Things I love Thursday

Welcome to another list of all the things I am grateful for this week 🙂

❤ Wearing wonderful, over the top Crown and Glory hair accessories everywhere! I wore my gold birthday crown to my lecture today and felt fabulous.

❤ Lemon and ginger tea.

❤ Tweeting, way too much! Follow me I’m emempinkypie

❤ Breaking out all of my cosy cardigans. Today I rocked my sparkly pink and black 80’s number.

❤ Warm, snugly beds on cold mornings.

❤ Taylor Swift! I have so much love for her right now, I listen to Shake it off at least 5 times everyday at the moment.

1415465081772.1❤ Selfies with my Mum. This one was taken in the student bar on Saturday. We went to an open day because she wants to study the same course as me next year. It’s so awesome to see Mum positive and enthusiastic.

❤ Honey cinnamon almonds, omg so tasty!

❤ Huge mugs of soup.

❤ Tidying, finally.

❤ Making the perfect mashed potato.

❤ The walk to uni, I mean how beautiful is this?! This walk always cheers me up and makes me feel ready to take on the day. I’m thinking about filming a “walk to uni” vlog type thing because it really is a lovely walk.

❤ Finally having a new phone with a camera and internet access so I can capture beautiful moments like the one above. Expect even more selfies in the future.

❤ Knitting Christmas presents.

❤ Starting a new notebook for all my uni notes, it’s such a satisfying feeling.

❤ The world giving me little positive pick-me-ups. This sticker was stuck to the shelter at the train station and it made me smile.

❤ Smelling super nice. I have such a great collection of shower gels, perfumes and body butters that just make my heart sing.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.



Loving Myself

At the beginning of the summer I decided to treat myself by buying Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Bible School. It’s a wonderful 12 week course that helps you create an art journal bursting with positivity. Each week you get an email with prompts for your bible which you can expand on and play around with however you want. You can also work though the course at your own pace, meaning there’s no pressure.

I have not always loved myself. During the first few months of this year I was pretty harsh on myself. I was not happy on the course I was on, I wasn’t happy with how I was acting, I spent day’s locked in my room alone. I was eating terribly and gained some weight. I wasn’t looking after myself at all. I slowly realised with the help of my family and friends that I could escape this hole of doom I had been slowly sinking into.

I made the decision to change course (which I have written about here) and from that moment on I started climbing out. I knew that moving out of halls would help massively because although I loved my flatmates with all my heart, I had created a room full of negative energy and I needed out. So I decided to sign up for the course at the same time as I moved into my new house. A fresh new start meant I could start loving myself again.

Although I haven’t done as much of my Radical Self Love Bible as I would have liked to by this point I am still happy with it. I have been out have been out having fun with friends a lot, which is an equally positive way to spend my time.

I want to share some of the pages from my bible with you- I hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to get creative and love yourself!


My cover page. I am so in love with this hot pink glitter glue, I need to get more soon! Pretty much all of my collages are made using pages from Company Magazine.

SONY DSC“I dedicate this book to fun! Life is full of joy, excitement and adventures. Being silly, having a blast and not caring what other people think= rad!!!”


“Sad to Rad. Things to do to turn that frown upside down: ❤ Bake a microwave mug cake ❤ Go for a walk ❤ Listen to “My Rollercoaster” ❤ Put on a pretty colourful dress ❤ Wear cat ears ❤ Hang out with some ducks ❤ Take a long shower then cover yourself in lovely body butter”

SONY DSCThis page is about my greatest love affair! “Pink! (is my favourite crayon) My love affair with the colour pink started just before prom when I accidentally dyed my hair pink. Turns out I love it pink. Since then I have never looked back. Pink is such a happy, positive colour. It’s passion, love, fun & excitement. I feel like myself with pink hair, my true self. One of my favourite things about pink hair is the reactions people have to it, mainly young children- it brings them so much joy!”


What style means to me. “Style to me is all about expressing myself. I love to wear 50’s style dresses with odd little touches like cat necklaces and skulls on everything. I love the juxtapositions of my personal style- vintage, feminine, floral dresses contrasted with skulls and tattoos. I love my pink and blue mermaid locks and they never fail to give my confidence. I put no boundaries on myself and dress to make me happy. It’s amazing what a dress and some lippy can do!”

I hope you enjoyed seeing inside my ongoing Radical Self Love Bible. I will update you when I have worked on it a bit more. Shout out to my lovely mum because I used a blanket she crocheted out of my baby clothes as a backdrop for these photos. Here’s a link to her craft blog: Purple Rose Emporium.

Toodles for now!



Things I love Thursday


❤ Strutting my stuff on the catwalk at the Falmouth fashion show. The whole atmosphere was amazing, so full of fun and joy, celebrating fashion and community. I love the photo above. It was taken just as I released fists full of glitter into the audience. I look so freaking happy!

❤ Watching “How to train your dragon 2” with Beth on Monday, so good. There were a few teary moments.

❤ Apple tango

❤ Getting some rain finally

❤ Showering after a hot day

❤ Mum finally getting her super awesome phoenix tattoo

❤ Pink mouthwash!!!


❤ These tiny casserole dishes. Think of all the tiny foods I can make in them. And they are yellow, such a happy colour

❤ Having a bit of a party/house warming at my new place

❤ Making an adorable pug clock for Sam’s 19th birthday

❤ Toffee apple cider, always and forever

❤ Jim our cat for always being a little cutie pie

❤ Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett bringing out a jazz album! Her voice suits this style so much. Super happy about this 🙂

Things I love Thursday

I have been doing “Things I love Thursday” posts on my Tumblr blog for quite some time but have decided to move them here. Every week I aim to write a list of things I have been grateful for or have made me smile over the past 7 days. Be they big or small they all matter and remind me how amazing the world can be. These lists are inspired by Gala Darling’s weekly posts and various other bloggers lists. So here goes:

*Dying my hair (the blue dye is still on my fringe as I type this!)
*Going to the gym
*Sleepy time tea
*Seeing tattoo designs for the first time
*Sleepy cuddles
*Old books in charity shops
*Getting back into reading
*Blasting out Lady Gaga
*Braiding my hair when it’s wet so it dries wavy

What things have made you smile this week? Writing lists like these can really help you focus on the positive.

Until next time darlings!