The Glitterati 2 Year Anniversary Unboxing!


I have spoken about the Glitterati multiple times on this blog so hopefully you will know all about it by now. If not here’s a quick explanation- the Glitterati is a monthly subscription box in which you get at least £50 worth of awesome hair accessories. You also get access to an exclusive and super fun facebook page where you can chat and hang out with the other glitterati gals as well as a special gift on your birthday. So yeah, basically it’s fucking rad as balls! To find out more click here,and if you do decide to sign up quote my name (Emma Robinson) when signing up and we will each get a voucher to spend on the Crown and Glory site!

Anyway, August 2016 marks the 2 year anniversary of the Glitterati! 2 years of amazing glitter filled fun! I have been a member since September 2014 so nearly the whole time. I’ve had so much fun receiving my box each month and planning how I’m going to wear all the fabulous pieces. The facebook group has really been the cherry on top of the mega pie that is the Glitterati. So many amazing women all in one place sharing selfies, achievements, plans, worries, pet photos, the list goes on. It has become so much more than just a subscription box. I have had the pleasure of going to five different Glitterati meet ups now. Each one has been so much fun! I’ve made so many friends and taken so many selfies. Seriously, this group has been life changing and given me so much confidence so thank you so much to Sophie and Gareth for bring us all together and of course to the amazing souls who make the Glitterati what it is- a family.

On to the unboxing! I’m really getting into filming videos for youtube lately so I decided to film an unboxing video. I had so much fun filming it… not so much fun cleaning up… you will see what I mean if you watch the video below!

Happy Birthday to the Glitterati! Here’s to another year of awesomeness.

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Graze Box Review

A few months ago my sister decided to get a subscription to Graze. I had been contemplating giving it a go myself for a while and her joining up gave me just the kick I needed to join. Graze is a healthy snack subscription box that you can have delivered weekly or fortnightly. Each box costs £3.99 and comes with 4 snacks.

3editOne great thing about Graze is that the box is the perfect size for your letterbox so it doesn’t matter if you are in or not. To start with I was a bit worried that £3.99 was a bit much for 4 snacks. However when you think about it you could easily spend that much on 4 chocolate bars or 4 packets of crisps. As I am trying to loose a bit of weight and get back on the path to fitness I realised having these snacks at hand would be a good way to stop me nipping to the shop for unhealthy nibbles.


On the Graze website you can look at all of the different snacks. If there’s something you know you won’t enjoy you can cross it off so you never get sent it. You can also rate things so you will get the things you really like more often. I have had 3 boxes so far and I think I have more or less crossed off everything I don’t like. There’s also a really cool little system where you can input your dietary preferences so if you are allergic to nuts for example it will never send you anything with nuts in.


This time I got a lemon and poppy seed slice which comes with a tea bag (great for a total tea lover like me), lightly salted popcorn, bonnie wee oatbakes with onion marmalade and scrumptious blueberry swirl. The snacks are a pretty good size especially the dried fruit selections. As you can see in the photos each little packet has symbols in the corner to let you know if they have high fibre content, are 1 of your 5 a day, are low in calories etc. You also get a little booklet with each box that tells you the use by date and all of the nutritional information.

Fotor1123232126As you can see I was too eager and ate the bonnie wee oatbakes before I took these photos. They were so yummy! The onion marmalade really complimented the slightly sweet oatbakes. I have also eaten the scrumptious blueberry swirl and it certainly lives up to it’s name. The blueberry yoghurt coated raisins were so creamy. A few of my other favourites snacks I have had so far include the herby bread basket- little bread bites which taste amazing with tomato soup and the banoffee dippers- banana shortbread with a toffee dipping sauce they taste so naughty but they are only 146 calories!

I would totally recommend Graze to anyone who enjoys the odd snack but wants to take a healthier route. Maybe it could be a new years resolution.

Every customer gets a friend code they can share with their friends so they can get their first, fifth and tenth box for FREE! Just enter EMMAR3P9P when it asks for any codes. You can cancel at any time so if you get the first box and hate it you can just go online and cancel. Oh and there’s a “holiday” feature so if you are going away for a while you can just pause your deliveries until you get back, simples!

* This post was not sponsored in any way by Graze I just really love them and wanted to      share how awesome they are with you.