Vegan Food Adventures- London Vegfest 2015

Hey peeps, first off I am so sorry its been so long. I have no real explanation for my absence but I suppose that’s just life. Anyway I’m back and I’m inspired. I just got back from a weekend away in London and time away always refreshes my mind. I thought it would be fun to share my weekend with you but I think I’m going to share it in two parts. Part one being just general London things with Saskia and part two being about seeing Fall Out Boy at Wembley! So here I am, hopping back on the blogging train.

As any trip to London for me does, this one started with an 8 hour journey spread over two trains and one coach. I could just go by train but hell no to spending all that money when I could just take a £10 Megabus. I grabbed my favourite juice (pinapple, orange and strawberry with an energy shit) from Fuel in Plymouth before hitting the road. The journey was pretty good although I procrastinated the whole way and did absolutely nothing productive. The woman next to me, however, seemed to be writing a very interested essay about anime in popular culture. I was met with hugs and cous-cous when I arrived and me and Saskia stayed up till ridiculous o’clock catching and discussing everything and anything.

Saturday’s main aim was to go to Camden to visit Cookies and Scream. I had heard so much about Cookies and Scream and wanted to see if it could possibly live up to the hype, and holy cow it did and then some! It’s an awesome vegan and gluten free bakery that serves the most amazing milkshakes, cookie sandwiches and cakes you will ever consume! Saskia isn’t vegan but she said you couldn’t even tell the difference. I might have gotten a bit over excited and spent £15! I did however get an icecream-cookie sandwich, a cookie dough milkshake, an oatmeal cookie, banana bread and apple and cinnamon cake. The first two things I nommed on there and then and the others were spread across the weekend. Seriously amazing food and I would recommend it to anyone who loves sweet things.

We also stumbled upon a photobooth in Camden Lock Market and we never pass up the opportunity to be vain. These ones came out pretty well although I have no idea what my face is doing in that last one. We wandered back through Camden, popping into the Irregular choice store on the way. RuPaul was playing over the speakers so we had a little boogie and Saskia fell in love with a pair or gorgeous boots she couldn’t afford.

By this point we were both super sleepy so we headed back to Saskia’s for a nap sesh. For tea we ordered pizza from Village Pizza. They have a whole vegan section on their menu which was so cool and continent. I went for the vegan Hickory Chicken Pizza which came on a bbq base. It was so freaking yummy! That evening Saskia’s boyfriend George and our friend Jordan came over and we stayed up late getting drunk on pimms and watching comedy horror movies. Yet again we went to bed at silly o’clock, ooops!

Then it was time to hit up Vegfest! I was so excited when Saskia said she would go with me and even more excited when I realised it would be super easy to get to on the tube from hers. Vegfest is a all vegan festival that happens every year in London in October over the course of a weekend. There’s food stalls, charities, apparel, beauty products, everything really. Everything is 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free. We got there just before lunch and did a quick loop round all the stalls, just browsing and grabbing free samples.

For lunch we both had these amazing massive wraps. They were both stuffed full of yummy salads and sauces. Mine also had falafel and Saskia opted for some sort of carrot and coriander patty in hers. They were £8 which is pretty steep for a lunch but no kidding this took me half and hour to eat. It was so filling and defiantly worth the long queue and the money.

After lunch we headed over to the stall I was most excited by All Glamour No Guts. They sell loads of awesome vegan apparel and I was really excited to get my hands on some. They were super nice people and recognised me from instagram (woo). I brought the awesome tote bag and tattoo heart style necklace from them. I love the necklace and have been wearing it almost non-stop ever since. We then wandered round a little bit more picking things up here and there including a bottle of bubble tea type stuff from Jools. I loved how the didn’t actually have any products for sale- you just got a free bottle if you liked them on a social media site. that is understanding the power of social media. One thing I really enjoyed about Vegfest is how no one was pushy or annoying. You felt totally free to just wander around without being dragged into a stall against your will. We’ve already decided we want to go back again next year!

Next it was on to Oxford street for a wee bit of shopping. I just picked up some face powder from lush and a skirt and dress from H&M, oooh and some bubble tea from Bubbleology in Topshop. We then headed back to Saskia’s where I enjoyed my whole foods juice I had picked up the day before, basically because I loved then name, and the most amazing cupcake from Trina’s Delicacies that I brought at Vegfest. I had a black forest cupcake and it was the fluffiest cupcake I have ever eaten, om nom nom! and the fruity filling was nice and tart which complimented the super sweet icing, it was simply sheer cupcake perfection!

The guys came over again that evening and we watched Grabbers on Netflix. It was a really funny movie and if you like comedy horrors and have a Netflix account then you should totally watch it. We also ordered vegan pizza again. It’s just such a novelty to me that I had to indulge myself while I could. If I lived in London I could see me being a very fat vegan indeed. I actually got a pretty decent nights sleep that night which is exactly what I needed as the next day I was off to see Fall Out Boy! But more on that next time…



#GirlsOnTour- Cardiff Haul

I was going to write a whole post about my weekend in Cardiff but my brain appears to be taking a day off and all attempts to write about it have been futile. I had a great time in Cardiff and really want to go back soon but apparently I cannot write about its awesomeness! Instead I will share my Cardiff haul video with you. I filmed this just before going to Download Festival this past weekend. It features lots of fun, affordable summer pieces and a fair few makeup items as well as some odd bits and bobs. I hope you enjoy.

There will be a post about Download hitting the blog sometime late this week/early next week. I have been such a busy bee lately and am going away again this weekend, so I’m  sorry that my blogging schedule is all over the place. When things settle down a but next month I will be creating a schedule and attempting to stick to it.


February Favourites

February has really flown past, I can’t believe I am making this post again already. I’ve done a bit of shopping this month so unlike January’s Favourites these are all things I have brought throughout the month. Next month is going to be a bit more of a quiet-money saving month… well until the 21st when I go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! Let’s begin before I start obsessing over Harry Potter to you guys!



This month, in a bid to stop biting my nails, I have been loving painting them. I didn’t really have any nail varnishes so I popped down to Superdrug and picked up these Barry M beauties. I went for Strawberry Ice Cream and Berry Ice Cream because I wanted soft, subtle colours that would work well with all of my clothes. They are both super pretty and last really well with a clear topcoat. The Berry shade needs 2 coats to reach a good colour whereas the Strawberry needs 3 but it is so worth it! I also remembered I had some nail varnishes as a Christmas Present. They just came in a gift set from Wilkos but this silver shade is amazing! So pretty and sparkly and only really needs one coat. I have also been loving this Clay Time Purifying Face Mask from Wilkos. It is a pretty nice sized tub for only £3. It makes a nice weekend pamper treat and really does make my face feel that little bit softer. Deffo a must for pampering on the cheap.


Nail Decals 

I got this pack of nail decals from my Glitterati Secret Santa at Christmas and only got around to giving them a try this month. They are so cute and so easy to use so I just had to buy some more sets! You get about 100 nail decals in a pack so between the one I already had and the 2 I brought I should be okay for quite sometime. I went for some simple black cats (which have sold out online) and some super cute unicons, cats, bunnies and tiaras! The work kinda like tattoo transfers and can actually be used on skin if you want. I have found a new obsession.



These two cuties were one of my valentines day presents to myself. They are from a lovely litter Etsy shop called Ember Candle Co and these were a special valentines day duo in a lovely strawberries and cream sent. I don’t think I will ever be able to bring myself to burn these little guys but they are scenting my room as it is. I am fully intending on buying a pastel blue and lilac one at some point and the best part is you can mix and match the scents, so I could have a mint smelling lilac candle!


Accessories (and a cushion…)

This months Crown and Glory favourites are just so lovely. The Scarf Bow Headband came in my February Glitterati box and has become my go to headband for days when I just want something simple to just add a little something-something. I have been lusting over the Lotta Rosie Headband in Ice Cream for quite some time now so was super excited to finally purchase it. It is so “me” and goes perfectly with all of my pretty dresses. I will be wearing this so much in spring and summer. I just had to include my Love Definition pillow from Primark because it was just staring at me. It’s so simple and cute and because it’s grey it works with all of our different coloured bedding sets.

TV / Netflix

Community was added to UK Netflix this month and this made me a very happy Emma. I had been wanting to watch it for ages so couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Me and Oli marathoned all 5 seasons in the space of about 2 weeks and boy was it a good 2 weeks. This series is hilarious and I am so happy it is returning for a 6th season. If you haven’t watched this then I highly recommend you give it a go.


Last Minute Faves

I was in Exeter this week for my friends birthday and I did a wee bit of shopping and although I only brought these bits within the last few days of the month I really wanted to add them in here because they are awesome. I popped in to Urban Outfitters and picked up this adorable fabric covered photo album with “Parties with my bitches” printed on the front. I’m going to print out some of my Instagram photos at the end of the year and this is going to be their home. I popped into Primark to get some leggings and basic crop tops and saw this amazing neon pink notebook just as I was going to pay and I fell in love. I think it’s going to become my new Journal because it makes me smile so much. It’s really good quality and was only £2.

I also took a wee trip to Lush and tried on a bit of the Vanillary Solid Perfume then went on with my way. However I spent all evening smelling this gorgeous smell and it took me hours to figure out it was the perfume. I went straight back the next day and brought myself one and now I cannot stop smelling it. It’s amazing and sweet and subtle and yummy! It’s mainly vanilla scented, as the name suggests, but it also has notes of tonka and jasmine which is probably why I love it so much, jasmine is totally my jam scent wise. I’m going to be wearing this everyday because it’s soft and subtle so will work with other scents (espeically Lust and The Comforter Lush perfumes) but is also amazing on it’s own.

So there you go, all the products I have been loving this month I hope this helped or inspired or entertained you.


January Favourites

I don’t know about you guys but I love watching monthly favourites videos. I love what my favourite bloggers and vloggers are loving and maybe even finding some things to try out myself. Megan from Briar Rose inspired me to write a monthly favourites post instead of filming a video. Like me she doesn’t feel terribly comfortable in front of the camera so decided to try doing it in a blog post. So read on if you want to find out what things Iv’e been enjoying throughout January.


My first make-up favourite is by no means new. My sister brought me this Makeup Revolution London eye shadow pallet in the Dia De Los Muertos colour-way for my birthday way back in September and it has been a firm favourite since. It has a great range of neutral shimmer and matte shades as well as some really fun bright colours. It also has a massive mirror which is always great for make-up on the move. Next I had to feature the Lush Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder.  This stuff is amazing! I wear it on its own or to set my foundation and it makes me skin looks flawless every time. It lasts for ages and doesn’t dry out the skin which is a problem I’ve had with powders in the past. It’s a little pricey but it is so worth it. Finally we have another firm everyday favourite- The Body Shop’s Define and Lengthen Mascara in black. As I’ve mentioned before, I am super fussy when it comes to mascara so, so when I find one that I like I stick with it. I used this mascara all though last year and finally got around to getting a new one recently. I actually brought two because this to me is a make-up essential. It does what is says in the name and does it well. It lasts all day without smudging but comes off easily when you need it to. Hands down my favourite mascara ever.

IMG_20150207_193154404Skin Care

Now for a few skin care faves. I was so excited when I walked into Lush and saw they had their valentines day products in. Thank goodness they had my absolute favourite shower gel back in stock- Prince Charming. This smells fruity and sweet and heavenly. If you get a chance to go into lush in the near future then please smell this, you will not regret it! This Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is another thing I have my sister to thank for because after trying a bit of hers and Christmas I just had to go out and buy myself a bottle. All the things beauty bloggers are saying about this are true! It is so gentle, effective and simple. It’s just what you need at the end of the day to take off your make-up or just refresh your face before collapsing into bed.



Of course there would be some Crown and Glory in here somewhere. I have been loving the Small Glitter Hair Bows this month however out of the three ones I own this one in Candyfloss has been stealing the show. I love wearing it at the top of a bun or ponytail or to just clip my hair out of my face. They are so easy to wear and just add that bit of glam to any outfit. One day I want to own one in all 30 colours! I’ve also been loving my Glitter Scallop Crown in Parma Violet which came in my Janurary Glitterati Box. This is super cute and reminds me of flower petals. Anything on a metal alice band is good in my books because they are just so easy to pop on and go.



I have found the ultimate organisation tools! Veronica Dearly’s Terrific Project A4 Calendar and Terrific A4 Desk Organiser Pad are the things organised brain’s dreams are made of. They are bright, funky, quirky and simple to use. They are both laid out in lovely blocks so you can easily organise every aspect of your life. I am the sort of person who likes to write everything I need to do down so my mind feels calm and these products allow me to do that and have fun little positive daily prompts. I might just stockpile the desk pads for future years…



This Ametrine Pendent (I went for D) from Bonbi Forest has been rocking my world. I’m a big believer in crystal magic and this stone feels full of it. I’ve worn it every day since it arrived and every day has been that little bit better. I can feel it’s calming, positive vibes flowing through me. Another random favourite is Strawberry Gum. I have no idea why but I picked some up in the uni shop a few weeks ago and I have been really enjoying it. Finally we have Graze Boxes. These little boxes of healthy goodies delivered straight to your door are such a great way to keep those unhealthy cravings at bay. I wrote a whole post about these bad boys a few month back, you can check it out here.

I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you all liked reading it! Let me know in the comments if you like this sort of post and I will make it a regular feature.




Sisterly Shopping Spree- Vlog

Me and my sister Jenny hopped on a train to our nearest big city, Plymouth, for a day of shopping and shenanigans. The aim was to have a look around the sales but honestly most of the stuff we got was full price. Jenny vlogged the day and I wanted to share it with you guys;

Yes, I didn’t realise that a station was called a station because you are stationary there. Why am I studying English at university?! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek into our lives. Make sure you check out and subscribe to Jenny’s Youtube channel. She’s working on posting more regularly this year so expect awesome things. We filmed a haul video when we got home and that should be up later this week so I will make sure I share it on here.


Christmas Decoration Haul

I am so excited for Christmas this year. I have been in the festive spirit since mid November which is so unlike me. I’m usually the sort of person who refuses to even think about Christmas until December first. But this year the Christmas bug has most certainly bitten me! This year I am living away from home so getting decorations and putting up the Christmas tree was kind of a big deal. My Mum kindly let us have her old five foot, fake, green tree. I also had a few plain baubles left from our mini tree in halls last year and Kerrie let me have a few of her old decorations. However I still needed some fancy decorations to stand out and look fabulous.

The highstreet had some amazing decorations this year at really great prices. I ended up getting things from ASDA and Wilkinson’s and boy did I get some awesome things.

Collage 1

All of these silver glittery goodies were from ASDA. Silver star tree topper- £1, Merry Christmas handing sign- £1, set of 6 snowflake hanging decorations- £1, 4m of thin silver tinsel- £1. 


Also from ASDA- penguin clay character hanging decorations- £1 each

collage 2

Now on to Wilkinson’s where I could have bought everything, if only I had the money! “Joy” and “Hope” log slice hanging decorations- £1.50 each, bright pink glittery stag’s head handing decoration- £1.50, clear “Christmas” filled with mini stars- £1.50, black acrylic tree hanging decoration- £1.50. (If you get the “Christmas” decoration be careful as the little stars can escape from the top of help upside down.)


Loop of 100 clear fairy lights- £7 


And now my absolute favourite piece- bright pink velvet effect stag- £4. I freaking love this little guy, we named him Stanley. I saw him on Helen Anderson’s “Christmas Decoration Haul” video and knew I had to have him. They also do him in red and black.

We all got together last week to decorate the tree and the living room. We danced around to Christmas classics while draping tinsel and handing baubles. We went for a kind of pink, turquoise and silver theme for the tree and I’m pretty proud of the results. We never want to take it down now!

decorationsWhy can’t every season be as sparkly as Christmas? I would happily have tinsel up all year round!

TreeStanley is protecting the our new Wii my Dad brought us as an early Christmas present. I love how proud and strong Stanley looks. I think we could all learn a lesson about posture and confidence from him (just go with it…).

collage 3Some of the decorations on the tree. I love nestling them amongst the branches. They look so cosy and snug.


I hope this post has inspired you in your Christmas decorating. I would recommend checking out both ASDA and Wilkinson’s decorations if you get a chance. This year has been a great one for awesome bits and bobs for the tree. Drop me a comment to let me know if you find any decoration gems.