A Day- A Series of prose poems (3)

As promised today I am sharing the third in my series of prose poems about the wonders of natural light. Today we have moved on to Sunset.



The sun slowly slipping away leaving amber streaks across the sky. Still peaking over the burning trees lingering on, not quite ready to say goodbye. The air is filled with fiery tones of orange, red and gold. It lights up the sand, revealing flashes of green sea glass and pearlescent broken shells. They shimmer along the beach soaking up the last rays of day. Long shadows forming across the landscape. Stretching and reaching, thin and spindly. The sun low in the sky transforming everything, manipulating it with its determined light.  As it lowers in the sky anything that crosses its path becomes a silhouette dark and bold against a burning backdrop.  The remaining clouds lit up from below, their soft edges melting into streaked scarlet pools. This dramatic light will not last, already the softer lighter shades are swooping in. Delicate pinks and purples start to form in the sky. Light and bright, cool and soothing. They bring the evening air with them, washing calmness all over the land. The colours merge and swirl creating watercolour wonders. Light merging into dark, colour into colour into colour. The sun shines bright and white, clinging onto this moment as is continues to slide from view. The last slithers of sunlight dance over the waters surface, glinting and playing before diving away. The sky remains a stack of colours, fading as the sun moves further from sight. Light is fading now too ,the colours losing their richness waiting for the pale moonlight to set in. The final flames of light lick at the horizon, a thin orange line stretching as far as the eye can see in either direction. Intense and concentrated as though all the power of the sun is focused on that one strip.  It burns on the furthest stretches of of ocean until it fades from view. Everything is still and quiet, full of anticipation for nightfall.


Next Monday will be the fourth and finally poem in this series. Odd fact- the last one was actually the first one I wrote! I sat outside gazing up at the moon and jotting down ideas. I hope you enjoyed this weeks offering, feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments.



Things I Love Thursday

❤ Sunny days off where I can wear all the rainbow colours and blend in with nature.

❤ Date days with Oli 🙂 we spent some time wandering around the blustery beaches of Falmouth.

❤ Going to the Pub quiz at The Lounge with my friends on a Sunday. Both times we have been we have come 2nd which I think is pretty good. There’s loads of random old portraits everywhere and we always sit under this huge painting with Stalin in which always makes us giggle.

❤ Throwback Thursday- looking back at old photos (this one is almost 5 years ago) and seeing how far I have come. I do love this photo although young Emma did make some interesting fashion choices.

❤ The yellow balloons.

❤ Kitty snuggles. I had some quality time with Campus Cat on my way home from work the other day. So cute, I mean look at that totally blissed out face. This is one super loved kitty who gets a lot of love.

❤ Having lunch and a catch up with Sarah. She made me yummy food and I finally watched The Hunger Games which was cool.

❤ Soooooooooo many sweet potato fries from just one potato!

❤ Now seems as gooder time as any to announce this- I have gone vegan and it feels so good! It’s something I have been thinking about for quite some time now, I mean I’ve been a veggie for 7 years now. Now just felt like the right time to take the leap, it felt natural and right. So yay! I will be posting more about my journey including some recipes and reviews of random foods I try but don’t worry, it won’t change the nature of the blog- it just might be a bit yummier!


A Day- A series of prose poems (2)

As promised I have the second of my four light inspired prose poems for you today. I hope you enjoy.



Brightness, the sort that gets in your eyes, your skin, your hair. The type you can feel in your body, in your bones, long after the sun has set. Giving even the darkest colours intense vibrancy. Taking a bland red brick wall and bringing out rich shades of russet and burgundy. Waves of expectation bouncing off burning tarmac. A haze of summery promise, a mirage trick of the light. Streaming through emerald canopies making shadow spirographs around your feet tickling your toes and sneaking in the gaps of your sandals. It whips through your hair along with the breeze, brushing your neck with warmth and comfort. The ocean becoming a vast expanse of crystal particles, sparking and sharp, rich and inviting. The depths seem less scary, full of sunshine and wonder. The water becoming warm and inviting, dive in, you know you want to. Interrupting photographs making glaring rainbows appear in corners. Smiles even brighter, hair golden and luminous, eyes glinting with the hope of day.  Seeping into every corner of the patio, bouncing off glass windows, sneaking into plant pots. Soft candyfloss clouds illuminated from within, pure white floating peacefully across the sky. Light dancing through the blackberry bushes, swaying delicately in the breeze. It leaps over roof tops and through television aerials, over green meadows and beaming off the slick wings of birds. It burns into shiny metal cars, making them boiling to the touch, soaking into the seats waiting for you to come back burning at your thighs. Light living in the flowers, moving through their leaves willing them to grow. It curls around your back hugging you and keeping you warm. It only stays this bright for a few hours a day, it needs to be cherished before it fades away. This precious glowing midday light can be kept in your heart. Remembering that feeling and that moment. When light was everywhere, seeping into your mind, washing over everything and making it glow.


Part three will be coming at you next Monday so keep and eye out for that. My next post will be a bit of a food review and a bit about my current big lifestyle change. Oooh so much mystery! That should be up tomorrow or Wednesday so woop woop! I am full of ideas right now that I’m super excited to share with you!


A Day- A series of prose poems (1)

So a while back for uni we had to write a piece inspired by the book Light by Eva Figes. Although I didn’t particularly enjoy the book I really enjoyed this assignment. I chose to write four prose poems focused on light at different times of the day. I went out at each time and observed the light, made notes then worked some creative magic and boom. I thought I would share one a week with you for the next four weeks. So here is Dawn:



Breaking through the window before even the birds. Shining on your duvet wishing for you to wake. It creeps through that gap in your curtains, invading your morning slumberous dreams, nudging you to arise. Light lingering in the glass of your mirror, finding it’s way onto your creaky floorboards and creeping under the doorway into the hall. It illuminates the floating dust making tiny fairies dance through the gentle air. Slowly sneaking over the fields, waking up a new day. Making morning dewdrops glisten like hidden treasure nestled in the long grass. It wakes up the animals and makes the cockerel crow. As it touches your face you can’t help but smile because you know that the light will get you through, luring you outside to play and waste the day away. Light that is pure like a breath of fresh air. It fills your room as you fling open the curtains, welcoming the morning in. It floods the room filling every nook and cranny, spilling over the carpet and stretching from wall to wall. It is with you as you dress, glinting off your jewelry and making your new red dress pop. It streams through the net curtains in your kitchen as you make a cup of coffee, light so bright you have to shield your eyes and pause for a moment. It likes being noticed. It forms intricate shadow patterns on the wall behind you and dances across the photos on the fridge bouncing off their shiny surfaces. It catches the tiny wisps of hair still out of pace as you read the paper, making them look translucent around your face. Light glints of of your marmalade as you spread your toast, reminding you of the sun that grew those oranges. You can tastes its brightness as you take the first bit and enjoy its sweetness. It follows you to the bathroom, pouring through a high up window and reflecting off of the sink full of rippling water. You are washing your face in sunbeams today.


I hope you enjoyed this first poem, let me know what you think in the comments and look out for Midday next Monday.


Things I Love Thursday

❤ This sexy bean. Yesterday marked me and Oli living together for a whole year and I have enjoyed every second of it. He makes me feel safe when I am panicking, he looks after me when I am ill and he always manages to make me laugh, what more could I ask for? Thank you for being such a great roomie!

❤ This awesome Love soap from Lush. All of the profits from this soap go to LGBT charities and it smells amazing and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better- it’s glittery! Give this soap a smell next time you are in lush and if you can buy it and support a good cause. I actually found out about America passing the marriage equality bill whilst in Lush buying this which I think is rather appropriate!

❤ Spending the day shopping in Truro with Nana followed by a trip to the Hall For Cornwall to see a Beach Boys tribute act. It was really fun and I always love spending time with Nana.

❤ My summer job. Although it is hard work, hot and bloody gross at times it is also fun. I get to have a laugh with lots of fun people and hopefully help others have a good stay in Cornwall. Also I get to check out the fun things Students leave behind like the positive graffiti on a bench in the photo above. Oh and if I have learnt one thing so far its that no matter what there will be glitter somewhere in a student’s bedroom.

❤ Taking part in Gala Darling’s #radicalselflovejuly on Instagram. You should totally check it out if you are on there. It’s a month long photo challenge full of fun, inspiration and most importantly prompts to help you radically love yourself.


Classy like putting lipstick on in a portaloo- Download 2015

IMG_20150611_163304726Sorry this post is a little late but better late than never eh? Because I’ve left it so late some of the details are a little blurry in my mind so I might get some of the times muddled so sorry if that happens. My awesome boyfriend Oli bought me and him tickets for Download Festival as a (super early) birthday present! I was super excited to see Marilyn Manson and some classic 80’s acts and Oli was hyped about seeing Lamb of God. Warning- this post will probably be pretty selfie heavy! So enjoy my review of the weekend and mine and Oli’s beautiful faces.


My Dad drove us up on the Thursday morning and we got to Donington Park at about 11:30 and boy was it sunny! Luckily there was no queue when we got the the main entrance so we got in fairly quickly although the walk to the quiet camping site with all of our booze was a drag. We successfully set up our tent and wandered around the village with friends before settling down in the open-air cinema to watch Lord of the Rings- The Two Towers before heading to bed in preparation for the first day of rocking.


On Friday the main arena opened so after a bit of shopping and a delicious veggie breakfast wrap we headed on over. There is a lot of walking involved in a weekend at Download which I really wasn’t anticipating. Because of all this walking we got there a little later than we intended and only got to see the last third of Lacuna Coil which is a shame but there were great. Because of the slopping arena you get a great view even from the back which became increasingly helpful as the weekend went on and my back decided to play up.

IMG_20150612_162330695_HDRA little later in the afternoon we watched Clutch which was the first band I was really excited to see and they didn’t disappoint. I love their music and they were great live. We managed to get fairly close for them. After Clutch the weather started to turn bad and I mean really bad! Oli got a rain poncho and we headed back to the tent to change, get coats and see if the rain died down before Slipknot were due on… too bad we fell asleep! We woke up just as Slipknot were starting and it was still raining. We decided to stay in the tent as we had already seen them before and didn’t really want to walk that far in the rain after being all snug in the tent.


On to Saturday and more rain. Oh well, I mean it is England, you kinda come to expect rain. We popped our rain gear on and headed out pretty early to catch The Lounge Kittens set at 11 on the Zippo stage. They were amazing, so worth waking up early and standing in the rain for. I love The Lounge Kittens, they are just so different and funny. They had us doing a trexican-wave- basically a Mexican wave but doing little T-rex arms and making T-rex noises as you wave. So funny! We hung around the arena watching a few bands from the back and eating pizza in the afternoon before deciding to go back to the village, get some tea and see what was going on at the cinema so we could keep out of the rain.

IMG_20150613_170133050We ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy which was obviously awesome and I ate an amazing sweet potato burrito. After that little break it was time to head back over to the arena to watch Black Veil Brides. They were awesome, on of those bands who are just as good live as they are on CD. I made sure to enjoy it an extra amount for my Mum who is a massive fan. Black Veil Brides also provided my first pyrotechnics of the weekend which is always fun as I love fire!

After Black Veil Brides finished their wonderful set and the chanting parts of “Fallen Angels” began to leave my mind we excitedly moved forward to get a good spot to watch Marilyn Manson in 45 minutes. I know I should be more patient but I hate waiting and I got pretty bored and sadly the boredom wasn’t even worth it. I still love Manson but boy was the performance shit. I mean the band were on point but he was just all over the place. He kept wandering away, throwing the mic, not singing parts, rambling on to the crowd about completely random shit and oddest of all- he kept bringing the rapper Ice-T awkwardly on stage for no apparent reason. So very bizarre. To top it all off there was way too much smoke coming from the smoke machines so I could hardly see him half the time. I still love his music but I do feel a little let down, oh well, life and Download carried on. Rant over!

After that disappointment I was in the mood for a cocktail so I hunted down a dark and stormy (dark rum, ginger beer and lime) and me and Oli had a silly dance session at the back on Muse’s set and enjoyed the firework display at the end. Oli was such a babe, as usual, and managed to cheer me up. By the point the rain had stopped by the way so we had a pretty pleasant wander back to the campsite to rest before the final day kicked off.


Guess what happened on Sunday? We watched another movie! That cinema was getting a lot of our presence. This time we watched Penguins of Madagascar before doing a little bit of shopping in the now sunny village. I brought Oli this awesome Jake the Dog hat and he didn’t stop smiling for an hour! We watched Three Days Grace in one of the tents when we got back to the arena and I really enjoyed them! Oli wanted to see them so I assumed they would be really heavy like the stuff he usually listens to but they weren’t, they were quite angsty and a little punk- totally up my street. We watched a bit of Faith No More although were in the queue for their classic “epic”, although we still sung along while queuing. Their stage set was beautiful, all white with colourful flowers, google some pictures, you won’t regret it.

By this point my back was getting a little sore so we sort out Oli’s friends and I took up a pew (aka camping chair) at the back of the main stage in anticipation for Slash. He was freaking awesome, although it was weird looking at the actual stage instead of the screens and thinking “hey, that speck down there is rock legend slash”! He played a variety of his own new stuff and old Guns ‘n’ Roses numbers, much to my delight. Myles Kennedy, of Alter Bridge, provided the vocals and that dude has pipes! I don’t really know much about him but I really need to listen to more of his stuff.


Enjoy a blurry photo of a stage and nearly 85,000 people! Oli disappeared at this point to go and watch Lamb of God who were amazing according to him. I’m so glad they were good as they were the main reason Oli wanted to come. Next up on the main stage was Motley Crue who I had to see because my Mum has loved them for years. It was classic motley crue with sexy women dancing and singing back up on the stage, pyrotechnics and lots of 80’s classics. I called Mum during “Girls Girls Girls” and held the phone up so she could get in on the action. One day I will bring her to download and it will be the best mother/daughter trip ever!

Download ended with absolute rock royalty- Kiss. Everything about their performance was fun, energetic and over the top, just they way I like it! From the opening announcement of “you wanted the best, you’ve got the best” to the final verse of “I Wanna Rock and Roll all Night” it was one giant party! Lots of fun moving stage components, fireworks, ridiculous costumes, sing-alongs and of course Gene’s tounge all came together to create the perfect end to a fun weekend.


We slept so well that night and woke up to beautiful sunshine which made packing up a little less sad. We had a while to wait before my Dad came to pick us up so I had a little sunbathe on an abandoned camping bed and Oli went exploring through the tent-graveyard and came back with 2 discarded camping chairs for us to bring home and use in the garden. It’s unbelievable how much perfectly good stuff gets left behind. In 2011 I came back from Sonisphere with a beautiful floral cup and saucer set! We trudged back through the sea of abandoned tents and met my dad to travel back home. It was fun stopping at service stations and seeing others who had obviously just left download and giving them a knowing nod and smile.

11406527_10207110793996947_5066892048545646446_nWe had a great weekend despite the rain and a certain Brian letting me down. We are already planning on going next year! I would definitely recommend Download to any rock or metal fan although be prepared for lots of walking and weather that just can’t make up its mind. It was so fun and I have so many great memories from the weekend, far too many to include in a single blog post! Once again thank you so much Oli, you are the absolute best and you deserve all the snuggles in the world for buying me such a great present!

If you’ve stuck with me through this bloody long post then well done and thank you! I wish it was this easy to write essays, I would be winning at life!