A Very Jolly, Very Vegan Christmas

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely festive period. We are now in that odd floaty time between Christmas and New Years when no one quite knows what to do. I’m filling some of that time with some slightly self indulgent end of year posts. First things first I want to share some photos and memories from My Christmas with you.


Firstly we have a tale of mince pie woes. I attempted to make mince pies using a jar of mince mix and some Just Roll puff pastry. Too bad I forgot the fundamental property of puff pastry… it PUFFS up! Yeah they kinda exploded just a little bit. But they were super tasty and that’s what matters right? I chucked some Alpro soya custard on them and all was good.

Christmas trees galore! The one on the left is mine and the one on the right is my Mum’s. I did a post last year about the decorations on my tree but this year I added a freaking Deathstar bauble! How awesome is that? Mum’s tree is always a beautiful colour coordinated masterpiece where as I kinda just chuck my decorations at the tree and hope for the best. The photo of Mum’s tree isn’t the best but it is whit with stunning purple and sliver decorations.

Family! Christmas for me is all about family. Me and Oli trundled up to my Mum’s house on Christmas eve to spend the Christmas period there. Nana came up on Christmas morning to open presents with us then she popped of to my Uncle’s house across town for dinner. We spent the day playing with our presents, eating great food watching Love Actually and playing silly card games like Adventure Time Top Trumps (thank you Oli for the awesome present) and Cards Against Humanity.

On Boxing day Nana came round again and we had another lovely meal and played yet more games- this time the Trivial Pursuit made it’s annual appearance with Nana taking home the crown.

On the day after Boxing day me and Jenny ventured into Truro the brave the sales. Honestly we were mainly going to see what was in the 50% off sale in lush. I got a lovely body scrub bar and some hair oil. We went for a festive Starbucks trip before heading home. Before me and Oli left to go back to ours we sat down to tea and watched the Big Fat Quiz of the Year and didn’t do too bad. Although we would have lost if we had been on the show, we did totally nail the last bonus points round.

Food glorious food! There was lots of food, as yo would expect from a family Christmas in England. Top right hand photo is my Christmas day  lunch of nibbles including crackers with vegan spread, pickles, pretzels and Violife vegan cheese. The bottom picture is my epic Christmas dinner pre stuffing and gravy. I had the Tofurky vegan roast as the main part of my meal and boy was it good! So moist and yummy. It was also great cold the next day, as seen above, with chips and peas. I also had 2 sandwiches full of Tofurky so I call that a success.

Mum also made me my very own bactch of 18 vegan cupcakes, the last of which I ate yesterday, ooops! I’m honestly kinda impressed that I ate that many! I had plenty of boiled sweets and snacky crackers as well as vegan chocolate- Mum even found vegan chocolate coins!

I got so many lovely presents that I am so super grateful for! Thank you everyone for being so generous and knowing me so well! Some of my personal favourites include a Harry Potter colouring book, The Vegan Stoner Cookbook, a beautiful Lush gift set, Adventure Time top trumps and adorable stickers. I love you all so much, once again thank you times a million!

10390958_1085491221484796_8058799952717247131_n (1).jpg

I also once again took part in the Crown and Glory Glitterati Secret Santa. Mine arrived in the post about a week before Christmas but I really wanted to save it for the big day. I love everything! The book looks fascinating, I love looking at other peoples tattoos and learning more about its history. Also “Beautiful” is my favourite shower gel from Lush and I’m just running out so absolutely perfect timing. Thank you to my mystery gift giver.

So that was my Christmas 2015! I hope you all had a lovely time and are feeling happy and positive about the new year. I’m hoping to post again before 2016 but just in case I don’t I hope you all have a fabulous night leading into an amazing year.




Things I Love Christmas!

So, you may have noticed there was no Things I Love Thursday post this week. Well that’s because it was Christmas! I was having so much fun with my family didn’t have a chance to even think about blogging. I am now back at my place and getting back into the swing of things so I thought I would do a bumper Christmas themed gratitude list with lots of photos! 

❤ Christmas parties.

❤ Face painting, check out the adorable little rainbow Sarah painted on my cheek.

❤ Buffets

❤ My Christmas Crown from this months Glitterati box.

❤ So much glitter everywhere

❤ Having a bath! We only have showers at my place so being home for Christmas meant I could have a lovely long soak.

❤ Lush Christmas products. I used a Golden Wonder bath bomb with a wee bit of Candy Mountain bubble bar to add some bubbles. It was heavenly.

❤ Watching “It’s a wonderful life” on Christmas eve.

❤ This American Apparel Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 top my wonderful boyfriend brought me! It’s a limited edition top and I knew I couldn’t afford it so I am so happy he got it for me. And it fits!

❤ Our tradition of having scotch pancakes with bucks-fizz for breakfast on Christmas morning.

❤ Opening stockings on Mum’s bed.

❤ The awesome Unicorn in my stocking, I have called him freddie.

❤ Taking selfies by Christmas trees.

❤ Watching people open presents from you and seeing them smile.

❤ Our after dinner Trivial Pursuit tradition. This year we got the family edition so thing would be fairer for everyone involved and for the first time ever Nana won! Go her!

❤ Christmas dinner followed by home made apple crumble, om, nom, nom. Thank you Mum!

❤ All of the awesome presents I was given, I have filmed a Christmas haul video which will be up soon so you can see all the fab things I got.

❤ Our family selfie! I love this picture, it makes me smile so much.

❤ Nibbling on leftovers and festive food constantly.

❤ CHEESE! So much cheese was consumed by me over the last three days.

❤ Jim enjoying his Christmas present from me- a box and some carrier bags! I did get him some treats too but he seems to prefer this.

❤ Jim being adorable all the time.

❤ Our boxing day game of Cards Against Humanity. It was so hilarious! Jenny won which nobody was expecting. I laughed til my sides hurt.

❤ Spending time with my wonderful family.

❤ Wearing PJs most of the time.

Thank you so much to everyone that made my Christmas magical and awesome. I am so grateful that I have so many people who care about me. I had a great few days surrounded my amazing people. I hope you all had a lovely time and have had a wonderful year. Now bring on 2015!!!


Things I Love Thursday


❤ Having some time to just kick back and relax.

❤ Having all of my Christmas wrapping done.

❤ TEA!

❤ Spending time with this lovely dork.

❤ Christmas shopping in Truro.

❤ Christmas foods.

❤ The dude at Starbucks writing “Funky hair” and “Cool beard” on our drinks. On the same note- omg that peppermint mocha was freaking amazing!

❤ Being interviewed about my tattoos for The Laughing Medusa- check it out. This is the first time I have been featured on someone else blog so I am super proud of it.

❤ My awesome presents from my Glitterati secret Santa. I freaking love everything! I mean how cute is that brooch? The nail decals include some freaky, cool things like aliens and eyeballs. I have worn the Tatty Devine necklace everyday since I got it and I may have eaten all three of the lollipops! I cannot wait to find out who my secret Santa is so I can thank them.

❤ Catching up with friends. I love this time of year when everyone is all festive and coming back home from uni. Not long until everyone’s back.

❤ The Eden Project and Christmas is so cool! We saw reindeer, went ice skating, wandered through a magical Christmasy rainforest and got fake snowed one! There will be a whole post about our day out on the blog later in the week.

❤ Frozen sing-alongs in Beth’s car.

❤ Passing 2000 views on the blog, wooo! It was my aim to get there before the end of the year and I have made it by a landslide. Thank you to every one of you.

Outfit Of The Day- Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

img_20141216_133409933Sweatshirt- Brat and Suzie, Dress- Charity Shop, Leggings- Primark, Socks- Newlook, Boots- Newlook.

One of my favourite outfit combos lately has been summer dresses paired with quirky sweatshirts. I love bringing my summer pieces into winter by simply layering up, it gives you so many new outfit possibilities!

Glittery Hair Bow- Crown and Glory, Necklace- Tatty Devine 

img_20141216_184645001How freaking awesome is this necklace?! I got it today in my Glitterati secret Santa that one of the fabulous girlies organised. I love Tatty Devine so was thrilled when I saw the little box sitting in my hands. I was even more excited when I opened it to find the adorable little crown necklace inside. It’s so shiny and dinky, it makes me feel like a very stylish princess. Thank you so much to my secret Santa, everything in my parcel was perfect (I will be sharing in contents in my Things I Love Thursday post).

Well I’ve survived 20 years!

I am now a 20 year old! Woooo! It was my birthday on Friday the 5th and I had a blast of a day. I started the day with presents and kisses in bed with my lovely boyfriend before being whisked off to Swanpool beach for a spot of lunch. Their ciabattas are so delicious, I could eat one everyday. I also had one of their famous, massive icecreams. I opted for the “Monkey Business” which consists of two scoops of vanilla icecream, clotted cream and chocolate coated dried banana all balanced on a cone. Nom!


I then wandered to my Mum’s house to see her, my Sister and Nana. They greeted me by singing happy birthday then gave me some awesome cards and gifts. I chilled there for a bit before heading home. My super wonderful housemates surprised me by decorating the living room with floaty scarves and birthday banners. Sonera also made me a pink cake adorned with chocolate cats!


Check out all of this cake! The pink one was made by Sonera, the brownie type one was made by Saskia and the lovely marble cake was made by my cousin Lewis. I was so spoilt for choice!

On to the evening! All my friends came round and bombarded me with more heartfelt gifts before we headed upstairs to parrrrrttty! We played a bunch of drinking games which resulted in Oli declaring his love to one of the neighbours and Saskia sticking her hand in our wormery! All in the name of dares of course. We then headed into town the dance the night away! We had the club pretty much all to ourselves which was kinda weird but also freaking cool because we could be total oddballs without being judged.

photovisi-download (5)

Now I thought it would be nice to show you guys my presents! It’s also a nice way for me to say thank you to everyone who came to my party and everyone who gave me presents. I love you all so much and am so happy to have you in my life.

photovisi-download (6)

Firstly my tattoo! I got this a few days before my birthday but it was paid for with birthday money from my Mum, Nana, Oli, Beth, Lowri and my Dad. I love it so much! The art work is by Bei Badgirl and tattooed by the fabulous Josie at Shaded Lady in Falmouth.

photovisi-download (7)






And finally here’s a video of my bumper Claires haul I got using a voucher from my Uncle and his family. Sorry if it’s a bit sticky in places, my webcam was being odd.

I had a lovely day and hope to have a lovely year! Again that you to everyone who made my day special, sorry I haven’t mentioned you all by name.