Rad In August

Holy fuck it’s September already! Having said that I feel like August lasted forever which has got to be a good thing cause I had a lot of fun this past month. I liked it so much that I’m gonna bring back my monthly favourite list! This is gonna be things I’ve been loving including shows, music, articles, random crap, just anything really. Hell let’s just be honest here, I’m totally making this up as I go along. Sorry if this post doesn’t read amazingly, I’m having a 90’s dance party while writing and my mind tends to wander when I listen to music.


Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling has been something I’ve been aware of for a while now but for some reason in August I decided to take the plunge and start my own. I started with the basic model ideas from the Bullet Journal site then got creative from there. It’s really helped me organise my life and goals. Because it’s all in a plain notebook and you organise it as you go it means it’s super flexible allowing for anything to be added. I might write a whole post about my experiences with bullet journaling in a few months when I’ve had a bit more time to refine my personal style.


Typography Apps

My two favourites are Font Candy and Typorama. Both are free to download and use but you can pay a few quid to get access to more fonts and other fun things. It’s just such a fun way to spruce up your instagram photos. The 4 above examples are all my own photos edited in the app to create awesome images.

This strawberry baked oatmeal recipe.

I made it once and it was so yummy and filling. I think it will be great for when I go back to uni. I can make some up on Sunday night then just grab a slice before a leave for the bus throughout the week.


I have been so in love with 3 youtubers in the month of August. Deligracy  is an awesome Sim’s gamer who mostly posts house builds and lets plays of The Sims 4. I just finished binge watching her 6o part “Twins” let’s play. So much drama and story development! I got so invested in the characters and the storyline, that girl has talent! Annie Elainey  is so open and honest and I just love watching her videos. She vlogs about her life, chronic illness, social justice, movies, hair and much much more. Annie has also inspired me to start adding captions to all my videos to make them more accessible. Stef Sanjati is a Toronto based makeup artist who has bags and bags of personality and style. She posts makeup tutorials and challenges along with regular Q&As and updates on her personal experiences transitioning. Stef has such an infectious personality and her smile just makes me melt!


This 90s Party Playist is my jam right now. I am raving to it right now and keep getting distracted by the tunes. This feel good playlist my Mum put together. Clearly this playlist shows where I get my fabulous music taste from. This playlist is the perfect mix of modern hits and classics creating a perfect happy summer vibe. I am also really digging the Suicide Squad soundtrack album, so many great songs in a neat package. If I have this playing through my headphones while I walk somewhere I instantly feel like a total badass and start subconsciously strutting my stuff.

This interview with Laverne Cox about the Rocky Horror remake

As a die-hard fan of the original I was somewhat sceptical about the modern remake but this has put all my fears to rest and I now can’t wait to watch it!

Yaaaasss! Destroying the mentality of being “not like other girls”

This post just gives me life. Being a girl isn’t a competition. We need to stand by our sisters and support each other.

And finally these two totally unrelated videos that just make me smile so much



And that’s that! I hope you all enjoy my recommendations, let me know in the comments.



Internetty Bits and Bobs

Hello and welcome to Novembers round up of internetty wonders. Sorry it’s a little bit late, I’ve had deadlines and whatnot but I am done for the term now. Yay! So here it is. Best enjoyed with a mince pie and a cuppa.

❤ Check out some of the most magical, awesome and freaking weird unicorn things from around the web.

❤ Nothing like a bit of Ian McKellen to inspire you.

❤ If Schmidt, from New Girl, quotes were motivational posters.

❤ This Pagan wedding in Iceland is absolutely stunning.

❤ I’d seen about this woman’s work about how strangers perceive her body a while ago so was thrilled to discover she is working on a book. 

❤ Some of these imaginings of cartoon characters as humans are awesome!

❤ Just adorable pygmy marmoset cuteness.

Steven Tyler is basically a super cool Grandma, okay?

Taylor Swift has been my total person of the month.

Positive Doodles is great for any time you need a little positive boost. Full of little cute illustrations with motivational messages.

❤ Turn Down For What like you’ve never heard it before:

❤ This cover of Radioactive is incredible:

❤ My jam of the month, I have literally been playing this 5 times a day! It just makes me happy and full of energy:

So that’s that! I hope you found some things in there that you enjoyed! The next list will be coming at you in 2015! Wow!



Internetty Bits and Bobs

Hello internet, can you believe it’s November already? Where has the time flown? Sorry I haven’t blogged much lately, I need to get back into my routine. I promise there will be another “Introducing Falmouth”  post later this week too. To make up for my neglect I have a bumper round up of links for you this month. Grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy with some blankets and enjoy!

❤ If you are married or in a long term relationship, like me, sometimes you need an injection of romance and fun. Kat from Rock n Roll Bride has complied a list of 50 great, affordable date ideas to spice things up again. 

❤ As always we have some cute animal photos, this time in family portrait form. 

❤ This is a skiing video with a difference. LED lights bring the slopes alive and make for some seriously amazing viewing.

❤ Do you love cats? Do you love DIY projects? How about combining those two loves?

❤ This Brighton wedding looks like so much fun! Can I go back in time and get an invite please?

The Queen has posted her first ever tweet, I repeat THE QUEEN HAD POSTED HER FIRST EVER TWEET, this is not a drill.

Who knew bunnies could have this much attitude?

❤ This photo of a rainbow from above is truly magical.

❤ And back to cats- 15 tourist attractions that will appeal to your inner cat lady tenancies.

Some songs just make you love being a woman, the nineties were particularly good at dishing them out.

❤ Some of the very best fictional witches. 

❤ A bit late for Halloween but I couldn’t resist sharing this creepy, styled wedding shoot. I just love it!

❤ I spend a lot of time in galleries looking at the paintings wondering what on earth the people depicted are thinking, this hilarious post takes a stab at figuring that out.

I would usually only share a few videos with you but as I have so many great ones this month I am going to share them all!

❤ The first time I heard this on TV it made me smile, it still does.

❤ I just though this was spectacular and mesmerizing.

❤ Just in case you haven’t seen it yet I thought I would include this amazingly geeky safety video-

❤ Apparently me and Daniel Radcliffe share the same love for leaning really hard raps!

❤ The Lounge Kittens have done it again, this time covering a Slipknot classic

❤ Her dancing always captivates me.

Phew, long list! I hope you enjoyed this months collection of awesomeness.


Internetty Bits and Bobs

Sorry this is a wee bit late guys! I have been a busy bee so haven’t had a chance to sit down and compile this list. But yay, I now have the time so I hope you find something you enjoy as much as I did.

❤ Spending forever creating the perfect family and house on the Sims used to be one of my favourite ways to waste a day. I dread to think how long this superfan spent recreating these sets from Friends

❤ As you will know by now I am a massive Crown and Glory fan. Earlier this month Rock n Roll Bride once again collaborated with them to bring out the Bridesmaid Collection. There are some lovely pieces in there- my fave has to be either the pink Liberace ears or the Liberace hearts.

❤ Are you in need of a cute animal pick-me-up? If so this link is for you!

❤ I go to the wonderful Falmouth University in Cornwall, England and we had some fabulous news recently- Dawn French is our new chancellor! How freaking awesome is that?!

❤ Space fascinates me so when I saw this nebular bracelet I fell in love.

❤ Who knew Duct Tape could make such beautiful clothes?

❤ I you love Buffy The Vampire Slayer then you will love this.

❤ One of the common things tattooed women hear is “what about when you get married?”, we will look awesome, that’s what! 

❤ I love a good science joke.


❤ Ever wondered what Single Ladies would sound like as a dramatic monologue? Well wonder no more.

❤ One for the Harry Potter fans.

❤ This song speaks to me on a spiritual level.

❤ These guys take popular songs and make them a million times more awesome. This is my particular favourite.

I hope you enjoyed the bits I have rounded up this month. Now to start collecting again…



Internetty bits and bobs

Wow, I can’t believe August is over. It has really flown by. I’ve been getting in the mood for uni by buying new stationary and attempting to read my books. No month is complete without my round up of goodness from around the internet. Settle down with a cuppa and enjoy!

❤ Phoebe Buffay was my favourite character from friends so I was delighted when I found this list of her greatest lines.

❤ Have you ever wondered what a corner shop filled with felt goods would look like? Neither had I but this artist clearly has and decided to make it a reality! 

❤ I think this is an incredibly clever idea- How a password changed my life 

This wedding is so colourful and fun a beautiful, it fills me with joy

❤ Lot’s of UK stores embrace this idea in there value ranges however I think this way of marketing misshapen veggies takes the biscuit.

❤ Upcycling is always great and these thrift store paintings really gained a new lease of life through it

❤ Cher is hilarious on Twitter, just check this list out

❤ Baby crying? Here’s a musical solution

❤ Beaches are pretty magical as is but these beaches take it to a whole new level

❤ Colourful wedding dresses really add individuality to the day, be inspired through these beautiful examples

This website is so cute! You can “adopt” a toy cat who is based on a real rescue cat and half of your purchase price goes to cat shelters.

❤ There are so many body types women can have but they are rarely seen in the media. I found a wonderful, honest collection of photos of women owning their bodies and being proud to bare all!

❤ I see a bit of a wedding theme… oooops! Eclectic, vintage and bric a brac themed– what’t not to love?

A magical interview with my fave blogging babe Gala Darling

❤ Owl Babies was one of my favourite books as a child so when I came across an animated version I was transported right back

❤ I came across Tom Fletcher’s (from Mcfly) wedding speech the other day and it is so freaking romantic and funny and amazing. It made me cry happy tears

Sorry about the abundance of wedding type links, apparently I have been in a very romantic mood this month.

Toodles for now.

Internetty Bits and Bobs

July has been an odd one for me what with moving into my new house and everything. For most of it we have been making do with the nearby BT hotspot while waiting for our hub to arrive. However I have managed to accumulate a rather long list of links I am excited to share with you all! There’s something for everyone in this months round up.

❤ This recipe for vegan brownies is divine! I made them with my house mates and they went down a storm. (I would recommend cutting the oil by 100ml and upping the water by 100ml as someone in the comments said).

❤ Pugs are my absolute favourite breed of dog and these photos of smug pugs make me love them even more.

Team Girl Comic has one simple aim- to showcase female comic creators and I think it’s a damn good aim.

❤ I love behind the scenes photos and this is a great list of them.

❤ This photo shoot is so magical

❤ A short film about a local Cornish business called Thrashion. They make amazing jewellery out of old skateboards- the bangles are my favourites.

An engagement shoot in a dinosaur themed golf course???!!! Can it get any cooler than that???!!!

❤ Cat’s really are the best animal ever. This story really touched me (and yes I know it’s old!)

Superheroes photo shopped into beautiful environments? Yes please!

❤ I spent far too long on this Benedict Cumberbatch name generator the other day…

❤ Fall Out Boy are one of my favourite bands so when they announced they would be bring out a video to accompany EVERY song from their latest album I was thrilled. Finally all of the videos have been released and can be watched back to back so you can follow the story!

❤ These jokes really make you think.

❤ These images are both beautiful and empowering. I want them all over my walls.

Foxes!!!!!!!! That is all.

❤ Have you ever wanted to see Robert Downey Jr as a pinup model? Well now’s your chance!

❤ Check out these innovative tea infusers– for the tea lover who needs to express themselves.

❤ People who can do impressions amaze me. People who can do SINGING impressions amaze me even more!

❤ Take one one tiny birthday cake, one hedgehog and two hamsters and you have the cutest video ever.

Cakes that are two good to eat are always super fab.

Frozen is the New Black… just watch it and you will see.

This sort of act gives me faith in humanity. Breast feeding mothers should be able to feed their babies wherever they damn well please.

❤ How did I not know Marilyn Manson did a cover of You’re so vain?!

❤ You can wear a piece of a shooting star! How freaking cool is that?

Queen Bey being fabulous as always!

Using fashion to help the homeless in a practical way, hells to the yeah!

❤ Making something 3D seem 2D is a real skill.

❤ And finally my Mum’s blog! She’s been writing some great posts lately especially her post about all the things Jim our kitten has taught us about life and her post about the Falmouth Fashion show.

Woah that was a biggie! I hope you all find something that interests you in there. Hopefully I will be posting at least 2 more posts on the blog this week- one about my trips to St.Ives and Eden and another about the fashion show. I also plan on making a little Etsy haul video sometime soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Toodles for now!

Internetty Bits and Bobs

This months round up of awesome things I have seen on the wonderful world wide web! This list is gonna be quite a long one as I have been on the internet a lot lately due to finishing uni and waiting to move. So here goes…

❤ Who doesn’t love a list of Adorable Baby Animals to brighten up the day?

❤ How often do you mishear a song lyric and think it says something bizarre?

❤ If you love cats as much as I do then you will love these classic paintings made way more awesome by adding cats!

❤ I see a theme… have a list of 50 cute cat pictures

Poetry and feminism– a match made in heaven.

❤ These nature tattoos are so beautiful. Feeling inspired to go get some more ink now

❤ More cat themed things- my cat would love to live in this kitty wonderland

❤ Knitting is a wonderful hobby and can bring joy to so many people. What this 102 year old woman has been doing is so heart warming. 

❤ Ever wondered what a Victorian steam punk house on wheels would look like?

❤ I love yarn bombing with a passion. Every time I see some around town or campus it makes me smile. This guy takes yarn bombing to the extreme

❤ This time-lapse of a stellar explosion makes me think about how amazingly beautiful our universe is

50 ways to feel like a goddess is a list everyone should read. Full of ways to be nicer to yourself and those around you.

“I wear a bikini because fuck you” is a great piece on body positivity. I think it is particularly relevant as summer approaches. Today I brought a bikini and I had this quote from the piece in my mind the whole time- “I have a bikini body. I know this because I put an actual bikini… on my body”. I’m so ready to rock it on the beach!

❤ The Breakfast Club is one of my favourite movies of all time so when I came across these alternative movie posters I just had to share them

❤ I want to bounce around in Welsh caves! 

❤ I am in love with this band! This cover is one of the best things I’ve heard, like ever!

Internetty bits and bobs

I’m going to start doing a monthly (possibly weekly, we shall see) round up of things I see on the internet that I love and feel my readers mights also love. I really enjoy looking through Gala Darling and Pixie and Pixier’s lists so was feeling inspired. You know when you see something so great you just have to share it? Well here that goes!

❤ These beautiful magical tree tunnels. I want to walk through these all so badly! Lets go on a tree tunnel road trip!

❤ The full length Skins theme tune. Bringing back all the memories

❤ These groom’s facial expressions when they see their beautiful brides.

❤ Gala Darlings updated Radical Self Love Manifesto. I have her original one printed out and pinned to my pin board. She really knows how to motivate people with added glitter!

“Little girls R better at designing Superheroes than you” is an awesome Tumblr blog filled with illustrations by artist Alex Law of children’s  make-shift superhero costumes. Alex feels that children often have better and way more practical superhero costume ideas than the grown ups in the comic industry. None of those silly costumes created to look sexy- just pure fun and awesomeness!

15 words in other languages with no direct English equivalent. This list is so great. I find language so fascinating. You know when you feel something but can’t quite put it into words? The words probably exist, just in a different language.

Such a ingenious invention! Josipa Majic and Ana Burica have created a teddy bead that reads children’s vital signs while they are playing with it! Think how much time and stress this could save the children and doctors?

❤ This video, just yeah…

❤ Morgan Freeman on Helium. I have been waiting for this my whole life!

❤ How awesome is this cover of Gold digger?