Time To Get Moving


Well hello there! Nice to see you again. I am now a 22 year old, third year creative writing student and I think it’s about time I got more of my writing online. I’m still going to be writing new content but I thought it would be fun to share more of the work I have created since being at uni. I would love feedback so as always feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

First I’m going to share a song I wrote with you. I wrote this for my lyric writing module last year, but the ideas had been stewing in my mind for a while. I really want to actually write some music for this track and record it at some point (with the help of Oli of course because I have very little musical talent). All of my lyrics are pretty personal and this one is no different but like all art it is very much elaborated and embellished unlike reality. Enjoy!


Failed Love Songs (for failed people)

We both fell fast and we both fell hard
like some Shakespeare shit taken to heart.
I ate Chinese at yours, you slept over at mine
it wasn’t all that romantic, never had the time.
I guess we wrote notes and texted into the night
just for a moment we went together just right.
Didn’t question tomorrow, didn’t cherish today
we just went with the flow, come what may.

It never really got started
We never really took off
Sure we made mix tapes
and maybe danced in the rain
We went to the movies
and had silly nicknames.

But it never really started,
we never really took off
You didn’t bring me home,
didn’t sing from the rooftops.
And this ain’t a love song,
another failed love song.

We went to cult movies, laughed in the dark
we marched through the streets making our mark.
I thought it was love, you thought it was fun
we never spoke about it, just decided to run.
I traced your freckles and played with your hair,
We tumbled to your bed without a care.
We woke up and I knew things were strange,
When you looked at me your eyes had changed.

It never really got started
We never really took off
Sure we made mix tapes
and maybe danced in the rain
We went to the movies
and had silly nicknames.

But it never really started,
we never really took off
You didn’t bring me home,
didn’t sing from the rooftops.
And this ain’t a love song,
another failed love song.

Would it have worked?
Could we have cared?
Would we have lasted?
Let’s not wonder, let’s not worry
maybe it’s better that…

It never really got started
We never really took off
Sure we made mix tapes
and maybe danced in the rain
We went to the movies
and had silly nicknames.

But it never really started,
we never really took off
You didn’t bring me home,
didn’t sing from the rooftops.
And this ain’t a love song,
another failed love song.


So there you go, the first song I am sharing on this blog. I hope you enjoyed it or at least found it kinda interesting. Feel free to leave feedback and let me know if you would like to hear this as a final recorded song one day.




Tis The Season To Be Rocking!

Hello people!  I have been trying to get into the festive spirit lately and I suddenly remembered about a playlist I made last year. I created an awesome playlist of alternative Christmas songs, mainly rock inspired jams. So I thought I would share that awesome list with you guys. The Youtube list is a bit better as it has more songs on however I did make a Spotify version too. I hope you enjoy rocking out to some Christmas jams!


Happy holidays to my lovely readers!


Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching

I was going back through my saved drafts on this blog and I came across one from about a year ago. There was no writing, just a link. A link that turns out to be one of the funniest clips of me ever from years ago:

My Crazy Kids Pt 1 - Emma

Yep, that’s little old me, 6 whole years ago! I love the enthusiasm, joy and just not-giving-a-fuck-nes I appear to have in this clip. I need to work on capturing that more in my everyday life. I need to just be myself and not get self concious about things. 15 year old Emma, thank you for inspiring present day 21 year old Emma, lets go kick life in the butt and have a silly old boogie while doing it!


A Playlist- Fuck the Patriarchy

I love music, I listen to it all the time. Popping to the shop- headphones on. Getting ready for the day- tunes blaring from my laptop. Doing uni work- yep more music. I also love making playlists with different themes depending on my mood. So I decided to make a new semi regular series on the blog where I share these playlists with you! They will either be on Spotify or Youtube depending on track availability. I’m also going to make cute little graphics for each playlist so you can go and create it however you want without having to visit either of those websites.

The first playlist I have decided to share with you wonderful people is the girl-power inspired “Fuck the Patriarchy”. It is a shortened version of a Spotify playlist that I listen to a lot when I am getting ready to go out into the world. It fills me with energy and confidence. It’s full of fabulous hits by kick-arse women but is no means a definitive list and I am constantly adding to it. This shortened list is full of my personal faves. I decided to make it on Youtube so I could include some Taylor Swift.

Fuck The Patriarchy Playlist

Link to the Youtube playlist. 

I have also included the full playlist which is in no real order so you might want to listen to it on shuffle to avoid getting loads of songs by the same artist or that don’t go together.

I hope you like this new idea I had! Let me know in the comments if you did. Also I’m always looking for more great music so please comment if you have any new suggestions of songs or artists I might enjoy.


My Top Ten Albums- part 1

First thins first, this list is in no particular order. That would be virtually impossible because all of these albums are so different and I love different things about each of them. Some of them make me happy, some of them make me think, some of them are great for when I want to kill a bitch, some of them give me a great big musical hug! I took a long time pondering over which albums to include in this list and trust me it could have been much longer. So here we go!

1: Save Rock and Roll: Fall Out Boy

Every single song on this album has at least one wonderfully quotable lyric. From “time crawls on when you’re waiting for the song to start so dance alone to the beat of your heart” in The Phoenix to “you are what you love not who loves you” In Save Rock and Roll, there’s just so many gems. My Mum actually got this album before I did and she used to joke that I was going to have to buy her a new copy because of how many times I played it on repeat! I did eventually get my own copy and it’s been played just as many times. There was also a period of a month where this was the only music I had on my phone to listen to and I still didn’t get bored of it. I was so happy whe FOB came off hiatus I was so freaking happy! Sure their music has changed but that’s by no means a bad thing. This album did the unthinkable- made me somewhat like Elton John! I mean who saw that collaboration happening?! I know all of the lyrics to this album and will be singing it until I die. Fall Out Boy you sure as hell did save rock and roll.

2: Costello Music: The Fratellis

Despite this album coming out way back in 2006 I didn’t actually own it until 2013, just before I started uni. I saw it at a local car boot sale and remembered my love for them and picked it up for a quid or so. For sure one of the best pounds I’ve ever spent. It was the only thing in my CD player during those first few awkward weeks at uni and has been the soundtrack to many nights since. Chelsea Dagger is an obvious classic, I mean, it’s played at my local club literally every student night, but the rest of the album is way too good to be overlooked. The song titles alone rock, Cuntry Boys & City Girls and VInce the Loveable Stoner are two of my favourite examples. I love their sound, It’s just so unique but I can’t quite sum it up in words. Just give them a listen and make your own mind up.

3: Love Lust Faith + Dreams: Thirty Seconds to Mars

This is another album that I kept pinching off my Mum. And yes, I do have the coolest Mum ever! This album is a real experience. It’s a work of art. Thirty Seconds to Mars’ music has this way of stirring me. I put Love Lust Faith + Dreams on when I want to be inspired. In November 2013 I went to see them on this albums tour and it was absolutely life changing, it was a “time to be alive”. About a week after the concert I decided to get a tattoo to remember that night because it kind of restored my faith in life and humanity. I know that seems a little far fetched but it’s how I felt. I would recommend listening to this album with massive headphones on while lying on your bed in the dark, it’s pretty damn magical.

4: Remember that I Love You: Kimya Dawson

Time for something completely different. Like so many other, I discovered Kimya Dawson through the movie Juno. I fell in love with her sweet voice and folky acoustic guitar. The whole album is so personal and odd, it makes me smile and cry and think. Singing along to Loose Lips with friends is one of my favourite things to do. Trying to keep up with the fast, tongue-tying pace guarantees fun. My Rollercoaster always makes me think of my wonderful boyfriend and my Mum has been know to paraphrase it saying “…I hope one day you get paid for being Emma Robinson”. Kimya is a genius songwriter. Her songs are relatable, inspiring and comforting. My firm favourite from the album has to be I Like Giants, listen to the link below and I’m sure you will see why.

5: The Black Parade: My Chemical Romance

Time to reminisce. The Black Parade is possibly the first album I fell in love with. I remember begging for it for Christmas, it worked. I actually have two copies now but one is lost somewhere at my Mums house. I will never not relate to this album. It was there for me in some of my toughest hours growing up and I know it will help me again. As soon as the piano starts in Welcome to the Black Parade my heart skips a beat. Those notes chill me to the bones for some reason and I love it. Even talking about it is making me all emo again! I even have a pretty big thigh tattoo planned based around Mother War from the Welcome to the Black Parade music video. When life gets me down and I need a pick me up I listen to Famous Last Words and scream out “I am not afraid to keep on living” and it really does help.

Part 2 will be up this time next week or sooner so watch this space! I hope you liked part one and it maybe even inspired you to get yourself some new music.


Internetty Bits and Bobs

Hello and welcome to Novembers round up of internetty wonders. Sorry it’s a little bit late, I’ve had deadlines and whatnot but I am done for the term now. Yay! So here it is. Best enjoyed with a mince pie and a cuppa.

❤ Check out some of the most magical, awesome and freaking weird unicorn things from around the web.

❤ Nothing like a bit of Ian McKellen to inspire you.

❤ If Schmidt, from New Girl, quotes were motivational posters.

❤ This Pagan wedding in Iceland is absolutely stunning.

❤ I’d seen about this woman’s work about how strangers perceive her body a while ago so was thrilled to discover she is working on a book. 

❤ Some of these imaginings of cartoon characters as humans are awesome!

❤ Just adorable pygmy marmoset cuteness.

Steven Tyler is basically a super cool Grandma, okay?

Taylor Swift has been my total person of the month.

Positive Doodles is great for any time you need a little positive boost. Full of little cute illustrations with motivational messages.

❤ Turn Down For What like you’ve never heard it before:

❤ This cover of Radioactive is incredible:

❤ My jam of the month, I have literally been playing this 5 times a day! It just makes me happy and full of energy:

So that’s that! I hope you found some things in there that you enjoyed! The next list will be coming at you in 2015! Wow!



Internetty Bits and Bobs

Hello internet, can you believe it’s November already? Where has the time flown? Sorry I haven’t blogged much lately, I need to get back into my routine. I promise there will be another “Introducing Falmouth”  post later this week too. To make up for my neglect I have a bumper round up of links for you this month. Grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy with some blankets and enjoy!

❤ If you are married or in a long term relationship, like me, sometimes you need an injection of romance and fun. Kat from Rock n Roll Bride has complied a list of 50 great, affordable date ideas to spice things up again. 

❤ As always we have some cute animal photos, this time in family portrait form. 

❤ This is a skiing video with a difference. LED lights bring the slopes alive and make for some seriously amazing viewing.

❤ Do you love cats? Do you love DIY projects? How about combining those two loves?

❤ This Brighton wedding looks like so much fun! Can I go back in time and get an invite please?

The Queen has posted her first ever tweet, I repeat THE QUEEN HAD POSTED HER FIRST EVER TWEET, this is not a drill.

Who knew bunnies could have this much attitude?

❤ This photo of a rainbow from above is truly magical.

❤ And back to cats- 15 tourist attractions that will appeal to your inner cat lady tenancies.

Some songs just make you love being a woman, the nineties were particularly good at dishing them out.

❤ Some of the very best fictional witches. 

❤ A bit late for Halloween but I couldn’t resist sharing this creepy, styled wedding shoot. I just love it!

❤ I spend a lot of time in galleries looking at the paintings wondering what on earth the people depicted are thinking, this hilarious post takes a stab at figuring that out.

I would usually only share a few videos with you but as I have so many great ones this month I am going to share them all!

❤ The first time I heard this on TV it made me smile, it still does.

❤ I just though this was spectacular and mesmerizing.

❤ Just in case you haven’t seen it yet I thought I would include this amazingly geeky safety video-

❤ Apparently me and Daniel Radcliffe share the same love for leaning really hard raps!

❤ The Lounge Kittens have done it again, this time covering a Slipknot classic

❤ Her dancing always captivates me.

Phew, long list! I hope you enjoyed this months collection of awesomeness.


Internetty Bits and Bobs

Sorry this is a wee bit late guys! I have been a busy bee so haven’t had a chance to sit down and compile this list. But yay, I now have the time so I hope you find something you enjoy as much as I did.

❤ Spending forever creating the perfect family and house on the Sims used to be one of my favourite ways to waste a day. I dread to think how long this superfan spent recreating these sets from Friends

❤ As you will know by now I am a massive Crown and Glory fan. Earlier this month Rock n Roll Bride once again collaborated with them to bring out the Bridesmaid Collection. There are some lovely pieces in there- my fave has to be either the pink Liberace ears or the Liberace hearts.

❤ Are you in need of a cute animal pick-me-up? If so this link is for you!

❤ I go to the wonderful Falmouth University in Cornwall, England and we had some fabulous news recently- Dawn French is our new chancellor! How freaking awesome is that?!

❤ Space fascinates me so when I saw this nebular bracelet I fell in love.

❤ Who knew Duct Tape could make such beautiful clothes?

❤ I you love Buffy The Vampire Slayer then you will love this.

❤ One of the common things tattooed women hear is “what about when you get married?”, we will look awesome, that’s what! 

❤ I love a good science joke.


❤ Ever wondered what Single Ladies would sound like as a dramatic monologue? Well wonder no more.

❤ One for the Harry Potter fans.

❤ This song speaks to me on a spiritual level.

❤ These guys take popular songs and make them a million times more awesome. This is my particular favourite.

I hope you enjoyed the bits I have rounded up this month. Now to start collecting again…



Internetty bits and bobs

I’m going to start doing a monthly (possibly weekly, we shall see) round up of things I see on the internet that I love and feel my readers mights also love. I really enjoy looking through Gala Darling and Pixie and Pixier’s lists so was feeling inspired. You know when you see something so great you just have to share it? Well here that goes!

❤ These beautiful magical tree tunnels. I want to walk through these all so badly! Lets go on a tree tunnel road trip!

❤ The full length Skins theme tune. Bringing back all the memories

❤ These groom’s facial expressions when they see their beautiful brides.

❤ Gala Darlings updated Radical Self Love Manifesto. I have her original one printed out and pinned to my pin board. She really knows how to motivate people with added glitter!

“Little girls R better at designing Superheroes than you” is an awesome Tumblr blog filled with illustrations by artist Alex Law of children’s  make-shift superhero costumes. Alex feels that children often have better and way more practical superhero costume ideas than the grown ups in the comic industry. None of those silly costumes created to look sexy- just pure fun and awesomeness!

15 words in other languages with no direct English equivalent. This list is so great. I find language so fascinating. You know when you feel something but can’t quite put it into words? The words probably exist, just in a different language.

Such a ingenious invention! Josipa Majic and Ana Burica have created a teddy bead that reads children’s vital signs while they are playing with it! Think how much time and stress this could save the children and doctors?

❤ This video, just yeah…

❤ Morgan Freeman on Helium. I have been waiting for this my whole life!

❤ How awesome is this cover of Gold digger? 

Flash Back

You know how music can take you back to a place or time? This has been happening a lot to me lately and it amazes me how powerful the feelings can be. I was on the bus earlier listening to my ipod and I realised I was smiling; almost laughing with happiness. I was listening to Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy. I wasn’t smiling because of the song itself, more what it signified to me, what the whole album signified to me.

This time last year was a massive time of change for me. I was figuring out uni shit, relationship stuff, the shop I worked at closed, my exams were near an end. Everything was up in the air, a real time of self discovery. I had also lost my ipod which may not seem a biggie to you but to me it was massive. I always like to listen to music when on my own in public, it’s kinda my comfort blanket. So I made do with my old, dying phone. It only had enough room for one album. That one album was Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy.  God knows how many times I listened to that album over those few months. It became the sound track to my life. It was what I listened to as I walked home from work on that last day, when I saw Oli after 6 months apart, when I walked to 6th form to sit my final exams.

Over and over again. That album is implanted in my memories forever. Each song brings up a different emotion, a specific moment in the past. My life has changed so much in the past year but every time I listen to those songs I am transported back. Not in a bad way though, it gives me faith seeing how much has changed and how far I have come.

That album will forever hold a place inside my heart.

Are there any songs or albums that take you back in time? I would love to hear about your experiences.

I will leave you with the song that made me smile today on a First bus surrounded my students.