Things I Love Thursday

❤ Awesome flower crowns from Crown and Glory making me feel like a flower fairy!

❤ The weather giving us a bit of extra sunny loveliness right at the end of summer.

❤ Getting excited about starting a new year at uni! Eeeeekk, I’m finally going to be a second year student!

❤ My sister Jenny made me this awesome collage for my birthday. It’s so awesome! We have had so many great memories and I am so grateful to have her in my life. Super excited to go on our annual post birthday trip to Plymouth on Saturday!

❤ My 21st Birthday!!! I can’t believe I am 21, omg! I had such a great day! It started at midnight when Oli suprised me with a super cute Princess Bubblegum mug. We went out for birthday burritos and fresh juice for lunch. Then we went round to Mum’s so I could see her, Jenny and Nana. They all got me lovely presents and Mum made me a super yummy strawberry covered vegan birthday cake! We then popped over to Taylor’s house were there was more vegan cake! Then off to Raze the Roof to play laser tag and just be big kids on the play frame! Finally we headed on into town to party! Thank you to everyone who helped make my day awesome!

❤ My freaking Nutribullet! I have been so excited about getting this for so long and now I finally have it! Thank you to Mum and Nana for buying it for me. I have been making so many yummy smoothies and it has been amazing. LOVE!

❤ Weatherspoons in Falmouth for not only giving me a whole new meal with extra chips when I realised there was cheese in my (vegan) meal but also giving me a full refund. A* customer service!

❤ The super lovely woman in Tescos night who paid for my £1.66 grocery shop when I realised I had left my purse at home. Kind people like that restore my faith in humanity.

It’s been an amazing week and I am feeling super positive about life right now!!!