As we had some time left after our cheeky detour we decided to pop back over to Topshop so I could get something else and we could just have a bit more of a browse. Saskia ended up getting the most amazing varsity-type jacket with “Girl Gang” embroidered across the back. So cute and so perfectly her.

H&M ended up being out final shopping destination and I was somewhat overwhelmed by just how many floors there were! You could so easily get lost in there! I picked up a bunch of things to try on but before I got to the changing room I noticed a photobooth. I never like to pass up a good photobooth moment so of course I was digging around in my wallet straight away. We put the money in and looked at the screen expecting instructions but before we could even sit down the flash went off and the first photo was snapped! We managed to sit down and somewhat compose ourselves for the second shot but I love the above result! It’s very silly and us.

That night we chilled out eating cookies and doing facemasks, embracing the sleepover vibe. We also had a rather hilarious suncream related incident where everything in my bag ended up covered in it! It was one of those disastrous times when just when you think you’ve got everything sorted more goes wrong and more mess is caused. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard for a long time though!

On the Monday I had to go home, boo hoo. We of course took a goodbye selfie before heading back to the coach station. I bought the biggest doughnut I have ever seen from a vendor near Victoria coach station. It was almost the size of my head and boy was it delicious. Om nom nom indeed! At the station I had the pleasure of encountering a super happy, bubbly bathroom attendant. She really brightened up my sad, going home day. I got back to Plymouth ahead of schedule which was awesome and my Dad met me and took me back home to Falmouth. I had an amazing trip and after travelling up on my own I feel like I can do anything!

I filmed a wee haul video showing all the things I bought in London if you are interested. If you like the video remember to give it a thumbs up and maybe even subscribe.