Things I Love Thursday

Welcome to another instalment of positivity! I’ve just finished uni for the term, yay, so I hope to be blogging a bit more often. I’m going to the Cornwall Vegan Festival on Saturday so expect a post about that sometime next week. I also might cobble together a post about the Harry Potter Society’s Yule Ball that happened on Monday if I can get any photos from someone as I somehow took none, oops. Anyway, bring on the Gratitude!

❤ I am so grateful for Sarah. She really helped me out and cheered me up on Saturday when plans changed. My anxiety really doesn’t like it when plans change especially if that change then leaves me alone. So Sarah stepped in and cheered me up and we had a lovely sleepover round hers. Thank you so much hunnie, I know you don’t always understand me but I’m glad you’re always there for me.


❤ Days where your outfit is just on point and you feel amazing because of it. Last Friday the Pagan Society was hosting a presentation at uni and we decided to dress somewhat smart. I opted for something pretty simple by my standards combining a charity shop find pencil skirt with a beautiful turquoise top from Dorothy Perkins… and a shit ton of necklaces of course! I also wore my new ankle boots from Newlook which have a wee heel that clip-clops when I walk which always makes me smile and feel grown up.


❤ My friends and family for being super understanding, supportive and open about my choice to become vegan. Saskia came to a vegan festival with me, Taylor messaged me the other day asking for non-meat sources of protein and Oli eats whatever I do and is even thinking about becoming vegan himself! Nana came to a veggie cafe with me the other day and is always tagging me in posts on Facebook linking to vegan recipes and Mum loves my vegan cakes and is getting in lots of vegan treats for Christmas. Even the little things me so much to me and of course to the animals.


❤ This absolutely amazing illustration of me and Oli drawn by Valerie Doty- aka The Tiny Hobo. I love it so much! I looks just like us right down to the way I’m smiling really big and Oli has a wee little grin. Also check out Toby and Bob (the dinosaur and penguin) at the bottom! You can add pets to your commission and sadly me and Oli don’t have any pets yet so I asked if we could add our favourite toys (because we are totally cool adults). I would recommend her to anyone! Her style of art is just adorable, colourful and fun! I will for sure be ordering from her again in the future and can’t wait to find a place to display this beauty.


❤ Spending time with Jenny at the lights switch on in town tonight. It was particularly pretty this year and Jenny vlogged the whole thing so I will share that with you when she uploads it to Youtube. The weather cheered up a bit and the choirs were great. The town was packed with people and it was really nice to have a yummy hot drink and browse around some shops and not one but two Christmas markets.

On a less cheerful note there was also a protest going on in town about the UK’s decision to bomb Syria. The protest was peaceful and had an amazing turn out. Me and Jenny watched it pass and showed our support. War is a horrible thing especially at this time of year and I hope the people of this country can convince our government to rethink their destructive plans. I am heartened to see how many people oppose this latest development which somewhat renews my faith in the country.

Peace and toodles.


Loving Myself

At the beginning of the summer I decided to treat myself by buying Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Bible School. It’s a wonderful 12 week course that helps you create an art journal bursting with positivity. Each week you get an email with prompts for your bible which you can expand on and play around with however you want. You can also work though the course at your own pace, meaning there’s no pressure.

I have not always loved myself. During the first few months of this year I was pretty harsh on myself. I was not happy on the course I was on, I wasn’t happy with how I was acting, I spent day’s locked in my room alone. I was eating terribly and gained some weight. I wasn’t looking after myself at all. I slowly realised with the help of my family and friends that I could escape this hole of doom I had been slowly sinking into.

I made the decision to change course (which I have written about here) and from that moment on I started climbing out. I knew that moving out of halls would help massively because although I loved my flatmates with all my heart, I had created a room full of negative energy and I needed out. So I decided to sign up for the course at the same time as I moved into my new house. A fresh new start meant I could start loving myself again.

Although I haven’t done as much of my Radical Self Love Bible as I would have liked to by this point I am still happy with it. I have been out have been out having fun with friends a lot, which is an equally positive way to spend my time.

I want to share some of the pages from my bible with you- I hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to get creative and love yourself!


My cover page. I am so in love with this hot pink glitter glue, I need to get more soon! Pretty much all of my collages are made using pages from Company Magazine.

SONY DSC“I dedicate this book to fun! Life is full of joy, excitement and adventures. Being silly, having a blast and not caring what other people think= rad!!!”


“Sad to Rad. Things to do to turn that frown upside down: ❤ Bake a microwave mug cake ❤ Go for a walk ❤ Listen to “My Rollercoaster” ❤ Put on a pretty colourful dress ❤ Wear cat ears ❤ Hang out with some ducks ❤ Take a long shower then cover yourself in lovely body butter”

SONY DSCThis page is about my greatest love affair! “Pink! (is my favourite crayon) My love affair with the colour pink started just before prom when I accidentally dyed my hair pink. Turns out I love it pink. Since then I have never looked back. Pink is such a happy, positive colour. It’s passion, love, fun & excitement. I feel like myself with pink hair, my true self. One of my favourite things about pink hair is the reactions people have to it, mainly young children- it brings them so much joy!”


What style means to me. “Style to me is all about expressing myself. I love to wear 50’s style dresses with odd little touches like cat necklaces and skulls on everything. I love the juxtapositions of my personal style- vintage, feminine, floral dresses contrasted with skulls and tattoos. I love my pink and blue mermaid locks and they never fail to give my confidence. I put no boundaries on myself and dress to make me happy. It’s amazing what a dress and some lippy can do!”

I hope you enjoyed seeing inside my ongoing Radical Self Love Bible. I will update you when I have worked on it a bit more. Shout out to my lovely mum because I used a blanket she crocheted out of my baby clothes as a backdrop for these photos. Here’s a link to her craft blog: Purple Rose Emporium.

Toodles for now!



Internetty Bits and Bobs

July has been an odd one for me what with moving into my new house and everything. For most of it we have been making do with the nearby BT hotspot while waiting for our hub to arrive. However I have managed to accumulate a rather long list of links I am excited to share with you all! There’s something for everyone in this months round up.

❤ This recipe for vegan brownies is divine! I made them with my house mates and they went down a storm. (I would recommend cutting the oil by 100ml and upping the water by 100ml as someone in the comments said).

❤ Pugs are my absolute favourite breed of dog and these photos of smug pugs make me love them even more.

Team Girl Comic has one simple aim- to showcase female comic creators and I think it’s a damn good aim.

❤ I love behind the scenes photos and this is a great list of them.

❤ This photo shoot is so magical

❤ A short film about a local Cornish business called Thrashion. They make amazing jewellery out of old skateboards- the bangles are my favourites.

An engagement shoot in a dinosaur themed golf course???!!! Can it get any cooler than that???!!!

❤ Cat’s really are the best animal ever. This story really touched me (and yes I know it’s old!)

Superheroes photo shopped into beautiful environments? Yes please!

❤ I spent far too long on this Benedict Cumberbatch name generator the other day…

❤ Fall Out Boy are one of my favourite bands so when they announced they would be bring out a video to accompany EVERY song from their latest album I was thrilled. Finally all of the videos have been released and can be watched back to back so you can follow the story!

❤ These jokes really make you think.

❤ These images are both beautiful and empowering. I want them all over my walls.

Foxes!!!!!!!! That is all.

❤ Have you ever wanted to see Robert Downey Jr as a pinup model? Well now’s your chance!

❤ Check out these innovative tea infusers– for the tea lover who needs to express themselves.

❤ People who can do impressions amaze me. People who can do SINGING impressions amaze me even more!

❤ Take one one tiny birthday cake, one hedgehog and two hamsters and you have the cutest video ever.

Cakes that are two good to eat are always super fab.

Frozen is the New Black… just watch it and you will see.

This sort of act gives me faith in humanity. Breast feeding mothers should be able to feed their babies wherever they damn well please.

❤ How did I not know Marilyn Manson did a cover of You’re so vain?!

❤ You can wear a piece of a shooting star! How freaking cool is that?

Queen Bey being fabulous as always!

Using fashion to help the homeless in a practical way, hells to the yeah!

❤ Making something 3D seem 2D is a real skill.

❤ And finally my Mum’s blog! She’s been writing some great posts lately especially her post about all the things Jim our kitten has taught us about life and her post about the Falmouth Fashion show.

Woah that was a biggie! I hope you all find something that interests you in there. Hopefully I will be posting at least 2 more posts on the blog this week- one about my trips to St.Ives and Eden and another about the fashion show. I also plan on making a little Etsy haul video sometime soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Toodles for now!

Internetty bits and bobs

I’m going to start doing a monthly (possibly weekly, we shall see) round up of things I see on the internet that I love and feel my readers mights also love. I really enjoy looking through Gala Darling and Pixie and Pixier’s lists so was feeling inspired. You know when you see something so great you just have to share it? Well here that goes!

❤ These beautiful magical tree tunnels. I want to walk through these all so badly! Lets go on a tree tunnel road trip!

❤ The full length Skins theme tune. Bringing back all the memories

❤ These groom’s facial expressions when they see their beautiful brides.

❤ Gala Darlings updated Radical Self Love Manifesto. I have her original one printed out and pinned to my pin board. She really knows how to motivate people with added glitter!

“Little girls R better at designing Superheroes than you” is an awesome Tumblr blog filled with illustrations by artist Alex Law of children’s  make-shift superhero costumes. Alex feels that children often have better and way more practical superhero costume ideas than the grown ups in the comic industry. None of those silly costumes created to look sexy- just pure fun and awesomeness!

15 words in other languages with no direct English equivalent. This list is so great. I find language so fascinating. You know when you feel something but can’t quite put it into words? The words probably exist, just in a different language.

Such a ingenious invention! Josipa Majic and Ana Burica have created a teddy bead that reads children’s vital signs while they are playing with it! Think how much time and stress this could save the children and doctors?

❤ This video, just yeah…

❤ Morgan Freeman on Helium. I have been waiting for this my whole life!

❤ How awesome is this cover of Gold digger? 

Life through a lens

I was on my old photography Tumblr page the other day, looking for one of my old self portraits (featured in my previous post) and I realised how much I miss taking photos on an actual camera. I take a tonne of photos on my phone and share them with friends through Instragram almost daily. However there’s something so special about picking up my DSLR and heading out with purpose or sometimes without, just having my camera on me encourages me to capture the beauty around me. Over the summer I plan on dusting of my baby and going for lots of lovely long photography walks.

I thought I would share some of my old photos from the blog with you, lemme know what you think!


Taken whilst on holiday with my Dad in Kent. This flower was flowing peacefully at the edge of a pond.


Georgia Train from Bitter Ruin. They were supporting Amanda Palmer at a gig in London at Heaven. I spoke to Georgia after the show, she said she liked my hair. This gig was a crazy experience, I went spur of the minute with my friend. It was at a gay bar in the middle of London and we were only 16! So glad we went though!


Space Snail! That is all.


My friend Sam by Swanpool lake. I love it here, so beautiful and peaceful. Swans and ducks often congregate here, I love going down and feeding them. Soon I will be living near this lake and plan to jog around it as much as possible so expect more pictures like this!


My best friend Taylor posing for a photography project. The shoot was meant to be inspired by Kate Bush’s video for Wuthering Heights, so we naturally spent most of the time dancing around singing and scaring off dog walkers.

tumblr_m7elws5d3e1ruwvago1_1280Taken in Paris on an art and photography trip. We were just outside the Louvre and I was so impressed with the architecture. I didn’t actually mean to get the biker in the picture, he kinda swooped in out of nowhere. It clearly was meant to be though as he makes the picture.

tumblr_m7em59zUmR1ruwvago1_r1_500  Another image from Paris (obviously!). We were hanging out on the lawn by the Eiffel Tower and it had just stopped raining. We weren’t originally going to stop there at all but we saw it from a distance and convinced the teachers to let us go. We had a hilarious time trying to get there though through all these back streets.


This one is from a shoot I did using the clothes from the shop I used to work at. This is outside the National Maritime Museum just by the shop which is right next to the marina and is almost always windy as hell! I would always look great before work until I turned into the square and boom, hair is a mess and my skirt is doing a Monroe! Anyway the wind worked to my advantage for this shot giving it a real dynamic edge. My friend Shanice kindly braved the winds to make this possible.

I hope you like what you saw!

Here’s a link to my old photography Tumblr blog-

Hopefully this post will inspire me, and maybe even you to pick up you camera and go for an artistic walk.

I would love to know what you think of my photos, feel free to drop a comment.

Toodles! x



Lemme take a Selfie

Selfies. Love them or hate them they are here to stay. There has now even been a god awful song written about them. Although the song massively offends my ears I can relate to it. My friend and I were out the other night and it came on in the club. We look at each other and laughed at how much the dialogue sounded like us. We take so many selfies in mirrors together when we go out. No toilet stop in wetherspoons is complete without a new photo gracing our Instagram accounts.

tumblr_n4qq7trAse1qliczno1_500Selfies are no new phenomenon however. Although the term was coined in 2002 artists have been painting self portraits throughout history. Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali- they were all at it! Frida Kahlo once said “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best”. I find it beautiful that by painting or photographing yourself you are drawing inspiration from inside.


The first first photographic “selfie” was taken by amateur photographer Robert Cornelius in 1839. Even back then people wanted to preserve their image through their own means. There’s something so strange about looking at a photo of your self. You never look quite how you imagine which can be quite magical but also unsettling.

Some people hate selfies saying they are self indulgent, which is true, they really are. However what’s wrong with a little bit or a whole barrel full of self indulgence? If someone has the confidence to put an image of themselves out there on the internet for everyone to see then they should be applauded not ridiculed. A selfie is true self expression. Not only are you the model, you are also the photographer, creative director, stylist, make-up artist- you are the whole package! Selfies can be an art form if you choose. They can be a visual diary, documenting your daily life. They can tell a story. They are memories. It gives people confidence to be themselves and to love themselves.


Since getting Instagram in September I have taken more selfies than ever before. Back in college for photography I did a self portraiture project. I found it a real struggle as I was nervous in front of the camera, even if I was the one behind the lens. It’s crazy to feel nervous in front of yourself. In the end I loved those images and they still remain some of my favourite images from my A level work. When I got Instagram I stared seeing selfies more and more. My friends were posting them, my idols were posting them, I couldn’t escape them. It took me a while to embrace them, I posted some but they were few and far between. Then one day I caught myself looking in the mirror and thinking- “I look good, I’m gonna instagram this!”. Now I do this all the time. At first I felt guilty for being so self indulgent and vain. But then it hit me- fuck it! In the words of Ru Paul- “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”


I say all hail the selfie! Anything that makes someone feel good about themselves and doesn’t put anyone down is a fabulous thing! I will leave you with this video by Laci Green. She sums up why she loves selfies and thinks they are great for body positivity.


Tattoos and a Switchblade Attitude

If you know me then you will know I am a wee bit obsessed with tattoos (read as has a massive addiction to tattoos). I got my first one 6 days after my 18th birthday and have been on a roll ever since. On Friday I got tattoo number 11. That’s right, in the year and 7 months since becoming an adult I have started quite the collection.


Most of my tattoos have some sort of meaning- for example my first tattoos is the quote “Don’t dream it, be it”, which is the motto I try to live my life by. I have 3 matching tattoos with people, including my Mum, which all symbolise our bond. I have monarch butterflies up my left arm which symbolise recovery from self harm. These meanings are clear to me but I often have to explain them to others all too often in the toilets of Club I when I’ve had one too many peach schnapps and lemonade. tumblr_n37105UKRW1qliczno1_500Some of my more recent tattoos however have no deep meaning. I simply like how they look and want to carry them with me wherever I go. Some people (it has to been said mostly people without tattoos) appear to believe that every tattoo you get needs to have some deep meaning or story behind it. This is total bullshit. People get tattoos for many different reasons and sometimes that reason can simply be because they wanted to! That’s perfectly good enough! It’s your body, you choose what happens to it. I find it wonderful that we can decorate our bodies however we wish so we can present our inner selves to the world. Be that through clothes, hair dye, jewelry, piercings or tattoos, they are all forms of physical self expression. tumblr_n3y590d6rq1qliczno1_500

Tattoos are not to everyones taste and thats fine. What really matters is feeling comfortable in your own skin and happy with yourself inside and out. I know in the future some employers may not wish to hire me because of how I look. This is the sad reality of life. Maybe one day this will change but for now why would I want to work for a company that cares about something so trivial anyway?

I see my body as a canvas on which I can display art that represents the true colours of my soul.