We’re Here, We’re Queer, Have Some Photos Of Us


So my wonderful sister Jenny has recently been working on her final project for the first year of her photography diploma. She decided to focus on LGBTQA+ people and their identities because it’s something that’s important to her and a lot of people around her. Naturally she asked yours truly if I would like to be involved along with my girlfriend Cat. Never one to pass up an opportunity to be photographed I jumped on it and am super excited to share some of my favourite shots!

2018-04-18-0007 The general vibe of the shoot was just us being natural and in love. We decided to shoot near our housed in Penryn. We went to the park just down the road and took a few shots in my garden. We also found this really cute spot in a community garden (above photo) just across the road from me that I didn’t even know existed!


We just dressed how we usually would so I went for black jeans, my bee t-shirt, a thrifted flannel, my denim jacket with loads of pins and patched and my favourite yellow hat. Cat of course went for her epic cloak with harem pants, her solstice t-shirt and of course walking boots.


Jenny decided to use her Pentax K1000 film camera for these shots, which incidentally her wonderful girlfriend gave her for Christmas, quite fitting. I love the soft, vintage type vibes this method of shooting gives the photos. I think it works super well with the colours of our clothes and the environments we shot in. Jenny also only brought one roll of film with her so I think that makes the 24 photos taken even more special.

2018-04-18-0003 I absolutely love this shot because the sun was just shining so perfectly. It was a pretty grey day (it even started raining near the end) so this was unexpected and made for a magical moment.


This big green door is right outside my house and I’ve always thought it would make a great location for a photo shoot so I’m glad that’s finally happened.


As you can tell we had way too much fun playing on the spinny swing thing at the park. Really we are both big kids at heart.


This is possibly my favourite photo of the day. It captures Cat in her natural habitat, I often call her my little spider monkey. She just jumped up there and started climbing and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a Spiderman/Mary Jane inspired photo.


All of these photos are so genuine and I think really capture the love that me and Cat share. I’m so grateful that Jenny wanted to take photos of us and managed to get so many great shots of us just being unashamedly us.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these wonderful super gay photos! If you have then please check out Jenny’s photography Instagram give her a follow and some love @_jensphotography_



Things I Love Thursday

Screenshot 2015-11-26 at 17.24.43.png

❤ Quality time with my Nana. We went to Truro last Friday and had so much fun. We did some shoe shopping, bought some Christmas presents and had lunch at Archie Browns. It was such a nice day. I think it’s so important to make time to chill with your loved ones. Planning on doing it again some time before Christmas, woo!


❤ This beautiful rainbow of a salad from Swanpool Beach Cafe. It’s Moroccan style quinoa  with mixed leaves, humus and loads of yummy roasted seeds. It was one of the best salads ever, I’m so glad I gave quinoa another chance. Me and Oli had a really nice lunch at the beach. I love going to the beach in winter because you can watch all the happy dogs bounding around the sand and splashing in the sea.


❤ Winter. I really like winter. I’m not keen on the rain we get a lot here in England but there’s a lot of thing I love about winter. I love snuggling up in scarves and jumpers, lie ins in warm beds on cold mornings, that crisp chill in the air, Christmas drinks at coffee shops, Christmas light switch ons, present buying trips. I could go on for ages!

Not a long list today but I am happy and grateful and that’s what matters. I’m inviting you all, once again, to comment 3 things you are grateful for this week in the comments section.


Things I Love Thursday

I’ve got that Thursday feeling!

❤ Finding cute little pieces of graffiti.

❤ Spending hours chatting to Mum about everything under the sun.

❤ Rewatching all of the Harry Potter movies with Oli. Currently we are nearly at the end of Goblet of Fire. I will never not love Harry Potter.

❤ Having a lovely lunch out with Amy and Jasmine on Tuesday. We had some really nice chats.

❤ Chilling at Nana’s for the past few days. I always love having a good natter with her and watching a bit of “Say Yes to the Dress” on Sky and discussing which dresses we like.

❤ My hair getting super long although this photo doesn’t really do it justice. When it straight/wet it comes about an inch below my bra strap. Wooo! I love having long hair.

❤ On a similar note I appear to be successfully growing my nails for like the first time ever. I have been a nibbler for as long as I can remember so I suddenly feel all grown up and glamorous with nice nails.

❤ Handing in my essay at the end of last week, such a load off my shoulders.

❤ Redoing my roots and my pink! I feel like myself again, woo! Pinkhead until the end. I have been dying my hair pink for almost 5 years now and I’m still not bored.

❤ Feeling some major witchy vibes from the season, my fashion and the new Pagan Society I am part of at uni! I am the secretary and I’m super excited about it. We are having our first Moot on Tuesday and I can’t wait.

❤ This super cute little witchy buddy Sarah painted on my face today.

❤ Halloween!!!! It’s my absolute favourite time of year! I love all of the skull themed things in shops and I can’t get enough of awesome pumpkin carvings. We went to the Eden Project today and there was this really cool spooky tent type thing and it was so magical! I will share some of my favourite photos from inside the tent below-

It’s been a pretty fun reading week so far… should probably do some reading now!


InspirApril Photo Challenge Round Up

Hello you wonderful people. It is now May, omg! In April I took part in the Instragram #InspirApril photo challenge. This is the first time Iv’e actually kept up a photo challenge all the way through so I am pretty proud of myself.


The challenge was devised by five wonderful wome- Cassy Fry, Nikki Loy, Helen, Amy and Jennifer Hamley. They all contributed 6 prompts to the list and they were all fun and super inspiring. I thought it would be a cool thing to share here to give you more of an insight into me and my life. So lets look back over April.


Day 1- My style. I’m all about colours, patterns, clashing and pink! Oh and of course lots of Crown and Glory hair accessories!

I own a ukulele, which I have fun with but play super badly. I got it after being inspired by Amanda Palmer and have continued to play it badly thanks to the wonderful lyrics to her song “Ukulele Anthem”. This is a screeshot from a video on Youtube from 2009. I went to see Amanda play in Edinburgh. She went to grab her uke and realised it wasn’t on stage. She jokingly asked if anyone had one and I did! I brought mine along to get it signed. My uke got passed to the front and was briefly played on stage by the woman herself. After the show she gave it back to me. It felt so surreal. She sums up what music means to me. It’s fun, emotional, imperfect, experimental, disturbing, individual and for everyone.


Day 10 was Gratitude and it also happened to be my Mum’s Birthday. I am so grateful for my family. They are so inspiring and we have this magical bond. I’m also so grateful that they accepted my boyfriend Oli into the family, he even came round on Christmas day. I love this photo because we are all together and happy, it makes me feel grateful that we all live so close to each other.


Day 19- Inspiration. I am constantly inspired by my friends and family. Oli’s amazing guitar skills, Sarah doing her dream job in a preschool, Beth balancing work and uni, Saskia’s amazing art and rocking it up in London, Taylor’s super clever psychology degree she’s doing in wales, my Mum’s awesome super fast knitting and raising me and my sister, talking of her- Jenny doing amazingly in her recent school report, my Nana’s youthful attitude. They are all super amazing and I am constantly inspired by them to keep pushing and keep living. I love you guys! (Not all of those people are in these photos but they are all in photos somewhere in my room!)


Day 26- My Superhero. Without a doubt my superhero is my mum. This is a regram of a photo from last summer. She has always been there for me no matter what and has overcome so many struggles including depression which she fights everyday but she always triea to see the positive. She is such a caring person, always looking out for people. I love her with all my heart and she inspires me to be strong and carry on.


And finally day 30- Love is. To me love is my friends and family who stick by me and support me even when I am a silly mess. I made a collage of all those lovely people who I feel closest too and who embody love.

I had so much fun doing this photo challenge and putting together this post. Make sure you check out the women who came up with this challenge and give me a follow on Instagram- @pinkminddreams.


A Trip to Purley

Hello my wonderful readers! Sorry I have been neglecting my blog for a while, I’ve been a busy bee however now I have some time and plan to get back to business. Yesterday me and Oli got back from a wee trip. We went up to London (Purley to be exact) to visit Oli’s Dad and Grandma. I was super nervous about meeting Oli’s Grandma but I needn’t have been, she is super lovely and we got on fabulously!

How amazing is the wallpaper  in the downstairs bathroom?!

We were only away for 3 days so didn’t really do much other that a trip into Croydon and a rather extensive Primark splurge. We ate some delicious food courtesy of Oli’s Dad and even had a late mini Christmas with some other relatives. It was really nice to see them all and just relax. We are already planning on going back in the summer and staying for longer so we can do some fun, touristy things in central London.


I took quite a few pictures while I was away, mainly of the beautiful garden so I thought I would share some of them here. I can’t wait to see it in full bloom in summer!


I really love these photos and had a great time taking them, even if my fingers were absolutely freezing! I will be back to posting more frequently now so keep your eyes open.


Things I Love Thursday

❤ Nights out with friends.

❤ Bathroom selfies

❤ Wearing Crown and Glory pretty much every day

❤ Copious amounts of tea being drunk.

❤ Having story ideas.

❤ Cuddling people who are wearing lovely soft jumpers.

❤ Jim’s 1st birthday! Still the cutest kitty ever.

❤ Kitten cuddles.

❤ Pizza parties with uni friends at the cafe.

❤ Christmas decorations starting to go up.

❤ Mum being super excited about the presents she has got me. It’s making me even more excited for Christmas.

❤ Finally having my finished blanket to snuggle up under. I knitted all 100 of the squares then mum put them all together for me. I love it so much and it is keeping me and Oli so toasty at night.

❤ Amaretto lattes.

Impromptu OOTD photo shoots on the pier.   

❤ realising that earlier I was wearing 3 generations of crafting. I knitted my hat, Mum knitted my cardigan and Nana crocheted my scarf. Our love for all things yarn keeps me warm!

I hope you have all had a great week so far.


Outfit Of The Day- Prancing around on the pier


Yesterday me and my friend Sarah went for a little wander around town. I did a spot of Christmas shopping and we warmed up with yummy drinks in Cafe Nero. After eating lunch on the pier we decided to take some outfit photos because it just looked so lovely.


Dress- Newlook (like 5 years ago), Top- TU at Sainsbury’s, Cardigan- Hand knitted by my Mum from Purple Rose Emporium on Folksy, Shoes- George at ASDA, Bag- Claire’s Accessories, Intergalatic Starlight Crown- Crown and Glory



Thank you so much to Sarah for taking these photos, it was so much fun! Let me know if you like OOTD posts because I really enjoy doing them and would love to post more.



Sarah wears- Dorothy XXL Glitter bow also from Crown and Glory 


Things I love Thursday

Welcome to another list of all the things I am grateful for this week 🙂

❤ Wearing wonderful, over the top Crown and Glory hair accessories everywhere! I wore my gold birthday crown to my lecture today and felt fabulous.

❤ Lemon and ginger tea.

❤ Tweeting, way too much! Follow me I’m emempinkypie

❤ Breaking out all of my cosy cardigans. Today I rocked my sparkly pink and black 80’s number.

❤ Warm, snugly beds on cold mornings.

❤ Taylor Swift! I have so much love for her right now, I listen to Shake it off at least 5 times everyday at the moment.

1415465081772.1❤ Selfies with my Mum. This one was taken in the student bar on Saturday. We went to an open day because she wants to study the same course as me next year. It’s so awesome to see Mum positive and enthusiastic.

❤ Honey cinnamon almonds, omg so tasty!

❤ Huge mugs of soup.

❤ Tidying, finally.

❤ Making the perfect mashed potato.

❤ The walk to uni, I mean how beautiful is this?! This walk always cheers me up and makes me feel ready to take on the day. I’m thinking about filming a “walk to uni” vlog type thing because it really is a lovely walk.

❤ Finally having a new phone with a camera and internet access so I can capture beautiful moments like the one above. Expect even more selfies in the future.

❤ Knitting Christmas presents.

❤ Starting a new notebook for all my uni notes, it’s such a satisfying feeling.

❤ The world giving me little positive pick-me-ups. This sticker was stuck to the shelter at the train station and it made me smile.

❤ Smelling super nice. I have such a great collection of shower gels, perfumes and body butters that just make my heart sing.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.


Outfit Of The Day- Windswept On The Beach


As you may have seen in my last blog post me and Oli went on a little outing to the beach the other day. As it’s October the Cornish sun is fading and the coldness is creeping in. I’m embracing it this year by snuggling up in print sweatshirts and funky scarves.


Unicorn Sweatshirt- H&M, Turquoise and Pink Print Dress- Primark, Black Leggings- Primark, Pink and White Shoes– Newlook, My Little Pony Bag- Primark, Pink, Turquoise and Yellow Cat Print Scarf- Just Like This in Falmouth, Black Floral Headband– Crown and Glory.


Most of these pieces are pretty new so I’m still in that mode where you’re super excited to wear things. I have been wearing the sweatshirt and scarf with everything lately. They are both just so cute and snuggley! The awesome headband came in October’s Crown and Glory Glitterati box and I am absolutely loving it. It makes me feel like a dark fairy princess. It will also help disguise my roots when they start coming through which is always a bonus!


Check out my hair action! I’m planning on doing more frequent outfit posts in the future so let me know what you like about this one in the comments.


Introducing Falmouth- Swanpool Beach & Cafe



And so it begins! I have decided to start this series with a place very near my house. Swanpool is my favourite place to go when I just need to get away from it all. Swanpool itself is a beautiful lake full of ducks and swans. Right next to the lake is a mini golf course which is always fun. Across the road from that is Swanpool Beach. It’s not massive and is a bit pebbly meaning it tends to be quiet, especially on a grey day like today.

At the top of the beach sits Swanpool Beach Cafe. During the day they serve lots of yummy things to nibble on including delirious ciabattas, filled jacket potatoes and home made cakes. I love having a cheesy garlic ciabatta and a Belgium hot chocolate followed by one of their amazing quirky ice creams. They are so massive and so good! You get two scoops of Cornish ice cream topped with clotted cream and the topping of your choice from the list. I love “Monkey Business” and “Caribbean Kiss”, on nom nom! You can choose to eat your food up on the decking under a huge parasol or out in the open on one of the many benches on the sand.



dsc05839dsc05842dsc05845dsc05861dsc05869dsc05874 And lets end on a silly selfie because life is about having fun!