The Importance of Adventure

Adventure? What’s the first thing that pops into your head? I always used to hear the word “adventure” and think of grand explorations to foreign lands, trekking up mountains or discovering ancient cities. Lately I’ve come to realise that adventuring doesn’t have to be so grand, it’s simply stepping outside of your comfort zone.

On Monday I decided to go for a walk and for some unknown reason I decided it would be a great idea to climb all the way across the rocks from one beach to another, alone and in a maxi dress. It was a bit tricky and I did have a few “what the fuck am I doing?” moments but it was a lot of fun. Today I went to the gym on my own for the first time and then later for tea I brought a curry sauce I had never tried before. These are all adventures. Yes, some of them may be bigger than others but they were all things that took me out of my comfort zone and added some extra fun to my day.

I think we all need a little bit more adventure in our lives to help keep things fresh and exciting. I’ve come up with a few little ways you can add adventure to your life and mix things up a little bit.

1- Try a new food or recipe

You know that crazy cake you saw on the Great British Bake off one year and thought you could do a better job? Yep, well now is the time to do just that! Whip out your whisk and get going. You could always try something totally new like a vegan dish or something from a different culture. The internet is full of amazing and simple recipes or you could dust off some old cookery books and take your inspiration from there. There are literally billions of recipes in this world so have fun with it and don’t worry too much about messing up, that’s all part of the fun.

2- Take a different route to work/school/the shops

This one can be as drastic of as simple as you want. You could schedule in some extra time and go completely out of your way, enjoying the walk and soaking in the new environment. On the other hand you could just take a slightly different road that may take a tiny bit longer or even work out quicker, only time will tell. Google maps is your friend here if you are scared of getting lost.

3- Wear something from the back of your wardrobe

We all have those few items that we keep holding onto because we loved them once and just can’t bear to part with them. Maybe take them out of hibernation and give them a wear, you might just fall back in love with them, or maybe you will feel super uncomfortable and decide to finally get rid of it. Either way something good has happened and you can make another adventure out of this by doing a full wardrobe clear out and going to a charity shop to donate the things you don’t want any more.

4- Dye your hair a bright colour with semi permanent dye/chalk

Now for one that is a little braver and might not be for everyone. As someone with pink hair I can tell you that having colourful hair really is an adventure! Little children smile at you, old ladies ask how you did it and express there awe, even the not so great stares can be funny. It can be a great way to express yourself, even if it is only for a day. Play around with streaks, dip-dyes and fringes if you don’t fancy going the full way. Directions and Manic Panic make some great semi permanent colours or you could opt for something like a wash-in-wash-out chalk for all the colour with less commitment. Just have a look around on Amazon and you can find loads of great products pretty cheap.

5- Go for a walk with no destination in mind

Not as easy as you may think. Our brains are constantly trying to plan our next more and it can be hard to just go with the flow and act spontaneously. However if you pop on some music and let you mind drift whist taking in the scenery you should be able to just wander aimlessly and enjoy the experience. If you are going to do this I would recommend freeing up your schedule because nothing ruins a relaxing stroll like knowing you need to be back to babysit in 2 hours and you still need to shower.

6- Pick a random subject to research

Okay, I know that sounds a bit nerdy but trust me it can be fun! I love Wikipedia and although it’s not the most reliable source if you are trying to write an academic paper, it is pretty good if you just want to gain some base knowledge on a subject. Just rummage around in your brain and find something you would love to know more about, I’m sure there’s something in there even if you have to dig deep. Just in case here’s a few ideas- Medieval Architecture, Farming, The Milky Way, Bras and Pizza. Totally random, just work with it. 3…2…1… GO!

7- Read a book recommend to you  

Ask one of your friends what their favourite book is then go out and read it, no questions asked. Even if you hate the author, don’t like the genre or think it is to long, just do it. Sure maybe you won’t like it but maybe you will! Pop into a second hand book store to find it or look online for an ebook or even borrow it from the friend, it needn’t be expensive. Also reading something recommended by a friend often gives you insight into the person who recommended it. It will also give the two of you something fun to discuss over coffee.

8- Go to watch a random movie at the cinema

Just go to the cinema, glance through the movies and pick one that’s on soon, get some popcorn, sit back and relax. Like most of the things on this list this may be a great idea or a terrible one but that’s why it’s an adventure, you just don’t know how it’s gonna go. The fun is in not knowing. I did this the other day and watched “Absolutely Anything” and it was amazing, so glad I did it. To make this even more of an adventure go alone, make it a bit of a radical self love date, treat yo self!

I could go on and on and on- learn a new craft, go to a new cafe, learn a new language, go on a spontaneous weekend away, compliment people in the supermarket. Moving outside of your comfort zone is an adventure and it really makes life much more fun!

Let me know if you try any of these things or any other adventures, I really would love to hear about them. And of course remember- adventure is out there!



Things I Love Thursday

❤ Breakfast that looks like dessert!

❤ Fresh cherries. Omg I always forget just how yummy they are!

❤ Second hand book stores. Somehow I had never been into the one in Falmouth but now I have and I want to live in there! It’s a jumbled, higgledy piggledy, mismash of books and I love it! I finally got myself a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard but I could have brought so many more!

❤ Green juice especially when drunk on the beach. This one is kale, banana, lemongrass and mango. Om nom nom! I got it from Swanpool Beach Cafe and I can’t wait to pop down for more.

❤ Hell fruits and veggies in general! I have gained a new found love and appreciation of them since going vegan. I crave them now in a way I never did before.

❤ Vintage looks! Loving my new Wonder Woman wired headscarf from Silly Old Seadog and it looks fab paired with my sunglasses I got years ago at Just Like This. Fabulous darling.

❤ My beautiful hometown Falmouth. I am so grateful for how beautiful and vibrant it is. I love going on long walks along the beaches and I never tire of seeing the sea. I still get excited little flutters.


A Day- A series of prose poems (4)

Sorry for the radio silence over the last few weeks. I am back for good now! I now have no job (don’t worry it’s all groovy and good) so can get back to focusing on the blog and other fun, awesome, creative things! I have so many things I want to write about and make videos about and share with you. Trust me, it’s gonna rock!

Anyway, for now I have the fourth and final of my prose poems for you! It’s been a long time coming but I hope you are still interested and still enjoy it. This was actually the first of the four poems I wrote and is probably my favourite. I sat outside, gazing up at the moon and the vast darkness of the night letting the inspiration flow. To me it’s the most organic and flowing of all of the poems. Maybe pop back and refresh yourself on parts 1, 2 and 3 before continuing?



Hiding behind the houses the full moon peaks out. Pale moonlight, lulling you to sleep. Pulling you towards dreams of moonbeans and distant glowing galaxies full of mysteries.   A huge orb glowing in the sky, making the vast darkness less threatening. Aura rings of amber, green and blue creating a magical air. Illuminating the peaks of the clouds, creating mountain ranges in the sky. The luminance making everything seem calm, bathed in silvery light. Reflecting crystal particles in the road creating diamond landscapes. Light playing on the surface of the moon revealing calm faces of death. Clouds wandering slowly by, smoke from the mouth of Mother Nature herself. Stars speckling the sky. They twinkle and burn, flashing boldly in the night. So far away yet beaming light down to the longing eyes of a human.  A black cat emerging from the shadows. Its piercing green eyes startling in the quietness of the night. Light reflecting off of its sleek black coat as it disappears back into its own personal darkness. Trees becoming striking silhouettes reaching up, up up, as though trying to touch the light. Their branches like lightning strikes; jet black and jagged, their sharpness amplified by the shadows. Beautiful and wild, clambering and free. The reflections in calm pools creating galaxies in their depths. You could dive in and swim amongst the stars touched by their refreshing light. The more you look the more you see. The sky is filled with rich shades. Deep navys, royal purples even vibrant hints of turquoise. An intricate painting, layer upon layer. The moon’s own masterpiece. You could stare at the moon for hours as it moves across the sky, always seeing something new. It’s uneven surface full of crevices for light to hide. New faces appear less death like than before. More smiling and welcoming. A shooting star streaking leaving a trail of light behind it. Long and straight like a path leading the way. Fireworks shooting through the sky, mimicking the stars brilliance. Colourful light, different, unnatural but still beautiful. Shocking reds accompany the silver stars. Briefly entwined in an other worldly display of light and colour. Humanity interplaying with nature imagining new wonders.  


So there it is! All four parts of my first ever series of prose poems laid out for the world to see. I would love to hear your thoughts and what your favourite poem is. Drop a comment and I will be sure to reply.

I know I’ve said this a million times before but keep your eyes open for more content real soon, I promise!