The Glitterati Parties- London

IMG_20150528_191945197 Last Saturday (the 23rd of May) Sophie from Crown and Glory organised an amazing party for the Glitterati subscribers and it was amazing! I travelled all the way up to London for it and it was so worth the journey.


Photo courtesy of Liz Hearn

About half of the group were planning on meeting in Kensington Gardens for a wee picnic before hand but me and Saskia were running late and were kinda lost. However all was okay when I spotted a group of colourful, glittery, flower-adorned women waving at me from across the street. I had found my people! When I was safely with them Saskia went home and we went for a little Cafe Nero break before heading off to the party… half an hour early, oops! Sophie wasn’t expecting us early and it cause a bit of a queue on the stairs to the basement, where the Crown and Glory Candy Bar was, but we were all happy to finally be there!

Photo from Anges de Sucre's facebook page.

Photo from Anges de Sucre’s facebook page.

The first thing we were treated to was our amazing goodie bags full of treats from the likes of Oh Squirrel, Sugar and Vice and I love Crafty. It was so funny watching everyone try to figure out what the mini macarons were- are they edible. rubbers, lipbalms? (turns out they are little pots) All of the gifts were so thoughtful but the icing on the cake for me has to be the cards everyone got. Each one was different and filled with a personal heartfelt message, my Veronica Dearly card made me smile so much. Our ticket price included creating a custom flower crown, headband, clip or facinator from the Crown and Glory Candy Shop. I chose pink, turquoise and purple flowers and some sparkly crystals to create a glorious headband. We will be getting them in next months box so I will be sure to share it with you!

Photo Courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride

Photo Courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride

The party continued upstairs in the beautiful Anges de Sucre with many a glass of prosecco and some of their adorable and delicious mini macarons, cupcakes, bownies and marshmallows. I was on such a sugar high all night! I spoke to so many amazing women and got totally wrapped up in the whole magical experience and forgot to take many photos however a few other people did take some and are okay with me sharing them so here’s a little photographic snippet of the night.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.

So cute and so freaking yummy! You can order these treats online and trust me when I say- soon they will be mine once again *slightly evil, sugar induced laugh*.

Photos courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.

The décor inside and our is so pretty and perfect for a flowery party. I need their wallpaper in my future home.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock 'n' Roll Bride.

Photo courtesy of Kat Williams of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.

I have no idea what I was taking about but everyone seems to be interested! I was so nervous about meeting so many new people all at once but they were all so nice and welcoming that it felt like chatting away to old friends almost instantly. There wasn’t one awkward silence all night and I felt completely at home.

Photo courtesy of Monique Cooper.

Photo courtesy of Monique Cooper.

I’ve been calling this my “cool blogger photo” because it just looks so professional and networky. I realise now that makes no sense but I know what I mean. I felt very in my element, all my anxiety vanished for the evening and I am so proud of myself. Luckily I remembered to take a selfie with the wonderful owner of Crown and Glory- Sophie. She was so nice and we had a great chat about Cornwall and small businesses and going charity shopping in Falmouth because that’s where all the good things are! I tried to hold in my inner fangirl but then remembered the project I did at uni last year that centred around Crown and Glory- I hope I didn’t come across as too much of a weirdo! I once again attempted to control my inner fangirl when I got the chance to snap a selfie with Kat from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride. She was amazing and so easy to talk to. I told her how happy her recent post about body positivity and not feeling pressured to loose weight for your wedding made me. On another note don’t our hair colours go so well together?! Kat was such a babe and I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to talk to her.

Photo courtesy of Kat from Rock 'n' Roll Bride and Sophie from Crown and Glory.

Photo courtesy of Kat from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride and Sophie from Crown and Glory.

I had such a fabulous night with some freaking amazing people! The Glitterati party in London will always hold a place in my heart as will everyone I met there. I don’t have to wait too long to see some of these babes again though because I am going to the Glitterati party in Birmingham on June 20th! So excited and this time I will try to take more photos! Thank you to the staff at Anges de Sucre for providing sweet treats, Sophie and Gareth for putting on an amazing event and constantly creating beautiful head candy and the Glitterati girls for just being their wonderful selves! Keep your eyes peeled for more about my trip to London! Toodles!


Things I Love Thursday

Time for some weekly gratitude.

❤ Partying with my girls! So much dancing and silliness! Even worth hurting my neck due to over-the-top head banging when Nirvana came on.

❤ Oli being a total babe and going to the 24 hour garage for me and Tay when we came in at 4am.

❤ Finally owning face glitter.

❤ The sun shining down on us and letting me wear crop tops without freezing.

❤ Wee  shopping trips to Truro to buy some bits and bobs.

❤ Ordering a ice, soya, caramel macchiato from Starbucks. It’s my ultimate favourite summer drink.

❤ Belly Timber’s sweet potato, red pepper and camembert pizza with chilli and coriander salsa. It is a taste explosion and I love it.

❤ Finding the perfect Birthday card for my Mum.

❤ Good hair days.

❤ Finding a fabulous new lipstick. Power Peony by Maybelline from the Rebel Bouquet range. This photo really doesn’t do it justice. It’s a beautiful purpley, pink bright pastel shade and it’s perfect for spring/summer.

❤ Adding some water colour to mine and Taylor’s matching tattoos. I will share a photo when it has healed.

❤ Napping, seriously underrated.


Things I Love Thursday

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these so be prepared for an overload of gratitude from the time I missed!


❤ House Christmas! A bit late I know but we had our house Christmas at the end of Janurary. Sonera cooked us a delicious vegan roast and we exchanged presents and watched funny youtube videos late into the night. I don’t say it enough but I freaking love my house mates. A year ago when we decided to live together we made such a great choice. (Polariod photos taken by the wonderful Sherrie on her new camera.)

❤ My amazeballs boyfriend Oli brought me a Download Festival ticket as a super early birthday present. I am so happy, grateful and excited! I’m actually going to get to see Marilyn Manson! June is going to be awesome.

❤ On point outfit colour coordination.


❤ Tidying my desk and organising some of my nick-nacks. A girl can never have too many glittery skulls.

❤ The sorbet in Zizzs is amazing. I had a scoop of each strawberry, lemon and pomegranate and they were all divine. 10/10, would recommend.

❤ My current favourite cocktail- a passion fruit daiquiri from Shed in Falmouth.

❤ Just the fact that I own a huge ampersand thingy. How random and fun. Also I just have so many odd little bits and bobs that make me smile every time I look at them.

❤ Beautiful packaging. I ordered one of these necklaces (I went for D) from Bonbi Forest and it came wrapped in this intricate origami wonderfulness. It was just so unexpected and special and it really added to the whole buying experience. I love Bonbi Forest and the necklace is perfect, I’ve been wearing it almost every day since it arrived.

❤ Madame Moxie’s Masquerade, what a night! Everyone came dressed in awesome fashions: Victorian, Steampunk, Burlesque, and partied the night away. There was cabaret acts, burlesque dancing and a pirate playing industrial sea shanties on a Victorian hurdy gurdy! It was a bizarre and unforgettable evening.



❤ How beautiful Falmouth is. These were all taken on different days at different times but they are all so beautiful. I love Falmouth so much. Just going on a walk along the seafront on a sunny day makes me feel like I am on holiday. I never want to leave this little haven.

❤ My wee trip to London with Oli to see his Dad and Grandma. You can read more about the trip here.


❤ Having some major body confidence. My body is awesome and I love it. It gets me from A to B and lets me have load of fun! I can swim, cycle, dance, run, skip- #thisgirlcan! I’m working on making it stronger and healthier but love it now and always will.

❤ Beth and her friend Caitlin coming down from Exeter to visit. We has some lunch in town before heading of on a seaside adventure. The weather was lovely and we ended the day with massive ice creams from Swanpool beach cafe. It was great to meet Caitlin and I’m going up to Exeter to see them and celebrate Beth’s birthday in a few weeks, woo!

❤ Mini shopping sprees. Today I went into town and got a few bits. I went for Barry M nail polishes in Berry and Strawberry along with eye shadows in Copper and Gold. The unicorn stickers were from a local discount store and the other bits and bobs were all from Barnardos charity shop including the flowery top I used as a backdrop. I had a fab day today hanging out in town with some uni friends.

Hows that for a lot of awesome gratitude! Join me next week for even more.




A Nostalgic Visit To See The Mousehole Lights


As this is my last post of 2014 it seems somewhat appropriate to be taking a trip down memory lane. Every year, just after Christmas, my Dad used to take me and my two friends Taylor and Beth to Mousehole to see the Christmas lights. For the past few years due to family commitments, growing up and moving away from home we haven’t been able to go. However this year we all managed to agree on a date when we were all free! So we hopped into my Dad’s car and off we went to Mousehole. Mousehole is a lovely little harbour village just past Penzance. Every Christmas the town has the most beautiful display of lights all around the harbour. This year the village celebrated it’s 51st year of wonderful lights! The lights include some fun Cornish images such as a huge image of the Mousehole cat and a traditional Cornish Stargazy Pie. I took a few pictures while we wandered through the magical streets and I thought they would be a lovely way to finish the year on Pink Mind Dreams.

We wanted to recreate a photo we took about 8 years ago in front of a huge snowman light. Sadly we couldn’t find the snowman so took a bunch of photos in front of other lights instead. It was so funny especially when I decided it would be a great idea to climb up some rocks to get by the rocking horse light in the picture below. Let’s just say I wasn’t very graceful.


I hope you all have a lovely new year’s eve whatever you are doing. I have am feeling so positive about 2015 and really think it is going to be an amazing year. Thank you to everyone of you for giving me the inspiration to keep posting, I am sending all of you a massive cyber hug!



Outfit Of The Day- Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

img_20141216_133409933Sweatshirt- Brat and Suzie, Dress- Charity Shop, Leggings- Primark, Socks- Newlook, Boots- Newlook.

One of my favourite outfit combos lately has been summer dresses paired with quirky sweatshirts. I love bringing my summer pieces into winter by simply layering up, it gives you so many new outfit possibilities!

Glittery Hair Bow- Crown and Glory, Necklace- Tatty Devine 

img_20141216_184645001How freaking awesome is this necklace?! I got it today in my Glitterati secret Santa that one of the fabulous girlies organised. I love Tatty Devine so was thrilled when I saw the little box sitting in my hands. I was even more excited when I opened it to find the adorable little crown necklace inside. It’s so shiny and dinky, it makes me feel like a very stylish princess. Thank you so much to my secret Santa, everything in my parcel was perfect (I will be sharing in contents in my Things I Love Thursday post).

Christmas Decoration Haul

I am so excited for Christmas this year. I have been in the festive spirit since mid November which is so unlike me. I’m usually the sort of person who refuses to even think about Christmas until December first. But this year the Christmas bug has most certainly bitten me! This year I am living away from home so getting decorations and putting up the Christmas tree was kind of a big deal. My Mum kindly let us have her old five foot, fake, green tree. I also had a few plain baubles left from our mini tree in halls last year and Kerrie let me have a few of her old decorations. However I still needed some fancy decorations to stand out and look fabulous.

The highstreet had some amazing decorations this year at really great prices. I ended up getting things from ASDA and Wilkinson’s and boy did I get some awesome things.

Collage 1

All of these silver glittery goodies were from ASDA. Silver star tree topper- £1, Merry Christmas handing sign- £1, set of 6 snowflake hanging decorations- £1, 4m of thin silver tinsel- £1. 


Also from ASDA- penguin clay character hanging decorations- £1 each

collage 2

Now on to Wilkinson’s where I could have bought everything, if only I had the money! “Joy” and “Hope” log slice hanging decorations- £1.50 each, bright pink glittery stag’s head handing decoration- £1.50, clear “Christmas” filled with mini stars- £1.50, black acrylic tree hanging decoration- £1.50. (If you get the “Christmas” decoration be careful as the little stars can escape from the top of help upside down.)


Loop of 100 clear fairy lights- £7 


And now my absolute favourite piece- bright pink velvet effect stag- £4. I freaking love this little guy, we named him Stanley. I saw him on Helen Anderson’s “Christmas Decoration Haul” video and knew I had to have him. They also do him in red and black.

We all got together last week to decorate the tree and the living room. We danced around to Christmas classics while draping tinsel and handing baubles. We went for a kind of pink, turquoise and silver theme for the tree and I’m pretty proud of the results. We never want to take it down now!

decorationsWhy can’t every season be as sparkly as Christmas? I would happily have tinsel up all year round!

TreeStanley is protecting the our new Wii my Dad brought us as an early Christmas present. I love how proud and strong Stanley looks. I think we could all learn a lesson about posture and confidence from him (just go with it…).

collage 3Some of the decorations on the tree. I love nestling them amongst the branches. They look so cosy and snug.


I hope this post has inspired you in your Christmas decorating. I would recommend checking out both ASDA and Wilkinson’s decorations if you get a chance. This year has been a great one for awesome bits and bobs for the tree. Drop me a comment to let me know if you find any decoration gems.




October Glitterati Unboxing!

After waiting patiently for a few days my Glitterati box arrived on Saturday! I was so excited to see what was inside because I knew it had a bit of a Halloween theme and it’s no secret that I freaking love Halloween. I will admit I had a sneaky peek at some people’s photos on Facebook so I had a bit of an idea of what I would be getting but it was still a wonderful surprise to see what was in my box.

I also ordered myself a little treat which I got delivered with my box. So here is my unboxing video:

I know it’s a little bit all over the place but I tried! Hopefully next month I will be a wee bit more prepared.

Links to the products available online:

The Glitterati 

Mermaid Huge Glitter Bow (this usually comes on a stretchy elastic hair band but if you would prefer it on a metal band like mine just add a note at the checkout and you can have it done at no extra charge)

Glitter Devil Horns Headband

Glitter Bat Clips (these are just black ones)

Feather Bobby Pins

Ebony Lotta Rosie Headband (I called it the Whole Lotta Rosie in the video which is also on the website but is a wee bit bigger than the Lotta Rosie)

I love my box so much and am already itching to see what’s in store for next month. I think my favourite piece from this months box has to be the Lotta Rosie Headband. I have wanted one of these for ages and am so happy I got the black one. It will work with so many different looks and it hides my terrible roots beautifully! Thank you so much Sophie for being such a babe and thank you to the lovely Glitterati girls for always being fab.


Let the good times roll


Thought I would share a collage with you. I was chilling out with my love the other day when suddenly I had this massive urge to collage. I grabbed an old copy of Company magazine and away I went!

I first found the piece of text saying “let the good times roll” then went from there. I had so much fun doing it I’m all ready wanting to create more.

My journal is slowly becoming a radical self love bible, I really must sign up to Gala Darlings course soon.

I hope you like my collage, there will be more in the future. Why not put some old magazines to use and get crafty too?