So I Vlog Now! Adventures in Cardiff

I have had a Youtube channel for a while now. I made a few videos a year or so ago but kinda didn’t really follow through with doing anymore, although I do frequently make guest appearances on my sisters channel. But vlogging has always appealed to me. I love documenting what I get up to and I’m not easily embarrassed so filming in public is not a thing that scares me. So when me and Sarah went to Cardiff on a mini break last week I though fuck it, lets give this a go!

As I said, this is my very first time vlogging so I did forget to film a lot and have some pretty chin-heavy angles. But all in all I’m pretty proud of myself. Even after editing the footage down I still had enough to make two decent length videos. So I hope you enjoy! If you do feel free to pop over to my channel and subscribe, although I will always cross post my videos here as well so you won’t miss out either way.


And for a bonus here’s my wee haul video that I made when I got home. It includes all the goodies I brought minus some cute denim shorts that I forgot to add in and the food I got at Simply V because I ate it all, ooops! I’ve been on a roll lately.

So yeah, let me know what you think in the comments.

Stay rad!




Sisterly Shopping Spree- Vlog

Me and my sister Jenny hopped on a train to our nearest big city, Plymouth, for a day of shopping and shenanigans. The aim was to have a look around the sales but honestly most of the stuff we got was full price. Jenny vlogged the day and I wanted to share it with you guys;

Yes, I didn’t realise that a station was called a station because you are stationary there. Why am I studying English at university?! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek into our lives. Make sure you check out and subscribe to Jenny’s Youtube channel. She’s working on posting more regularly this year so expect awesome things. We filmed a haul video when we got home and that should be up later this week so I will make sure I share it on here.


Internetty Bits and Bobs

This months round up of awesome things I have seen on the wonderful world wide web! This list is gonna be quite a long one as I have been on the internet a lot lately due to finishing uni and waiting to move. So here goes…

❤ Who doesn’t love a list of Adorable Baby Animals to brighten up the day?

❤ How often do you mishear a song lyric and think it says something bizarre?

❤ If you love cats as much as I do then you will love these classic paintings made way more awesome by adding cats!

❤ I see a theme… have a list of 50 cute cat pictures

Poetry and feminism– a match made in heaven.

❤ These nature tattoos are so beautiful. Feeling inspired to go get some more ink now

❤ More cat themed things- my cat would love to live in this kitty wonderland

❤ Knitting is a wonderful hobby and can bring joy to so many people. What this 102 year old woman has been doing is so heart warming. 

❤ Ever wondered what a Victorian steam punk house on wheels would look like?

❤ I love yarn bombing with a passion. Every time I see some around town or campus it makes me smile. This guy takes yarn bombing to the extreme

❤ This time-lapse of a stellar explosion makes me think about how amazingly beautiful our universe is

50 ways to feel like a goddess is a list everyone should read. Full of ways to be nicer to yourself and those around you.

“I wear a bikini because fuck you” is a great piece on body positivity. I think it is particularly relevant as summer approaches. Today I brought a bikini and I had this quote from the piece in my mind the whole time- “I have a bikini body. I know this because I put an actual bikini… on my body”. I’m so ready to rock it on the beach!

❤ The Breakfast Club is one of my favourite movies of all time so when I came across these alternative movie posters I just had to share them

❤ I want to bounce around in Welsh caves! 

❤ I am in love with this band! This cover is one of the best things I’ve heard, like ever!