So I Vlog Now! Adventures in Cardiff

I have had a Youtube channel for a while now. I made a few videos a year or so ago but kinda didn’t really follow through with doing anymore, although I do frequently make guest appearances on my sisters channel. But vlogging has always appealed to me. I love documenting what I get up to and I’m not easily embarrassed so filming in public is not a thing that scares me. So when me and Sarah went to Cardiff on a mini break last week I though fuck it, lets give this a go!

As I said, this is my very first time vlogging so I did forget to film a lot and have some pretty chin-heavy angles. But all in all I’m pretty proud of myself. Even after editing the footage down I still had enough to make two decent length videos. So I hope you enjoy! If you do feel free to pop over to my channel and subscribe, although I will always cross post my videos here as well so you won’t miss out either way.


And for a bonus here’s my wee haul video that I made when I got home. It includes all the goodies I brought minus some cute denim shorts that I forgot to add in and the food I got at Simply V because I ate it all, ooops! I’ve been on a roll lately.

So yeah, let me know what you think in the comments.

Stay rad!




Harry Potter Studio Tour London- Part 2

First off I’m so sorry that it has taken me this long to get around to writing this. The Easter holidays have just ran away with me. I crave routine and currently I have none so nothing gets done! I am trying though so here it is, finally..

(Once again, as I sated in Part 1 these photos are in order so there will be some spoilers in terms of the tour.)


Just after the Hogwarts express there is a lovely cafe that serves food and butterbeer! Of course I had to try some and get a souvenir cup. It was pretty yummy but not at all what I was expecting.


Then outside into the cold. It was pretty cool to see all of these bits at night. Me casually posing where it all began


Thinking about life on the bridge.


I really Don’t trust Oli’s flying…


Not too keen on Helen’s either!


I had always assumed Aragog was in fact just special effects. But no, turns out he’s real and bloody massive! It took 15 people to operate him! Also bonus- to the left you can see the basalisk’s skeleton which is also pretty huge.


Buckbeak was so cute! He moved and was so gentle. It totally looks like he is posing for this selfie with me.


Diagon Alley was possibly my favourite part of the whole tour. It was a full set so it was super immersive, I could have stayed in there forever. Lovely magical Harry Potter music was playing the whole time too and it just felt so right.


“The wand chooses the wizard Harry”.


Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was pretty impressive. The arm even moved.


Finally on to the massive, detailed as hell, amazing scale model of Hogwarts. This is what was used for all the aerial shots and outside backgrounds. It is so freaking details and just mind boggling. The lights in the room change from day to night and the lights in the windows of the castle come on.


A bit of a point-of-view shot. Doesn’t it feel like we are just about to walk up the many stairs to Hogwarts?


It’s so much bigger than I thought it would be! One last happy photo of me and my friends before we said goodbye to Hogwarts. “I’m not going home, not really”.


The wand room at the end of the tour is amazing. There’s a wand box for every single person who worked on all of the Harry Potter movies.


A beautiful quote from J K Rowling to end a perfect, magical day.

Thank you for indulging me. I had such an amazing day, fangirling all over the place. I hope you liked my photos and they gave you a little insight into how awesome the tour is. Let me know if you’ve been or are planning on going.


Harry Potter Studio Tour London- part 1

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.  

As you can probably tell from the title of this post I went to the Warner Bro’s Harry Potter Studio Tour in London! I have wanted to go for so long so when my uni’s Harry Potter Society decided to organise a trip up I jumped on the opportunity. Living all the way down in Cornwall, being pretty broke and not driving means trips like these are a godsend. The whole trip including travel and entrance only cost us £60 each which was amazing! It did mean an early start and a late night as we travelled all the way up and back in one day but it was so worth it. We arrived a little early and had a wander around the overwhelmingly massive shop. I picked up a few little bits which I will probably be sharing with you in part 2 (yes I took so many photos and have so much to say that is warrants 2 posts).

This post is going to talk about and show pictures of the tour in more or less chronological order so if you don’t want things like that spoiled for you then don’t read on. This will also be pretty photo heavy because I took rather a lot!

When you enter the tour you go into a cinema screen where you watch a wee movie where Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint talk about their experience working on the movie. For most of it they are standing in front of the door to the great hall and I was totally unprepared for what happened next. When the movie finished the screen rolled up to reveal the actual door to the great hall!!! I am a super emotional and sentimental person and I started happy-crying. I just thought it was so magical that you start your journey by going through that door just like they did.

professorsThe great hall was awesome, with bits and bobs for each house and the teachers costumes displayed at the front of the hall. It was really weird to look up and just see the studio ceiling instead of the magical, changing ceiling you see in the movies.We obviously had to take a selfie in the Mirror of Erised. I suppose what my hear truly desires is friendship.

IMG_20150321_181225226The huge swinging pendulum clock was petty impressive. I could have stood there for days, calmly mesmerized by its motion. I call this “Selfie with my bestie!”. I love the fat lady so just had to scoop up this chance. interesting fact- Dawn French, who plays the fat lady in Prisoner of Azkaban is going to be sworn in as the Chancellor of Falmouth University on Thursday, pretty rad!

Dumbledores office

Dumbledore’s office was incredible. So many little details that you don’t notice when you watch the movie. I mean all of the portraits are hand painted, imagine how long that must have taken! There are so many shiny, wonderful bits and bobs in cabinets all around, it really was a work of art to behold. There’s even a little window at the back that you can look through and see the little lounge bit right at the back. Even though it’s very background in the movies it’s still there and still looks stunning. Although you didn’t get to enter the office through the amazing statue/door we still got to pose in front of it. Selfie in potions class. The potions class room was really awesome with lots of cauldrons filled with steaming green potions with enchanted spoons magically stirring them.It was so cool to be next to such detailed and pretty large props. Sadly none of us can speak parseltounge so we couldn’t access the Chamber of Secrets.Yes, Umbridge is a mega-bitch but she does have great taste in colours and cat plates! I will take 10 please! We were lucky enough to be some of the first people to experience the new Hogwarts Express exhibition. I was majorly excited to have my picture taken running through the wall at Platform 9 3/4. So fun and so silly.

trainStanding next to the actual Hogwarts express with horns and smoke just felt unreal. It felt like we really were just about to board a train and go onwards to our magical education. The train was pretty cramped when we got inside but it was pretty cool. Each carriage represents a different movie, with little props hinting at each one. My favourite part was right at the end when to my delight a glimpsed the Honeydukes trolley and couldn’t help but say “Anything off the trolley dears?”.

IMG_20150321_193509118_HDRThere was even little fake booths you could sit in which simulated the ride to Hogwarts including escaping chocolate frogs and dementors attacking! It was pretty cool and make a perfect photo opportunity.

I will leave this post here as after this we sat down in the cafe and had a spot of tea. I will be posting part 2 soon so keep your eyes peeled.




A Trip to Purley

Hello my wonderful readers! Sorry I have been neglecting my blog for a while, I’ve been a busy bee however now I have some time and plan to get back to business. Yesterday me and Oli got back from a wee trip. We went up to London (Purley to be exact) to visit Oli’s Dad and Grandma. I was super nervous about meeting Oli’s Grandma but I needn’t have been, she is super lovely and we got on fabulously!

How amazing is the wallpaper  in the downstairs bathroom?!

We were only away for 3 days so didn’t really do much other that a trip into Croydon and a rather extensive Primark splurge. We ate some delicious food courtesy of Oli’s Dad and even had a late mini Christmas with some other relatives. It was really nice to see them all and just relax. We are already planning on going back in the summer and staying for longer so we can do some fun, touristy things in central London.


I took quite a few pictures while I was away, mainly of the beautiful garden so I thought I would share some of them here. I can’t wait to see it in full bloom in summer!


I really love these photos and had a great time taking them, even if my fingers were absolutely freezing! I will be back to posting more frequently now so keep your eyes open.


A Nostalgic Visit To See The Mousehole Lights


As this is my last post of 2014 it seems somewhat appropriate to be taking a trip down memory lane. Every year, just after Christmas, my Dad used to take me and my two friends Taylor and Beth to Mousehole to see the Christmas lights. For the past few years due to family commitments, growing up and moving away from home we haven’t been able to go. However this year we all managed to agree on a date when we were all free! So we hopped into my Dad’s car and off we went to Mousehole. Mousehole is a lovely little harbour village just past Penzance. Every Christmas the town has the most beautiful display of lights all around the harbour. This year the village celebrated it’s 51st year of wonderful lights! The lights include some fun Cornish images such as a huge image of the Mousehole cat and a traditional Cornish Stargazy Pie. I took a few pictures while we wandered through the magical streets and I thought they would be a lovely way to finish the year on Pink Mind Dreams.

We wanted to recreate a photo we took about 8 years ago in front of a huge snowman light. Sadly we couldn’t find the snowman so took a bunch of photos in front of other lights instead. It was so funny especially when I decided it would be a great idea to climb up some rocks to get by the rocking horse light in the picture below. Let’s just say I wasn’t very graceful.


I hope you all have a lovely new year’s eve whatever you are doing. I have am feeling so positive about 2015 and really think it is going to be an amazing year. Thank you to everyone of you for giving me the inspiration to keep posting, I am sending all of you a massive cyber hug!



Adventure Time! No… not the show…

At the beginning of last week I went on two little road trips with my friends which is always fun. I am loving having my friends back from uni for the summer. It’s like the old days but even better because we appreciate our time together a lot more.

This post is going to be a bit picture heavy as I dusted off my camera and took it out for a spin during the trips.

On the Monday me, Beth, Emily and Lucinda hopped in the car and trundled off to St Ives. We were going for two main reasons- The Cath Kidston shop and FUDGE! Fudge is a pretty big thing in Cornwall but based on my expansive fudge shop experience St Ives has the most and the best in the county.



Ootd- Dress- British Red Cross charity shop, Cat necklace- Just Like This, Cat badge- I Like Cats on Etsy, Bracelet- I have no idea (ooops), Sunglasses- A small shop in Falmouth that has sadly now closed however you can find similar online.


St Ives in an absolutely beautiful little town. I was so upset to see the damage the storms earlier in the year caused it, however it seems to have bounced back pretty well. We sat over on a wall on the beach and nommed delicious ice creams while keeping a constant eye on the mischievous seagulls. St Ives plays host to the most vicious seagulls in the world – trust me. They will have your ice cream in a heartbeat.

10300210_807876795912908_6499514124289397158_n Talking of seagulls check out this shot I caught of one coming in to land. Sometimes I feel like I missed my calling in life and I should have been a wildlife photographer. Although seagulls terrorise me I do think they are incredibly graceful creatures.

We went to the Cath Kidston shop and Emily brought practically everything in site, I lusted over all the pretty dresses in Yumi and we all gazed at the pretty chocolate creations in the chocolate shop. We went to the Arcade and me and Beth had a blast on the dance game and guitar hero while the others played intensely on the 2p game. I brought far too much fudge, especially considering I ate it all when I got home! I was delighted to find a sweet shop that had a pick ‘n’ mix Jelly Belly jelly bean wall! I made a little bag up containing all the pink ones, very yummy indeed. I also brought a tiny little bottle of Cornish scrumpy, mainly because the bottle is cute and small.



We took some photos in the booth at the arcade as a little throw back to out trip to St Ives last year. The photos on the left were then and the right is now. Still as goofy as ever!


I love this view, looking out past the harbour towards white sand stretching on for miles, I really am so lucky to live in Cornwall. Also how cute is that little lighthouse?


Me and Beth just had to take a selfie because that’s just what we do. This really captures the mood of the day though, really fun and free.


On to our second adventure – the Eden Project. I can pinpoint the last time I went because it was the day after me and Oli got together… three and a half years ago… hmmm. Considering it is an amazing place I don’t know why I haven’t been for so long. Something did draw us in though… the dinosaur exhibition!


I am a massive fan of dinosaurs. People know that if all else fails then a dinosaur themed present will never fail. I mean I had dinosaur bedding up until I moved to uni. Hell the only reason I don’t still have dinosaur bedding is because the don’t make it to fit a double bed! Anyway, when I found out they were doing a dinosaur thing at Eden I begged Beth to take me. So on the Tuesday me, Beth and my house mate Sonera hopped back in the car and set off. We had a bit of a set back when we hit a traffic jam however we made the best of it by belting out “Let It Go” at the top of our lungs in the car.

10570417_807881509245770_8642080779536481223_n (1)

Me and a T Rex, can we just take a moment to appreciate this?! I brought along my toy dinosaur Toby because he wanted to see his ancestors, duh! I have a rather scared look on my face in this photo. This is because A- there were small children everywhere and B- that thing is pretty creepy! It may not look it in this photo but it is massive and the animatronics are really great. Usually you can tell where the sequence loops on things like this, however I couldn’t! It looks and acts so real, even down to freaky blinking eyes. I loved it though, the day would have been amazing even without going around the Biomes.


After having my first ever green juice (note to self I need a juicer, majorly) we headed to the Mediterranean biome restaurant for a spot of lunch. I had a divine margarita pizza which was made even better due to our friend Patrick joining us and using his staff discount. Then me and Beth went off to explore the biomes while the others went to chill in the sun.

photovisi-download (2)   Again check me with the wildlife photography! I love bees and moths, I am planning on adding them to my sleeve soon. They were really nice and stayed still while I photographed them. As it was a baking hot day anyway, the biomes were absolutely boiling. By the time I came out of the tropical one I looked like I had gone on a mountain hike.


Looking out over the greenery from the overhead walkway really is spectacular. I love the contrast of the space age hexagonal shapes of the biomes against the natural wonder of the trees. It’s also very surreal when you feel so much like you are outside but you look up and see glass.


Ootd- Dress- Gentle Fawn, Bag- New Look, Sunglasses- Peacocks

We were so relieved when we finally reached the cooling mist of the waterfall. So lovely and relaxing after the long uphill  trek. After struggling to get a good selfie of both me, Beth and the waterfall a kind woman came up and offered to take a photo of us. Our smiles are most  certainly due to the cool breeze given off by the flowing water.

We ended our day by meeting up with the others for ice cream then heading to the gift shop for a bit of browsing. I got myself some poppy and sesame seed rolls, a little fossil thingy, a fridge magnet with the T Rex on and a awesome succulent called Medusa. I was so ridiculously excited by the fridge magnet as I now have a fridge all of my own (well it’s Oli’s too but…) and in intend on smothering it with magnets!

Well done if you got to the end of this particularly long post! I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures. I would recommend both popping to St Ives if you ever have the chance and checking out the dinosaur exhibition too! It’s on until the 2nd of September, and if you make your entry payment a gift to the Eden Project you can get a card that allows you to return free for a whole year because hanging out with plants is good for the soul.