So I Vlog Now! Adventures in Cardiff

I have had a Youtube channel for a while now. I made a few videos a year or so ago but kinda didn’t really follow through with doing anymore, although I do frequently make guest appearances on my sisters channel. But vlogging has always appealed to me. I love documenting what I get up to and I’m not easily embarrassed so filming in public is not a thing that scares me. So when me and Sarah went to Cardiff on a mini break last week I though fuck it, lets give this a go!

As I said, this is my very first time vlogging so I did forget to film a lot and have some pretty chin-heavy angles. But all in all I’m pretty proud of myself. Even after editing the footage down I still had enough to make two decent length videos. So I hope you enjoy! If you do feel free to pop over to my channel and subscribe, although I will always cross post my videos here as well so you won’t miss out either way.


And for a bonus here’s my wee haul video that I made when I got home. It includes all the goodies I brought minus some cute denim shorts that I forgot to add in and the food I got at Simply V because I ate it all, ooops! I’ve been on a roll lately.

So yeah, let me know what you think in the comments.

Stay rad!




A Trip to Purley

Hello my wonderful readers! Sorry I have been neglecting my blog for a while, I’ve been a busy bee however now I have some time and plan to get back to business. Yesterday me and Oli got back from a wee trip. We went up to London (Purley to be exact) to visit Oli’s Dad and Grandma. I was super nervous about meeting Oli’s Grandma but I needn’t have been, she is super lovely and we got on fabulously!

How amazing is the wallpaper  in the downstairs bathroom?!

We were only away for 3 days so didn’t really do much other that a trip into Croydon and a rather extensive Primark splurge. We ate some delicious food courtesy of Oli’s Dad and even had a late mini Christmas with some other relatives. It was really nice to see them all and just relax. We are already planning on going back in the summer and staying for longer so we can do some fun, touristy things in central London.


I took quite a few pictures while I was away, mainly of the beautiful garden so I thought I would share some of them here. I can’t wait to see it in full bloom in summer!


I really love these photos and had a great time taking them, even if my fingers were absolutely freezing! I will be back to posting more frequently now so keep your eyes open.