I’d do it all again, I think you’re my best friend… Fall Out Boy at Wembley

So I made 14 year old Emma very happy the other day… I went to go see Fall Out Boy play live at Wembley Arena on the 12th of October! I went with Taylor and her sibling Emma (attack of the Emma’s, tee hee). It was such a big deal to me and I just have to share it with you. This is going to be a bit of a review/just me going on about how awesome the experience was.


We got there a little bit later than intended so missed the first support act but we still managed to see both Matt and Kim and Professor Green. I didn’t think I had ever heard of Matt and Kim but turns out I was wrong and had watched the video for their song “Hey Now” recently and really enjoyed it. They are a really fun group that combines pop, pop-punk and dance with some dubstep vibes in a really awesome upbeat way. They had so much energy and really left an impression on me.


Professor Green honestly isn’t really my cup of tea and I’m still slightly confused as to why Fall Out Boy chose him to be a support act. He did however perform the one song I really do like of his “Read all About it” which is usually sung with Emeli Sande. The singer in place of Emeli at this gig was amazing, she had such a powerful, soulful voice. The lights dimmed and everyone swayed their phones so the whole arena looked like it was full of stars. I will admit this was the first on many happy tears from me throughout the night.


While Fall Out Boy were setting up music was being played over the sound system, as usually happens at gigs. Plenty of pop-punk classics had played and people kinda bobbed along however when “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars came on the crowd had a wee moment of awesome. Everyone started dancing and singing along and it was a pretty awesome moment of harmony, considering the band we had all come to see hadn’t even made an appearance yet.


When Fall Out Boy hit the stage my heart did a happy flip. The first notes of “Sugar We’re Going Down” filled the arena and I felt like an emo teenager once again. It’s amazing how music can really take you back. I had painted my nails black that morning in anticipation for reliving those years. In my opinion, starting with “Sugar We’re Going Down” was the absolute perfect choice. It’s just so catchy, upbeat and to me just represents Fall Out Boys music wonderfully. Yeah it is a little bit old-school and sounds pretty different to their newer stuff but it was still a fabulous choice.


The set had a nice mixture of music from most of their albums which was really nice. I was so pleased when they played “Hum Hallelujah” 2007’s “Infinity On High”. This was the first albums I ever owned of theirs, I remember I got it the same Christmas I got “The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance. “Hum Hallelujah” has always been one of my favourite songs from the album and it sounded amazing live, especially with the crowd joining in on the repeated “Hallelujah” section giving it a really magical energy. After the gig when looking up the set list I realised this was the first time they had performed it live since 2013 making it extra special.


Now for more tears in the shape of “The Kids Aren’t Alright”. This song always gets me, there’s just something about the lyrics and the arrangement and the way it builds that always makes me a bit of an emotional wreck. Pair that with singing along to the lyrics “and in the end I’d do it all again, I think you’re my best friend” while holding hands with your best friend of 10 years whilst watching your favourite band it all becomes a bit too much but in a good way.


A song everyone was waiting for was “This Ain’t a Scene, it’s an Arms Race” and boy it didn’t disappoint. The energy from the band and the almost shouted bridge filled the room with passion. We all raised our fist in the air and mumbled those words in the way every Fall Out Boy fan has come to know and love. Despite being in the seated stalls and the back we all still stood up and had a little boogie because how can anyone resist.

Now on to the lovely two song acoustic set performed on a mini stage in the centre of the audience. The two songs they opted to perform this way were “Irresistible” and “Young Volcanoes”. Both worked amazingly well in this format. It was also nice to have them in amongst everyone, sharing that cosy feeling of all gathering around an acoustic guitar and having a sing song. As they were moving back to the main stage Andy Hurley treated us to an amazing 5 minute drum solo mash up including parts of the Game of Thrones theme tune! It was freaking epic! I have found a small clip of the solo on Youtube if you want to see the awesomeness for yourself.

The title track for their most recent album “American Beauty/American Psycho went down well. It’s a pretty dancey, rebellious, chanting song which makes it an instant hit and crowd pleaser. A few songs later they played “Uma Thurman”, another track from that album and another great song to dance to, especially if you are dancing like the lady herself. Pete Wentz introduced the song in a wonderfully heart warming way- he told us about how often people tell them how their music has helped them lose weight or get through a break up or even saved their lives. He told us that that’s not the case- we did those things, the music may have helped but we were strong and we got through it and we should never forget that. He said that we all have that moment when we realise we can move mountains; which segwayed nicely into the song’s opening lyrics. Thank you Pete and all of Fall Out Boy for helping me become the person who I am today and helping me find that strength within.


The song I had been waiting for was “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs and as soon as I saw the backdrop change to the lit up “FOB” and red velvet curtains I knew that moment had come. “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” was the song that really got me into Fall Out Boy. There was a period when I was really into the Kerrang TV channel and this was always on. Since then it has taken on many meanings and is probably my favourite breakup song ever.


The final song before the inevitable encore was “Centuries” which is possibly the most epic song from “American Beauty/American Psycho”, I mean with the lyrics “Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold, but you will remember me, remember me for centuries” how could it not be?! A perfect song to end a concert with… although as we all know it’s not the last song.

The encore consisted of “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (light em up)” and “Saturday”. “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” will always excite me, and most Fall Out Boy fans as it was the first song they released when they came of of their seemingly never ending hiatus a few years ago. The sing along “ohs” in the song make it another great song for a live concert. They ended in traditional Fall Out Boy manner playing their old favourite “Saturday”. I love this song, but then again I love every song they have ever released, so for me it was a good ending point. It’s also a bit more of a mellow song so is a great way to calm down a bit before heading out back into the real world.

And that’s that! Sorry if it went on a bit! I made a playlist of the set if anyone wants to give it a listen and pretend they were there. I hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you like Fall Out Boy, were there or have seen or will see them soon!

(Most of the wonderful and somewhat blurry photos courtesy of Taylor Craigie, thanks babe!)



Vegan Food Adventures- London Vegfest 2015

Hey peeps, first off I am so sorry its been so long. I have no real explanation for my absence but I suppose that’s just life. Anyway I’m back and I’m inspired. I just got back from a weekend away in London and time away always refreshes my mind. I thought it would be fun to share my weekend with you but I think I’m going to share it in two parts. Part one being just general London things with Saskia and part two being about seeing Fall Out Boy at Wembley! So here I am, hopping back on the blogging train.

As any trip to London for me does, this one started with an 8 hour journey spread over two trains and one coach. I could just go by train but hell no to spending all that money when I could just take a £10 Megabus. I grabbed my favourite juice (pinapple, orange and strawberry with an energy shit) from Fuel in Plymouth before hitting the road. The journey was pretty good although I procrastinated the whole way and did absolutely nothing productive. The woman next to me, however, seemed to be writing a very interested essay about anime in popular culture. I was met with hugs and cous-cous when I arrived and me and Saskia stayed up till ridiculous o’clock catching and discussing everything and anything.

Saturday’s main aim was to go to Camden to visit Cookies and Scream. I had heard so much about Cookies and Scream and wanted to see if it could possibly live up to the hype, and holy cow it did and then some! It’s an awesome vegan and gluten free bakery that serves the most amazing milkshakes, cookie sandwiches and cakes you will ever consume! Saskia isn’t vegan but she said you couldn’t even tell the difference. I might have gotten a bit over excited and spent £15! I did however get an icecream-cookie sandwich, a cookie dough milkshake, an oatmeal cookie, banana bread and apple and cinnamon cake. The first two things I nommed on there and then and the others were spread across the weekend. Seriously amazing food and I would recommend it to anyone who loves sweet things.

We also stumbled upon a photobooth in Camden Lock Market and we never pass up the opportunity to be vain. These ones came out pretty well although I have no idea what my face is doing in that last one. We wandered back through Camden, popping into the Irregular choice store on the way. RuPaul was playing over the speakers so we had a little boogie and Saskia fell in love with a pair or gorgeous boots she couldn’t afford.

By this point we were both super sleepy so we headed back to Saskia’s for a nap sesh. For tea we ordered pizza from Village Pizza. They have a whole vegan section on their menu which was so cool and continent. I went for the vegan Hickory Chicken Pizza which came on a bbq base. It was so freaking yummy! That evening Saskia’s boyfriend George and our friend Jordan came over and we stayed up late getting drunk on pimms and watching comedy horror movies. Yet again we went to bed at silly o’clock, ooops!

Then it was time to hit up Vegfest! I was so excited when Saskia said she would go with me and even more excited when I realised it would be super easy to get to on the tube from hers. Vegfest is a all vegan festival that happens every year in London in October over the course of a weekend. There’s food stalls, charities, apparel, beauty products, everything really. Everything is 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free. We got there just before lunch and did a quick loop round all the stalls, just browsing and grabbing free samples.

For lunch we both had these amazing massive wraps. They were both stuffed full of yummy salads and sauces. Mine also had falafel and Saskia opted for some sort of carrot and coriander patty in hers. They were £8 which is pretty steep for a lunch but no kidding this took me half and hour to eat. It was so filling and defiantly worth the long queue and the money.

After lunch we headed over to the stall I was most excited by All Glamour No Guts. They sell loads of awesome vegan apparel and I was really excited to get my hands on some. They were super nice people and recognised me from instagram (woo). I brought the awesome tote bag and tattoo heart style necklace from them. I love the necklace and have been wearing it almost non-stop ever since. We then wandered round a little bit more picking things up here and there including a bottle of bubble tea type stuff from Jools. I loved how the didn’t actually have any products for sale- you just got a free bottle if you liked them on a social media site. that is understanding the power of social media. One thing I really enjoyed about Vegfest is how no one was pushy or annoying. You felt totally free to just wander around without being dragged into a stall against your will. We’ve already decided we want to go back again next year!

Next it was on to Oxford street for a wee bit of shopping. I just picked up some face powder from lush and a skirt and dress from H&M, oooh and some bubble tea from Bubbleology in Topshop. We then headed back to Saskia’s where I enjoyed my whole foods juice I had picked up the day before, basically because I loved then name, and the most amazing cupcake from Trina’s Delicacies that I brought at Vegfest. I had a black forest cupcake and it was the fluffiest cupcake I have ever eaten, om nom nom! and the fruity filling was nice and tart which complimented the super sweet icing, it was simply sheer cupcake perfection!

The guys came over again that evening and we watched Grabbers on Netflix. It was a really funny movie and if you like comedy horrors and have a Netflix account then you should totally watch it. We also ordered vegan pizza again. It’s just such a novelty to me that I had to indulge myself while I could. If I lived in London I could see me being a very fat vegan indeed. I actually got a pretty decent nights sleep that night which is exactly what I needed as the next day I was off to see Fall Out Boy! But more on that next time…


Classy like putting lipstick on in a portaloo- Download 2015

IMG_20150611_163304726Sorry this post is a little late but better late than never eh? Because I’ve left it so late some of the details are a little blurry in my mind so I might get some of the times muddled so sorry if that happens. My awesome boyfriend Oli bought me and him tickets for Download Festival as a (super early) birthday present! I was super excited to see Marilyn Manson and some classic 80’s acts and Oli was hyped about seeing Lamb of God. Warning- this post will probably be pretty selfie heavy! So enjoy my review of the weekend and mine and Oli’s beautiful faces.


My Dad drove us up on the Thursday morning and we got to Donington Park at about 11:30 and boy was it sunny! Luckily there was no queue when we got the the main entrance so we got in fairly quickly although the walk to the quiet camping site with all of our booze was a drag. We successfully set up our tent and wandered around the village with friends before settling down in the open-air cinema to watch Lord of the Rings- The Two Towers before heading to bed in preparation for the first day of rocking.


On Friday the main arena opened so after a bit of shopping and a delicious veggie breakfast wrap we headed on over. There is a lot of walking involved in a weekend at Download which I really wasn’t anticipating. Because of all this walking we got there a little later than we intended and only got to see the last third of Lacuna Coil which is a shame but there were great. Because of the slopping arena you get a great view even from the back which became increasingly helpful as the weekend went on and my back decided to play up.

IMG_20150612_162330695_HDRA little later in the afternoon we watched Clutch which was the first band I was really excited to see and they didn’t disappoint. I love their music and they were great live. We managed to get fairly close for them. After Clutch the weather started to turn bad and I mean really bad! Oli got a rain poncho and we headed back to the tent to change, get coats and see if the rain died down before Slipknot were due on… too bad we fell asleep! We woke up just as Slipknot were starting and it was still raining. We decided to stay in the tent as we had already seen them before and didn’t really want to walk that far in the rain after being all snug in the tent.


On to Saturday and more rain. Oh well, I mean it is England, you kinda come to expect rain. We popped our rain gear on and headed out pretty early to catch The Lounge Kittens set at 11 on the Zippo stage. They were amazing, so worth waking up early and standing in the rain for. I love The Lounge Kittens, they are just so different and funny. They had us doing a trexican-wave- basically a Mexican wave but doing little T-rex arms and making T-rex noises as you wave. So funny! We hung around the arena watching a few bands from the back and eating pizza in the afternoon before deciding to go back to the village, get some tea and see what was going on at the cinema so we could keep out of the rain.

IMG_20150613_170133050We ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy which was obviously awesome and I ate an amazing sweet potato burrito. After that little break it was time to head back over to the arena to watch Black Veil Brides. They were awesome, on of those bands who are just as good live as they are on CD. I made sure to enjoy it an extra amount for my Mum who is a massive fan. Black Veil Brides also provided my first pyrotechnics of the weekend which is always fun as I love fire!

After Black Veil Brides finished their wonderful set and the chanting parts of “Fallen Angels” began to leave my mind we excitedly moved forward to get a good spot to watch Marilyn Manson in 45 minutes. I know I should be more patient but I hate waiting and I got pretty bored and sadly the boredom wasn’t even worth it. I still love Manson but boy was the performance shit. I mean the band were on point but he was just all over the place. He kept wandering away, throwing the mic, not singing parts, rambling on to the crowd about completely random shit and oddest of all- he kept bringing the rapper Ice-T awkwardly on stage for no apparent reason. So very bizarre. To top it all off there was way too much smoke coming from the smoke machines so I could hardly see him half the time. I still love his music but I do feel a little let down, oh well, life and Download carried on. Rant over!

After that disappointment I was in the mood for a cocktail so I hunted down a dark and stormy (dark rum, ginger beer and lime) and me and Oli had a silly dance session at the back on Muse’s set and enjoyed the firework display at the end. Oli was such a babe, as usual, and managed to cheer me up. By the point the rain had stopped by the way so we had a pretty pleasant wander back to the campsite to rest before the final day kicked off.


Guess what happened on Sunday? We watched another movie! That cinema was getting a lot of our presence. This time we watched Penguins of Madagascar before doing a little bit of shopping in the now sunny village. I brought Oli this awesome Jake the Dog hat and he didn’t stop smiling for an hour! We watched Three Days Grace in one of the tents when we got back to the arena and I really enjoyed them! Oli wanted to see them so I assumed they would be really heavy like the stuff he usually listens to but they weren’t, they were quite angsty and a little punk- totally up my street. We watched a bit of Faith No More although were in the queue for their classic “epic”, although we still sung along while queuing. Their stage set was beautiful, all white with colourful flowers, google some pictures, you won’t regret it.

By this point my back was getting a little sore so we sort out Oli’s friends and I took up a pew (aka camping chair) at the back of the main stage in anticipation for Slash. He was freaking awesome, although it was weird looking at the actual stage instead of the screens and thinking “hey, that speck down there is rock legend slash”! He played a variety of his own new stuff and old Guns ‘n’ Roses numbers, much to my delight. Myles Kennedy, of Alter Bridge, provided the vocals and that dude has pipes! I don’t really know much about him but I really need to listen to more of his stuff.


Enjoy a blurry photo of a stage and nearly 85,000 people! Oli disappeared at this point to go and watch Lamb of God who were amazing according to him. I’m so glad they were good as they were the main reason Oli wanted to come. Next up on the main stage was Motley Crue who I had to see because my Mum has loved them for years. It was classic motley crue with sexy women dancing and singing back up on the stage, pyrotechnics and lots of 80’s classics. I called Mum during “Girls Girls Girls” and held the phone up so she could get in on the action. One day I will bring her to download and it will be the best mother/daughter trip ever!

Download ended with absolute rock royalty- Kiss. Everything about their performance was fun, energetic and over the top, just they way I like it! From the opening announcement of “you wanted the best, you’ve got the best” to the final verse of “I Wanna Rock and Roll all Night” it was one giant party! Lots of fun moving stage components, fireworks, ridiculous costumes, sing-alongs and of course Gene’s tounge all came together to create the perfect end to a fun weekend.


We slept so well that night and woke up to beautiful sunshine which made packing up a little less sad. We had a while to wait before my Dad came to pick us up so I had a little sunbathe on an abandoned camping bed and Oli went exploring through the tent-graveyard and came back with 2 discarded camping chairs for us to bring home and use in the garden. It’s unbelievable how much perfectly good stuff gets left behind. In 2011 I came back from Sonisphere with a beautiful floral cup and saucer set! We trudged back through the sea of abandoned tents and met my dad to travel back home. It was fun stopping at service stations and seeing others who had obviously just left download and giving them a knowing nod and smile.

11406527_10207110793996947_5066892048545646446_nWe had a great weekend despite the rain and a certain Brian letting me down. We are already planning on going next year! I would definitely recommend Download to any rock or metal fan although be prepared for lots of walking and weather that just can’t make up its mind. It was so fun and I have so many great memories from the weekend, far too many to include in a single blog post! Once again thank you so much Oli, you are the absolute best and you deserve all the snuggles in the world for buying me such a great present!

If you’ve stuck with me through this bloody long post then well done and thank you! I wish it was this easy to write essays, I would be winning at life!


Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish- Review

When I saw that Barry M had a new range of nail varnishes out I nipped down to Superdrug to buy some straight away. The new range is inspired by professional gel treatments however the magical daylight curing topcoat eliminates the need for a special light. Sounds pretty rad and much cheaper than getting a professional manicure at only £4.99 a bottle.

Currently (until early May) Superdrug has a three for two offer on all makeup including nail polishes to I treated my self to two different colours and the topcoat. Currently there’s only a base range of seven colours however I’m sure they will expand the range if they sell well. I went for “I’ve been Pinkin” and “Make me Teal” and boy to they look beautiful next to each other. I don’t have a photo to share with you right now but I currently have them on alternating nails and they look awesome. Before I move onto my experiences with the polishes I have to mention how lovely and sleek the rose-gold lids look, perfect for displaying on your dressing table.

First up we have “I’ve been Pinkin” which is an almost neon pink, totally up my street. The directions tell you there’s no need for a base coat so I didn’t bother and I haven’t noticed them leaving a stain so that’s a plus point. You are then instructed to apply 2 coats before applying the top coat- which apparently should only be used with these polishes (I have yet to test this). “I’ve been Pinkin” definitely needed two coats but then it was a perfect solid colour. The topcoat then magically perfects the colour, smoothing out everything, leaving it shiny and strong.

“Make me Teal” is a bright blue/teal shade and is my favourite of the two. After one coat this colour is pretty opaque however I did apply another coat just to be sure. Both colours lasted fairly well and maintained their glossy finish. The colours applied really well, partly due to the new flat brushes Barry M have introduced in their polishes. The topcoat was slightly thick but equally easy to apply. One thing I will point out to you all is that you don’t need daylight to cure these, any light will do. I’m not really sure how much they are affected by the light at all but they do look amazing so I’m not complaining!


January Favourites

I don’t know about you guys but I love watching monthly favourites videos. I love what my favourite bloggers and vloggers are loving and maybe even finding some things to try out myself. Megan from Briar Rose inspired me to write a monthly favourites post instead of filming a video. Like me she doesn’t feel terribly comfortable in front of the camera so decided to try doing it in a blog post. So read on if you want to find out what things Iv’e been enjoying throughout January.


My first make-up favourite is by no means new. My sister brought me this Makeup Revolution London eye shadow pallet in the Dia De Los Muertos colour-way for my birthday way back in September and it has been a firm favourite since. It has a great range of neutral shimmer and matte shades as well as some really fun bright colours. It also has a massive mirror which is always great for make-up on the move. Next I had to feature the Lush Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder.  This stuff is amazing! I wear it on its own or to set my foundation and it makes me skin looks flawless every time. It lasts for ages and doesn’t dry out the skin which is a problem I’ve had with powders in the past. It’s a little pricey but it is so worth it. Finally we have another firm everyday favourite- The Body Shop’s Define and Lengthen Mascara in black. As I’ve mentioned before, I am super fussy when it comes to mascara so, so when I find one that I like I stick with it. I used this mascara all though last year and finally got around to getting a new one recently. I actually brought two because this to me is a make-up essential. It does what is says in the name and does it well. It lasts all day without smudging but comes off easily when you need it to. Hands down my favourite mascara ever.

IMG_20150207_193154404Skin Care

Now for a few skin care faves. I was so excited when I walked into Lush and saw they had their valentines day products in. Thank goodness they had my absolute favourite shower gel back in stock- Prince Charming. This smells fruity and sweet and heavenly. If you get a chance to go into lush in the near future then please smell this, you will not regret it! This Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is another thing I have my sister to thank for because after trying a bit of hers and Christmas I just had to go out and buy myself a bottle. All the things beauty bloggers are saying about this are true! It is so gentle, effective and simple. It’s just what you need at the end of the day to take off your make-up or just refresh your face before collapsing into bed.



Of course there would be some Crown and Glory in here somewhere. I have been loving the Small Glitter Hair Bows this month however out of the three ones I own this one in Candyfloss has been stealing the show. I love wearing it at the top of a bun or ponytail or to just clip my hair out of my face. They are so easy to wear and just add that bit of glam to any outfit. One day I want to own one in all 30 colours! I’ve also been loving my Glitter Scallop Crown in Parma Violet which came in my Janurary Glitterati Box. This is super cute and reminds me of flower petals. Anything on a metal alice band is good in my books because they are just so easy to pop on and go.



I have found the ultimate organisation tools! Veronica Dearly’s Terrific Project A4 Calendar and Terrific A4 Desk Organiser Pad are the things organised brain’s dreams are made of. They are bright, funky, quirky and simple to use. They are both laid out in lovely blocks so you can easily organise every aspect of your life. I am the sort of person who likes to write everything I need to do down so my mind feels calm and these products allow me to do that and have fun little positive daily prompts. I might just stockpile the desk pads for future years…



This Ametrine Pendent (I went for D) from Bonbi Forest has been rocking my world. I’m a big believer in crystal magic and this stone feels full of it. I’ve worn it every day since it arrived and every day has been that little bit better. I can feel it’s calming, positive vibes flowing through me. Another random favourite is Strawberry Gum. I have no idea why but I picked some up in the uni shop a few weeks ago and I have been really enjoying it. Finally we have Graze Boxes. These little boxes of healthy goodies delivered straight to your door are such a great way to keep those unhealthy cravings at bay. I wrote a whole post about these bad boys a few month back, you can check it out here.

I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you all liked reading it! Let me know in the comments if you like this sort of post and I will make it a regular feature.




My Top Ten Albums- part 1

First thins first, this list is in no particular order. That would be virtually impossible because all of these albums are so different and I love different things about each of them. Some of them make me happy, some of them make me think, some of them are great for when I want to kill a bitch, some of them give me a great big musical hug! I took a long time pondering over which albums to include in this list and trust me it could have been much longer. So here we go!

1: Save Rock and Roll: Fall Out Boy

Every single song on this album has at least one wonderfully quotable lyric. From “time crawls on when you’re waiting for the song to start so dance alone to the beat of your heart” in The Phoenix to “you are what you love not who loves you” In Save Rock and Roll, there’s just so many gems. My Mum actually got this album before I did and she used to joke that I was going to have to buy her a new copy because of how many times I played it on repeat! I did eventually get my own copy and it’s been played just as many times. There was also a period of a month where this was the only music I had on my phone to listen to and I still didn’t get bored of it. I was so happy whe FOB came off hiatus I was so freaking happy! Sure their music has changed but that’s by no means a bad thing. This album did the unthinkable- made me somewhat like Elton John! I mean who saw that collaboration happening?! I know all of the lyrics to this album and will be singing it until I die. Fall Out Boy you sure as hell did save rock and roll.

2: Costello Music: The Fratellis

Despite this album coming out way back in 2006 I didn’t actually own it until 2013, just before I started uni. I saw it at a local car boot sale and remembered my love for them and picked it up for a quid or so. For sure one of the best pounds I’ve ever spent. It was the only thing in my CD player during those first few awkward weeks at uni and has been the soundtrack to many nights since. Chelsea Dagger is an obvious classic, I mean, it’s played at my local club literally every student night, but the rest of the album is way too good to be overlooked. The song titles alone rock, Cuntry Boys & City Girls and VInce the Loveable Stoner are two of my favourite examples. I love their sound, It’s just so unique but I can’t quite sum it up in words. Just give them a listen and make your own mind up.

3: Love Lust Faith + Dreams: Thirty Seconds to Mars

This is another album that I kept pinching off my Mum. And yes, I do have the coolest Mum ever! This album is a real experience. It’s a work of art. Thirty Seconds to Mars’ music has this way of stirring me. I put Love Lust Faith + Dreams on when I want to be inspired. In November 2013 I went to see them on this albums tour and it was absolutely life changing, it was a “time to be alive”. About a week after the concert I decided to get a tattoo to remember that night because it kind of restored my faith in life and humanity. I know that seems a little far fetched but it’s how I felt. I would recommend listening to this album with massive headphones on while lying on your bed in the dark, it’s pretty damn magical.

4: Remember that I Love You: Kimya Dawson

Time for something completely different. Like so many other, I discovered Kimya Dawson through the movie Juno. I fell in love with her sweet voice and folky acoustic guitar. The whole album is so personal and odd, it makes me smile and cry and think. Singing along to Loose Lips with friends is one of my favourite things to do. Trying to keep up with the fast, tongue-tying pace guarantees fun. My Rollercoaster always makes me think of my wonderful boyfriend and my Mum has been know to paraphrase it saying “…I hope one day you get paid for being Emma Robinson”. Kimya is a genius songwriter. Her songs are relatable, inspiring and comforting. My firm favourite from the album has to be I Like Giants, listen to the link below and I’m sure you will see why.

5: The Black Parade: My Chemical Romance

Time to reminisce. The Black Parade is possibly the first album I fell in love with. I remember begging for it for Christmas, it worked. I actually have two copies now but one is lost somewhere at my Mums house. I will never not relate to this album. It was there for me in some of my toughest hours growing up and I know it will help me again. As soon as the piano starts in Welcome to the Black Parade my heart skips a beat. Those notes chill me to the bones for some reason and I love it. Even talking about it is making me all emo again! I even have a pretty big thigh tattoo planned based around Mother War from the Welcome to the Black Parade music video. When life gets me down and I need a pick me up I listen to Famous Last Words and scream out “I am not afraid to keep on living” and it really does help.

Part 2 will be up this time next week or sooner so watch this space! I hope you liked part one and it maybe even inspired you to get yourself some new music.


Soap And Glory- The Next Big Thing Box, Treat yourself!


Every year Soap and Glory bring out a limited edition gift box full of awesome pampering treats. This year’s box is usually priced at £60 for 10 full sized products which would retail for over a whopping £75 normally, so we have a pretty good saving right from the get go. Now for the awesome bit- for one week only Boots stores in the UK have the box on sale for only £29!!!! How freaking great is that! I was convinced they would be sold out by the time I got myself to a store but Boots in Truro had loads left so I managed to nab myself one. They are selling fast but will be on this great deal until Thursday so if you want one at this great price then be quick!


There were two limited edition, collectable boxes designed by Hattie Stewart (professional doodler according to her website!), one only available online (which sold out within hours) and one only available in stores. As I said I got mine in store but this image shows both box designs. The box is massive and has a pretty durable handle making it easy to lug through town as you finish your Christmas shopping. It’s so lovely and quirky and I think I will be using mine to store my Crown and Glory accessories in once it’s empty. All of the products come snuggled it a pretty pink drawstring bag, which again will be great for storing things in the future.


As I said there are 10 full sized products inside ranging from facial care to make up to lovely creams for the body. There’s a really wide range of different scents and products in here so you can get a real taste of what Soap and Glory is all about. I think this would be a

great gift for someone who is new to the brand. There’s also a £3 off voucher for the next time you spend £12 which is great if you fall in love with something and use it all up and need to dash out for more.



I thought it would be nice to go through all the products for you so if you miss out on the deal or are only interested in a few of them you have some sort of idea what they are like. First up we have the Hand Dream Super Cream (£7). As the name suggests this is a hand cream and it really is dreamy! It soaks in to the skin super quickly and leaves them feeling silky soft in seconds. Like lots of Soap and Glory products it has a sweet fruity sent which lasts for ages. Next is Whipped Clean Shower Butter (£8) which is an in-shower moisturiser. You use it like normal shower gel but it is extra moisturising because it has loads of natural butters and oils. It smells good enough to eat with an almondy fragrance. Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream (£5.50) is a super fresh smelling foot cream that you massage into your feet before bed. As someone who likes walking around with bare feet a lot in the summer this will do my feet the world of good.


Now on to two of the biggest products in the box. Butter Yourself Body Lotion (£10) is a super moisturising lotion best applied to damp skin after a shower. Again it has that sweet but fruity fragrance that really lingers on the skin. I love that it comes in a pump bottle, super easy for application. Orangeasm Body Wash (£6.50) is the fruitiest smell ever! It has the most amazing orange smell to it and when I say that I mean it smells like actual oranges not that sickly synthetic smell you often get. It is so uplifting and just wow! This is perfect for a morning shower as it will really wake you up.


Sugar Crush Body Scrub (£8) has my absolute favourite Soap and Glory scent! Like most of the other products, there are many other products that share scents meaning you can really build up your fragrance. The Sugar Crush Body Wash (£6.50) is one of my favourite things ever so when I realised that the scrub was in here I was a very happy panda. This scrub works wonders on “scaly” your skin is feeling and it’s sweet lime scent will hopefully make you feel as happy as it makes me feel. The Righteous Butter (£10.50) is a luxurious body butter with that signature Soap and Glory scent. It’s super rich and thick and, much like the hand cream, leaves your skin feeling velvety soft.


Finally we have some bits for your lovely face! First we have the Thick And Fast Mascara (£10) which I used for the first time today on an outing to town. I am pretty fussy with mascaras, many have come through my house and only get used once before being tossed in the bin. This one however is great! It really have my lashes a boost and lasted all day. The brush is pretty big and a bit daunting, but I found it worked like a dream. Off Your Face (£4.50) are face cleansing clothes with a pretty hilarious name. I love it when brands are a bit jokey with their product names. I have yet to try these but they claim to “wipe your skin clean of dirt and make-up, help to clear your complexion, and leave your face feeling fah-resh” so I hope they deliver. They have a textured surface to exfoliate your skin as well as cleansing and toning. Finally we have Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shine Lacquer (£7) which is possibly my favourite name for a product of all time. The one included in the box is a kind of pinky, subtle colour that I think would suit most people. It’s the kind of shade you would describe as “your lips but better”. I wore it today and it was pretty long lasting and the shine was just sublime. I don’t usually go for lip glosses or lacquers but I think I may be getting this in some other colours because I really liked it as it’s not as sticky as some others I’ve tried.

So that’s that! Good luck if you want to get your hands on one of the boxes. As I said at the beginning- Boots in Truro had loads left the other day so if you live in Cornwall then get your butt down there! I hope my reviews have helped if you are thinking about getting any of the individual products. Soap and Glory is an awesome company, everything smells freaking gorgeous, works wonderfully and has pink packaging, what more could you want?!


Christmas Decoration Haul

I am so excited for Christmas this year. I have been in the festive spirit since mid November which is so unlike me. I’m usually the sort of person who refuses to even think about Christmas until December first. But this year the Christmas bug has most certainly bitten me! This year I am living away from home so getting decorations and putting up the Christmas tree was kind of a big deal. My Mum kindly let us have her old five foot, fake, green tree. I also had a few plain baubles left from our mini tree in halls last year and Kerrie let me have a few of her old decorations. However I still needed some fancy decorations to stand out and look fabulous.

The highstreet had some amazing decorations this year at really great prices. I ended up getting things from ASDA and Wilkinson’s and boy did I get some awesome things.

Collage 1

All of these silver glittery goodies were from ASDA. Silver star tree topper- £1, Merry Christmas handing sign- £1, set of 6 snowflake hanging decorations- £1, 4m of thin silver tinsel- £1. 


Also from ASDA- penguin clay character hanging decorations- £1 each

collage 2

Now on to Wilkinson’s where I could have bought everything, if only I had the money! “Joy” and “Hope” log slice hanging decorations- £1.50 each, bright pink glittery stag’s head handing decoration- £1.50, clear “Christmas” filled with mini stars- £1.50, black acrylic tree hanging decoration- £1.50. (If you get the “Christmas” decoration be careful as the little stars can escape from the top of help upside down.)


Loop of 100 clear fairy lights- £7 


And now my absolute favourite piece- bright pink velvet effect stag- £4. I freaking love this little guy, we named him Stanley. I saw him on Helen Anderson’s “Christmas Decoration Haul” video and knew I had to have him. They also do him in red and black.

We all got together last week to decorate the tree and the living room. We danced around to Christmas classics while draping tinsel and handing baubles. We went for a kind of pink, turquoise and silver theme for the tree and I’m pretty proud of the results. We never want to take it down now!

decorationsWhy can’t every season be as sparkly as Christmas? I would happily have tinsel up all year round!

TreeStanley is protecting the our new Wii my Dad brought us as an early Christmas present. I love how proud and strong Stanley looks. I think we could all learn a lesson about posture and confidence from him (just go with it…).

collage 3Some of the decorations on the tree. I love nestling them amongst the branches. They look so cosy and snug.


I hope this post has inspired you in your Christmas decorating. I would recommend checking out both ASDA and Wilkinson’s decorations if you get a chance. This year has been a great one for awesome bits and bobs for the tree. Drop me a comment to let me know if you find any decoration gems.




Graze Box Review

A few months ago my sister decided to get a subscription to Graze. I had been contemplating giving it a go myself for a while and her joining up gave me just the kick I needed to join. Graze is a healthy snack subscription box that you can have delivered weekly or fortnightly. Each box costs £3.99 and comes with 4 snacks.

3editOne great thing about Graze is that the box is the perfect size for your letterbox so it doesn’t matter if you are in or not. To start with I was a bit worried that £3.99 was a bit much for 4 snacks. However when you think about it you could easily spend that much on 4 chocolate bars or 4 packets of crisps. As I am trying to loose a bit of weight and get back on the path to fitness I realised having these snacks at hand would be a good way to stop me nipping to the shop for unhealthy nibbles.


On the Graze website you can look at all of the different snacks. If there’s something you know you won’t enjoy you can cross it off so you never get sent it. You can also rate things so you will get the things you really like more often. I have had 3 boxes so far and I think I have more or less crossed off everything I don’t like. There’s also a really cool little system where you can input your dietary preferences so if you are allergic to nuts for example it will never send you anything with nuts in.


This time I got a lemon and poppy seed slice which comes with a tea bag (great for a total tea lover like me), lightly salted popcorn, bonnie wee oatbakes with onion marmalade and scrumptious blueberry swirl. The snacks are a pretty good size especially the dried fruit selections. As you can see in the photos each little packet has symbols in the corner to let you know if they have high fibre content, are 1 of your 5 a day, are low in calories etc. You also get a little booklet with each box that tells you the use by date and all of the nutritional information.

Fotor1123232126As you can see I was too eager and ate the bonnie wee oatbakes before I took these photos. They were so yummy! The onion marmalade really complimented the slightly sweet oatbakes. I have also eaten the scrumptious blueberry swirl and it certainly lives up to it’s name. The blueberry yoghurt coated raisins were so creamy. A few of my other favourites snacks I have had so far include the herby bread basket- little bread bites which taste amazing with tomato soup and the banoffee dippers- banana shortbread with a toffee dipping sauce they taste so naughty but they are only 146 calories!

I would totally recommend Graze to anyone who enjoys the odd snack but wants to take a healthier route. Maybe it could be a new years resolution.

Every customer gets a friend code they can share with their friends so they can get their first, fifth and tenth box for FREE! Just enter EMMAR3P9P when it asks for any codes. You can cancel at any time so if you get the first box and hate it you can just go online and cancel. Oh and there’s a “holiday” feature so if you are going away for a while you can just pause your deliveries until you get back, simples!

* This post was not sponsored in any way by Graze I just really love them and wanted to      share how awesome they are with you.